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Like Magnets to Stupid II

I almost feel guilty picking on Oliver Willis, it just doesn't seem sporting.

Heres a bit of advice, for free. Labeling your political opposition as traitors, simply because they see an ill-planned and ill-advised war as folly in the making, is not the best way to unite a nation.
Oliver the Greater 12/08/2004
Dick Cheney, American Traitor
Oliver the Lesser 09/07/2004

Shamelessly pilfered from Jon Henke who has more good stuff.


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Comments (15)

RACIST!... (Below threshold)


heh- LMAO... (Below threshold)

heh- LMAO

I've always found him to be... (Below threshold)

I've always found him to be more like gold trim to an AMC Pacer.

Oliver is just your ball of... (Below threshold)

Oliver is just your ball of twine.

I might add that his comments have disenfranchised me.

Wow, he deleted my comment ... (Below threshold)

Wow, he deleted my comment as well. All I said was "Let's play a game: Who said it? Dick Cheney, American Traitor." Now none of my comments show up.

What a baby.

JimK Your comment is back ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

JimK Your comment is back up.

Flip-flop! He voted... (Below threshold)

He voted for calling political opponents traitors, before he voted against it.

What I posted was in respon... (Below threshold)

What I posted was in response to Cheney claiming that we would be attacked by terrorists should Kerry have won. Yes, that's slimy conduct. Anyone who sees otherwise is an idiot.

Even if that were true, is ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Even if that were true, is it "Treason"?

I don't recall Cheney claim... (Below threshold)

I don't recall Cheney claiming we would be attacked if Kerry won. I recall him saying that Kerry would react in an inappropriate manner if were attacked.

Oliver is correct. As writ... (Below threshold)

Oliver is correct. As written, there is no inconsistency there.

Even if Oliver is correct, ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Even if Oliver is correct, I ask again, is that "Treason"? Clearly it is not (you'd have to be an idiot to think it is). That's what this post is about. Either it is wrong to throw that term about loosely or it is not.

Oliver doesn't throw the te... (Below threshold)

Oliver doesn't throw the term around loosely -- he only throws it at Republicans.

McGehee,Oliver has... (Below threshold)


Oliver has to get approval from Atrios before he posts anything anyway. He cannot stray to far from the plantation now, can he?

<quickly hides ten-foot ... (Below threshold)

<quickly hides ten-foot pole>

Ain't touching that one.






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