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Santa Delivers Christmas Pot To Kids

It's was almost a very merry, and munchy, Christmas for these Brazilian school children...

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Santa Claus brought an unusual gift for some Rio schoolchildren this holiday season -- a bag of marijuana.

Police in the Brazilian capital said two teenagers were spotted selling Santa dolls at the entrance of a municipal school next to a slum not far from the city center.

The dolls opened up like Easter eggs, each containing sweets and a small plastic bag of marijuana.

While that may be humorous, this elf molesting Bad Santa is not...


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Comments (3)

Geez - Forest City had to w... (Below threshold)

Geez - Forest City had to wait until the molesting happened before they decided to conduct background checks on people who they hired to do Santa? Idiots.

<a href="http://blog.gleeso... (Below threshold)
"Sure, I'll be happy to rin... (Below threshold)

"Sure, I'll be happy to ring this bell for charity, but first I need a little pot!"

/hat tip to the Beverly Hillbillies






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