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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following photo:

PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2004 - Ukrainian sunbathers stand in the sun on a crisp, frosty winter day in Kiev, February 22, 2004. REUTERS/Str

Update: Winners announced. As is tradition, comments are now closed.


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Comments (134)

Interviews continue at DNC ... (Below threshold)

Interviews continue at DNC headquarters for the replacement for Terry Mcaulliffe. Potential applicants were asked to make sure that they could remain flexible and give opinions from any position.

This Christmas nativity sce... (Below threshold)

This Christmas nativity scene at Madame Tussauds wax museum has sparked denunciations among Christian leaders.

Two contributions:... (Below threshold)
King Air:

Two contributions:

1) I see nothing, I see Noooothing.


2) Shuuuuuuuultz

More photos of abuse at Abu... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

More photos of abuse at Abu Ghraib uncovered

The guy to the left, quietl... (Below threshold)

The guy to the left, quietly enjoys the pleasures of the glory hole.

The guy on the left, following his prankser friends advice wonders if it's supposed to hurt so much.

Quietly, the three men across the room silently laugh at the moron.

Bah! I screwed that one up.... (Below threshold)

Bah! I screwed that one up....

The guy on the right quietly enjoys the pleasures of the glory hole.
The guy on the left, following his prankster friends advice, quietly wonders if its supposed to hurt so much.
Across the room, his friends silentely laugh at the moron.

Ok, that's better!

Damn, MoN. You ruined my id... (Below threshold)

Damn, MoN. You ruined my idea of "The Pentagon today released recently uncovered Abu Gharib photos of the geriatric ward"

Camp X-Ray, 2036... (Below threshold)

Camp X-Ray, 2036

"Rodney, you're supposed... (Below threshold)

"Rodney, you're supposed to wear your panties ON your head, not STAND on your head."

Competition for DNC Chairma... (Below threshold)

Competition for DNC Chairman takes a turn for the flamboyant.

Tom Brokaw joins Dan Rather... (Below threshold)

Tom Brokaw joins Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite for some fun at the Network Anchormen Retirement Home's annual polar bear bathhouse day....

Sooner or later someone's m... (Below threshold)

Sooner or later someone's making 'friends' with that dog.

Members of the newest Cirqu... (Below threshold)

Members of the newest Cirque du Soleil production, "Geriatra" warm up before their opening night at the Trump Taj Mahal.

Rebutted soundly by the Ukr... (Below threshold)

Rebutted soundly by the Ukrainian people, Yanukovyich and his supporters say "fuck it" and take in a personal day at Daytona Beach.

Thanksgiving at the Kerrys<... (Below threshold)

Thanksgiving at the Kerrys

PETA's latest advertisement... (Below threshold)

PETA's latest advertisement for animal cruelty.

Realizing the old style jus... (Below threshold)

Realizing the old style just wasn't working any more, the Village People practice their new routine.

Doorman: "There's on... (Below threshold)

"There's only room for two more guests at Le Club Fairie'"
Guys in line:
"O.K., we'll flip for it. Heads or tails...."
Speedo guys:
"Oh wait, you're supposed to call it first!"
"Just kill me, anybody, pleeeeaaassseeee!"

Applicants line up to audit... (Below threshold)

Applicants line up to audition for the part of replacement host for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve....

"Rodney, you're supposed... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Rodney, you're supposed to wear your panties ON your head, not STAND on your head.

Dang it, I never get that part right.

UPI: January 15, 2044:... (Below threshold)

UPI: January 15, 2044:

Veterans who were assigned to the AbuGraib Prison during Terrorist War I exchange memories of their tour of duty while "enthusiast" practice for a re-enactment scheduled for later in the day.

Even though its existence i... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Even though its existence is supposed to be largely unknown the lines form early and long at the Bill Clinton Sperm Bank, annexed to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library property.

Coming Soon! To A Theatre ... (Below threshold)

Coming Soon! To A Theatre Near You! The (Un)Usual Suspects!

Candidates to replace Ken J... (Below threshold)

Candidates to replace Ken Jennings.

Thought bubble over the guy... (Below threshold)

Thought bubble over the guy in the middle:

Well, I've had sex with everyone here so I guess...hey, that dog looks...oh...it's female...nevermind.

Publicity photo for the Gay... (Below threshold)

Publicity photo for the Gay Man's Chorus production of "A Christmas Carole"

From left to right:
Harold Butz as Bob Crachet
Richard Piston as Jacob Marley
Peter Stucker as Eboneezer Scooge
"Destiny" as Tiny Tim
"Big Bob" as himself

Man in grey coat: "Damn Aus... (Below threshold)
Mike D.:

Man in grey coat: "Damn Australian tourists".

Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw s... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw shiver with excitement as they wait in line to try out for the Villiage People.

Tom: What's up with the guy standing on his head?
Dan: "We need Billy Crystal to Analyze This"
Tom: Dan, what are you talking about?
Dan: "If you try to read the tea leaves before the cup is done you can get yourself burned."
Tom: Dan, have you been smoking again?
Dan: "We used to say if a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a handgun."
Tom: Can you give me a puff when you're done?
Dan: "You know that old song, 'it's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-lovely'

If this is what the Polls l... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

If this is what the Polls look like on election day in your "neck of the woods," you just may be a redneck.

Next Weeks VH1 Special Edit... (Below threshold)

Next Weeks VH1 Special Edition:"Where are They Now?"

Right Said Fred with special revival video for "I'm Too Sexy"

Hoping to improve it's sagg... (Below threshold)

Hoping to improve it's sagging ratings, the producers of "CSI:Siberia" added some stripper scenes.

thought bubble over the dog... (Below threshold)

thought bubble over the dog's head:at least they aren't licking themselves!

CBS news releases it's late... (Below threshold)

CBS news releases it's latest reality series, featuring the potential replacement for Dan Rather, the contestants were challenged to show their contempt for the Bush administration by staging a demonstration of just how far they will go for the story..
the dog wandered in by accident and was taken away after biting dan.. never to be seen again.
contestant #5 (from the left) won this round by showing how far up his ass he was willing to reach for evidence..

The Village People start th... (Below threshold)

The Village People start their comeback.

groupies around the back of... (Below threshold)

groupies around the back of the Clinton library waiting to go on the "monica reality tour"

Though she had maintained t... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Though she had maintained the appearance of being prim and proper all these years, Martha Stewart's "conjugal" visitation sessions were anything but routine.

Britians latest fab five an... (Below threshold)

Britians latest fab five and the next boy band to sweep the world!

When Anna Nicole Smith gets... (Below threshold)

When Anna Nicole Smith gets here, if anyone of you punks throws a cock-block...it will be go time!

Queer Eye for the Belarus G... (Below threshold)

Queer Eye for the Belarus Guy

There was some confusion ab... (Below threshold)

There was some confusion about which feature of the accused flasher that the witness needed to see.

Notre Dame officials gather... (Below threshold)

Notre Dame officials gather on campus the day before firing Ty Willingham.

People put into odd sexual ... (Below threshold)

People put into odd sexual positions, men wearing women's underwear, the use of threatening dogs and exposure to extreme temperatures. No question the Ukrainian self abuse scandal is going to do untold damage to their image in the world.

"Fargo, The Broadway Musica... (Below threshold)

"Fargo, The Broadway Musical"

Police line-up assembled fo... (Below threshold)

Police line-up assembled for mugging victim who says that, "It all happened so fast, I didn't really get a good look at him".

It's Broadway's newest hit:... (Below threshold)

It's Broadway's newest hit: "the Gay 90s!"

Fans wait outside AirAmeric... (Below threshold)

Fans wait outside AirAmerica studios for their hero Al Franken.

Duran Duran launched their ... (Below threshold)

Duran Duran launched their 2004 Hungry Like The (Toothless) Wolf Tour this week.

Never mind. Simon's got it ... (Below threshold)

Never mind. Simon's got it in the bag with that one...

The ACLU has announced phot... (Below threshold)

The ACLU has announced photographic documentation of treatment "tantamount to torture" occuring in the United States.

Listen, Sven, I don't care ... (Below threshold)

Listen, Sven, I don't care what you do you're not going to get the sun to shine there.

This is the last time I vol... (Below threshold)

This is the last time I volunteer for a line-up for the San Francisco Police Department.

I donno OneDrummer the Dick... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I donno OneDrummer the Dick Clark replacement line was pretty good.

At a Paris ceremony commemo... (Below threshold)

At a Paris ceremony commemorating the 64th anniversary of the German invasion of France, surviving members of the French Army display various surrendering techniques successfully employed in the face of Nazi invaders and their vicious attack dogs.

Code names for the techniques (from left to right, approximate English translations):

1. The “Nazis Can’t Resist a Man in Black Leather”.
2. The “Turn the Other Cheek”.
3. The “I’ve Got a Bag Full of Bread and Wine and my Coat is Stuffed with Cheese.”

Names of methods 4 and 5 remain classified, decades after development in WWII-era French research laboratories. These methods of surrender are apparently so highly effective that they remain an active component of the modern French arsenal.

As casting countinued for "... (Below threshold)

As casting countinued for "The Full Monty II", the producers reevaluated the wisdom of making this sequel.

Me, standing at far left... (Below threshold)

Me, standing at far left: "Well, if I can't win these damn caption contests anymore, I might as well pose for one."

Passengers charge that secu... (Below threshold)

Passengers charge that security checks at the nation's airports are becoming excessive and humiliating. Explosives sniffing K-9 unit "Rusty" comments "Is that a pudhugger?? I'm not sniffing that. No way. No how."

Whenever the cast of "Polic... (Below threshold)

Whenever the cast of "Police Academy" puts together a reunion party, the extras from the Blue Oyster Bar scene tend to provide a few awkward moments...

Wonkette confirmed her exit... (Below threshold)

Wonkette confirmed her exit poll data with these voters before posting about Kerry's commanding lead on election day...

A picture of this year's Tu... (Below threshold)

A picture of this year's Turner Prize winner: "A Live Art Production of 'Four Seasons, One Orientation'"

The San Francisco terrorist... (Below threshold)

The San Francisco terrorist group start their assault on the White House.

Dr. Sven Yuri and some of h... (Below threshold)

Dr. Sven Yuri and some of his patients demonstrate the newest treatment for "Post Election Selection Syndrome"...

"Sorry, sir -- a reporter f... (Below threshold)
Kevin Craver:

"Sorry, sir -- a reporter for the Chattanooga Times Free Press told us that doing this would get Donald Rumsfeld's attention."

OOPS...THAT SHOULD B... (Below threshold)


The album cover of the late... (Below threshold)

The album cover of the latest EAGLES reunion tour ; "when Hell unfreezes"

The latest runway models po... (Below threshold)

The latest runway models pose for the Ukrainian fashion magazine Viktor's Secret.

The latest from Moveon.org:... (Below threshold)

The latest from Moveon.org: Moral Values, Shmoral Values!

Harry, THIS IS A GAY CRUISE... (Below threshold)


I'll take the dog, he looks... (Below threshold)

I'll take the dog, he looks much easier to care of.

After blowing his fortune o... (Below threshold)

After blowing his fortune on Campaign 2004 all he has left is the line "George Soros: Male Prostitute"

Damn if the guy on the left... (Below threshold)

Damn if the guy on the left doesn't look just like George Soros http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros

"Hey buddy, you know when t... (Below threshold)

"Hey buddy, you know when they're finally gonna install a third hole in this wall?"

Drs. Fritzbaum and Kraustei... (Below threshold)
Pat Reilly:

Drs. Fritzbaum and Kraustein (second and third from left) attempt to treat PEST patients with controversial "Let's get mostly naked and do crazy things" treatment. Dog wonders what the hell is going on while pretending not to notice.

CBS was all over Abu Ghraib... (Below threshold)

CBS was all over Abu Ghraib; but what you haven't seen is the rigorous process that they put their own employees through, making sure they conform to leftist standards. Judging from the evidence, we're not so sure we want to know what those standards are.

(The two clothed gentlemen,... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

(The two clothed gentlemen, Rodney Dill speaking to McGehee)
"Well all I was gonna do was hold up a sign saying, "Will Blog for Food"

On nice days the old farts ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

On nice days the old farts and young men would hang around the back door of Farper's General Store, much like some politicians used to hang around the Washingtonienne's "back door."

It's a Pavlovian response, ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

It's a Pavlovian response, they do that everytime anyone says, "Frau Blucher"

Down to the five remaining ... (Below threshold)

Down to the five remaining contestants, Survivor: Kiev finalists compete for immunity by enduring 39 days without vodka.

"Beauford, is that not the ... (Below threshold)

"Beauford, is that not the goofiest dog you've ever seen?"

Now is the time at the Flea... (Below threshold)

Now is the time at the Flea when we dance.

The 2004 Weblog winners.<br... (Below threshold)

The 2004 Weblog winners.
(l to r) Kevin "Listen to me!" Aylward. The "always look left" Daily Kos, Stephen "I just bagged a new bottle" Green, Ace "I'll stand on my head to win this award" Spades, and John "Hineyrocket" Hinderaker.

God I hate the French.... (Below threshold)

God I hate the French.

The last Heads of the Kerry... (Below threshold)

The last Heads of the Kerry campaign took some time to reflect outside Kerry headquarters while waiting for the 10:20 bus...

Hey Jim, grab Sparky, let'... (Below threshold)

Hey Jim, grab Sparky, let's get back on the "Orient Express" and get the fuck outta here!

"I TOLD you not to ask me w... (Below threshold)

"I TOLD you not to ask me what I got in the BAG. Now, you go put up your shirt and coat on that hook, and stand over there against the wall."

Down to the last six at the... (Below threshold)

Down to the last six at the audition for "The Penis Monologues", with his ability to lick his own one Dick the Dog was feeling confident, if not a little smug.......

The G-8 poses in the tradit... (Below threshold)

The G-8 poses in the traditional attire of San Francisco, California.

As the witnesses to his cha... (Below threshold)

As the witnesses to his character basked in the Dutch winter sun awaiting their call to give testimony, Slobadan Milosevic started to have niggling doubts he would be spending Christmas back in Serbia.

As far as Hillary was conce... (Below threshold)

As far as Hillary was concerned, casting around for a running mate was something you could never start too early......

NEWS FROM HOLLYWOOD : Casti... (Below threshold)

NEWS FROM HOLLYWOOD : Casting has started for prison camp extras at Oliver Stone's remake of "The Great Escape", tentatively entitled "The Gay Lesbian Transgendered Bisexual Dirty Old Men in Raincoats Escape".

Beer and wine were served w... (Below threshold)

Beer and wine were served without regard for the single available rest room....where a line had formed that was taking on some unique characteristics.

"I thought you were kidding... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"I thought you were kidding when you said we were going to a place called,Nuts & Butts!"

"Alright,tell me again why ... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"Alright,tell me again why we brought this bag of Frankincense...

For the six traumatized Ker... (Below threshold)

For the six traumatized Kerry voters, the wait to seek Canadian asylum seemed interminable.


Trying on a swim suit before the invention of dressing rooms was a rite of passage.


Rin-Tin-Tin poses with "the usual suspects" rounded up in the recent Wizbang WebPollgate scandal.

Travel agents advise those ... (Below threshold)

Travel agents advise those planning to spend Christmas in Cambodia to start working on their tans before making their journey. Lucky hats have proven ineffective, as have industrial strength bronzers.

Look Stosh,I'm telling you ... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Look Stosh,I'm telling you right now that your idea of staging "Ukranian Idol" sucks!

"OK,let's just drop off the... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"OK,let's just drop off the steroids and get the hell out of here...that dog gives me the creeps!"

Contestants for the 'over 9... (Below threshold)

Contestants for the 'over 90 division of Mr. Gay Universe' limber up in preperation for the highly competiive "Continence Pose-Down".'

"Young man! There's no need... (Below threshold)

"Young man! There's no need to feel down! I said, young man...

"Guys, chill out...I swear ... (Below threshold)

"Guys, chill out...I swear no one's going to see this picture. Like I said, I just have this fetish for taking a weird picture at least once a week. Now, places everyone!" -Kevin Aylward

Residents of the Retired Ne... (Below threshold)

Residents of the Retired Network Newscasters Home anxiously wait outside for the arrival of two new residents.

Tell me Throckmorton, do yo... (Below threshold)

Tell me Throckmorton, do you really believe this therapy will help my P.E.S.T. ?

Hopefull Dutch applicants l... (Below threshold)

Hopefull Dutch applicants line up for open cells in Abu Ghraib prison.

(Here's one for Jay Tea)<br... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

(Here's one for Jay Tea)

Q: How can you tell this is not just another typical Saturday night in Cow Hampshire?

A: The dog is too excited.

Do these panities make my b... (Below threshold)

Do these panities make my butt look to big?

Candidates limber up for th... (Below threshold)

Candidates limber up for the new reality show: Maureen Dowd’s Sure I Can Get a Date.

Man: Well, Kerryboy, you se... (Below threshold)

Man: Well, Kerryboy, you see that?

Kerryboy (Dog): Didn't see, didn't hear, didn't do it, don't know cuz none of those idiots against the wall belongs to me. Sheesh!

Liver spots. Bald patches. ... (Below threshold)

Liver spots. Bald patches. Gray hair. Geritol.

Decrepit. Calvin Klein's Decrepit.

Introducing 'Chippendales' ... (Below threshold)

Introducing 'Chippendales' newest dance sensation:

The Trainspotters.

(Free dime bag with admission)

The visiting Massachusetts ... (Below threshold)

The visiting Massachusetts delegation decided, without hesitation, that San Francisco would NOT be on the short list of possible capitol cities for the new "United Blue States of America."

More Ohioan democrats linin... (Below threshold)

More Ohioan democrats lining-up to vote today.

"Canine Caligula has reques... (Below threshold)

"Canine Caligula has requested your presence while we vet Cabinet nominees."

The former Soviet Bloc has ... (Below threshold)

The former Soviet Bloc has yet to catch up with the West in many areas. This photo, for example, illustrates what sociologists have termed "the Porn Gap."

"Yeah and you Iraqui's thou... (Below threshold)
Samantha Meli:

"Yeah and you Iraqui's thought you had it bad" , God whats mom gonna think!

Entry: Sleazy but accurate... (Below threshold)

Entry: Sleazy but accurate.

Comment to all previous entries: Thanks for the laughs, fellas! I vote for Rin Tin Tin.

Prospective financial backe... (Below threshold)

Prospective financial backers were ill at ease at the casting call for Maplethorpe's "Lassie."

Dateline 2035: Unrelenting ... (Below threshold)

Dateline 2035: Unrelenting in their stance since taking back control of the Democratic Party in 2005, the last surviving members of Moveon.org maintain their vigil in front of a dilapidated and mostly abandoned Democratic National Committee Headquarters

The line for tickets to Bus... (Below threshold)

The line for tickets to Bush's Inaugural Ball begins here!

(Photo bubble above 3 old m... (Below threshold)
Rob Jax:

(Photo bubble above 3 old men.)

Which one is gonna tell him that's not what's meant by getting head.

(Photo bubble of man on far right)

Not me I'm busy.

Open casting call at PBS he... (Below threshold)

Open casting call at PBS headquarters to replace Bill Moyers.

This extremely rare early p... (Below threshold)
Scott P:

This extremely rare early publicity shot of the "Village Idiot People" was thought lost forever.

A sauna, a hole in the ice ... (Below threshold)
Next year we go Black Sea:

A sauna, a hole in the ice and thee.

Now if you would jus... (Below threshold)
Terence Moeller:

Now if you would just cooperate we can send the word
"idiot" to the American cry babies.

Target's replacements for t... (Below threshold)

Target's replacements for the Salvation Army Santas solicit donations outside the International Falls store.

I'm Barney Frank, I approve... (Below threshold)

I'm Barney Frank, I approved this message.

I don't have a suggestion. ... (Below threshold)

I don't have a suggestion. I want to know what's really happening in this picture. It's gotta be funnier than anything we could ever thing of in the deepest, darkest corners of our minds.

I guess some people take fa... (Below threshold)

I guess some people take facing a firing squad more seriously than others.

Having only enough rubles f... (Below threshold)

Having only enough rubles for one last gamble, Russian housing developers Nikolai and Arkady check on how their new "Castro-ski District" is coming along...

Democrats attempt to captur... (Below threshold)

Democrats attempt to capture that good ole Bill Clinton "loving feeling" in their interview search for the next DNC leader...!

Dress no evil, Stand no evi... (Below threshold)

Dress no evil, Stand no evil, Smell no evil.

Line outside the Extreme... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Line outside the Extreme Makeover Emergency Room.

Offensive, but funny...... (Below threshold)

Offensive, but funny...

The Mens Dyslexia Foundation of North Falls, Montana cheers up the crowd with their stunning rendition of the Village People's Y-M-C-A.

When they named their new b... (Below threshold)

When they named their new blog "Villainous Company" they surely were complying with the precepts of truth in advertising.........

[with humble apologies to Cassandra]

Bernie Kerik's unexpected a... (Below threshold)
T. Lung:

Bernie Kerik's unexpected announcement suddenly revived the selection process and the remaining candidates gathered together once more.

As much as Elton John and h... (Below threshold)

As much as Elton John and his band abhorred [and I mean abhorred] the demeaning rigmarole of a Taipei Immigration Dept. full cavity workout, the promise of a packed stadium of E crazed fans and bags of luchre seemed to make up for it.






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