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2004 Weblog Awards - That's A Wrap


My long nightmare is almost over... Voting has ended for 2004 Weblog Awards. A couple tight races are still up in the air pending a review of the logs, but by and large the winners are decided.


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Comments (19)

Kevin, Good Job! I don't kn... (Below threshold)

Kevin, Good Job! I don't know WHY you do this. It must be like working at the complaint department at any given cell phone company and not getting paid for it.

Thanks for running the show... (Below threshold)

Thanks for running the show (and thanks again for the nomination).

You rock and had great cove... (Below threshold)

You rock and had great coverage at the RNC!

Thank you for running this ... (Below threshold)

Thank you for running this for us. Your contribution to the blogosphere will be long remembered. If I could be forgiven for a shameless plug as the voting winds down, please check out my book-of-the-month/classics of conservatism selection in today's postings at my blog. Rediscover consertavisms's roots as we make our own history in the blogosphere.

Forgive my typos in the pre... (Below threshold)

Forgive my typos in the previous comment. It has been a long weekend. The preview button is your friend.

Thanks from me, too. This w... (Below threshold)

Thanks from me, too. This was a good contest.

Thanks Kevin...I knew this ... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kevin...I knew this was going to be a bear!!!!
Sorry for all of your grief...most of us just wanted to have a great time....and did.

But now the awards site is ... (Below threshold)

But now the awards site is down. Have you closed the polls?

So I'm not the only one who... (Below threshold)

So I'm not the only one who can't access the site.

Is it a deliberate shutdown, or is there a problem?

It's back up.... (Below threshold)

It's back up.

Okay. And, since I forgot -... (Below threshold)

Okay. And, since I forgot -- thanks to Kevin for all his efforts!

when i try the voting site ... (Below threshold)

when i try the voting site it brings me to a previous date and will not allow me to vote. is this some kind of dnc voter frustration attempt?

As I did not win, I demand ... (Below threshold)

As I did not win, I demand several needless and time-consuming recounts.

Thanks for all the hard wor... (Below threshold)

Thanks for all the hard work. It was fun even though I lost!

Adding my voice to so many ... (Below threshold)

Adding my voice to so many others: Thanks, Kevin...and that goes for everybody who spent time working on the Awards.

It was enjoyable. You deserve the credit for that.

Argh, nightmare is right.</... (Below threshold)

Argh, nightmare is right.

Congratulations to all the Winners and to Kevin for service above and beyond. The internet wins in this case because of Kevin's work on this contest, compared to previous and other competitions that I'm aware of.

Anyway, "Winner" image files are now finished in various file sizes for each and every category and they aren't posted for public access as with the earlier permutations, but have been sent to Kevin, who will be dispensing them through email to Winners.

Just so everyone is aware...if you won, please ask Kevin to email you a file size that you want to display, and files available are:

200 pixels wide -x- 60 pixels high
225 w -x- 68 h
250 w -x- 76 h
275 w -x- 83 h
300 w -x- 91 h

They're all the same image and copy, just different original files sizes for each/every Winner in respective Category, dependent upon what respective sites want to display.

That is, rather, the file s... (Below threshold)

That is, rather, the file sizes are available in that array for EACH Winner in EACH Category, with respective, individual copy for each Winner/each Category (so the copy varies per Award benefitted, is what I mean).

Each winner has those file sizes available for their particular Award won -- their image file will display their particular Award won-- dependent upon what size they want to display.

Congratulations, Kevin, and... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, Kevin, and thanks very much for all of your work. As a blog reader, not a poster, I want to say how valuable your work is by making me aware of blogs I had never previously heard of.
And have a very merry Christmas!

Kevin, Thanks for ... (Below threshold)


Thanks for all of the hard work hosting. It's greatly appreciated, and I was introduced to some new blogs. Very cool.






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