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Greetings from sunny Merry Land!

Well, yours truly is enjoying a well-earned vacation from Cow Hampshire. I reviewed my notes, and this week is the first time since July I've had more than 2 days off in a row -- and that was the week I had stomach flu. I NEED this.

I'm staying with my best friend and his family, and it's very educational. He has a 7-year-old stepdaughter (although neither of them are overly fond of the "step" term) who has reached that interesting stage where she is very curious about bodies and wants to know exactly what is supposed to do what. So far he's managed to deal with it exactly as one would hope: he distracts her with ice cream.

He calls it the "Haagen Dodge."

It's gonna be a fun couple of days here just outside Baltimore...


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If you are on vacation, why... (Below threshold)

If you are on vacation, why are you posting?


If you want to say it like ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

If you want to say it like a local, you've got to say
you're in Merlin

You're in Merlin, hon. Ya g... (Below threshold)

You're in Merlin, hon. Ya goin' downy oshun?

So, you gonna travel about 85 more miles to see your lord and master, Kevin?

Welcome to balmer, hon.... (Below threshold)

Welcome to balmer, hon.

Try not to get shot.

Cindy, I'm on vacation from... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Cindy, I'm on vacation from WORK. Posting isn't work, it's FUN!

And Boyd, I don't think I'll have time. My schedule was set for me, and VERY little time for improvisation.


(Off to the bowling alley to rescue the 7-year-old from a friend's birthday party...)

And before anyone asks, GalaxyQuest is set for viewing later tonight.

"This episode was BADLY WRITTEN!"

If you're not allergic. Cre... (Below threshold)

If you're not allergic. Cream Of Crab soup. The best place is called Roy's Kwik Corner, which is about 45 minutes from "outside baltimore," and is closed on sundays. But it's well worth it.

If you wanna join me for a beer by the harbor that'd be swell. If you got the time, is all.

Instead of 'step' daughter,... (Below threshold)

Instead of 'step' daughter, perhaps he could use 'bonus' daughter.

Just leave the "step" out -... (Below threshold)

Just leave the "step" out - I don't like it either. "This is so and so's son" or daughter or "this is my son or daughter" without using the word "step" at all. If I married a man who had children who lived or didn't live with him, I would consider that child my child and in introductions, I'd say "meet my son or daughter." I hate the word step and can't blame them on that.

I know you are on vacation from work, hon, but you also needed a break from blogging: you were in a pissy mood. So if you're going to post while on vacation, I sure hope your mood improves.


Ha, I love "GalaxyQuest," g... (Below threshold)

Ha, I love "GalaxyQuest," gotta get me a DVD copy. Enjoy and enjoy your vacation.

But, what's with the "hon" thing ongoing here? Is that something that everyone in Maryland, err, Merlin, says to everyone else? Just asking...

-S- Suzy, I'm fro... (Below threshold)


Suzy, I'm from J's infamous cowhampshire.







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