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The Spoons Experience

The Spoons Experience

Not to be confused with another Spoons Experience

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Every parent I know has thi... (Below threshold)

Every parent I know has this picture of their child. I guess we find food all over their face just too cute.

The junior executive of pro... (Below threshold)

The junior executive of provisions analysis speaks: ‘If you do not cease and desist in capturing and disseminating these uncomplimentary pictures of me I will cause your walls to become decorated with the residual whatever-it-is you have set before me.’

Haha, my parents have a pic... (Below threshold)

Haha, my parents have a picture of me as a toddler with spaghetti sauce all over me

Remember this well - it onl... (Below threshold)

Remember this well - it only gets worse. She's getting big, Kevin - now who does she look like? you? Your wife? Either way, she's a cutie.







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