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And Then There Was One...

Celebrity trials, that is. Robert Blake and Phil Specter notwithstanding, the Jackson trial is the last of the summer triumvirate of cases also featuring Kobe Bryant and Scott Petterson.

The National Enquirer reports that Michael Jackson's fingerprint and a fingerprint from the boy who's accusing him of sex abuse were lifted from the "same page'" of a porno magazine which was seized from the Jackson's Neverland estate last year. The Enquirer reports that the magazine was titled "Barely Legal."

Yesterday Jackson submitted to a DNA swab, which oddly had not previously been requested. Imagine the horror of being the CSI who had to sweep his bedroom with the blue light...

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Yesterday Jackson submit... (Below threshold)

Yesterday Jackson submitted to a DNA swab, which oddly had not previously been requested.

Agreed, though it's not like they needed to hurry about it, lest his DNA change...

Then again, this is Michael Jackson.

Does he actually have any D... (Below threshold)

Does he actually have any DNA left?

I'd enter that bedroom only... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

I'd enter that bedroom only with a full body condom and the guys from GhostBusters. Yuk!

You may be onto something:<... (Below threshold)

You may be onto something:

Introducing the new CBS drama - CSI: Neverland

Now, that made me laugh Kev... (Below threshold)

Now, that made me laugh Kevin. You must be a CSI fan like me.


Hey Old Coot, I'd like one ... (Below threshold)

Hey Old Coot, I'd like one of those full body condoms just to enter my house - looks like a bomb went off in here! yuck, hate it. Your post is hysterical, btw!!!! Been running into you all over the place - glad you could join in.

BUT to be probably the ONLY one, I don't believe Michael Jackson is guilty and for those who think he wants to be white by bleaching his skin - you don't know his history. After he got burned, he developed a disease that had to do with a gland that controls his color pigmentation and slowly but surely, his skin went from black to almost white - and that's without makeup. It might behoove some people to actually read a biography of Michael Jackson and what good he has done in his life and screw the child abuse - that's only about money.


Oh and remember, during the... (Below threshold)

Oh and remember, during the period of time he's being charged, a family lived at Neverland free - he wasn't even there.







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