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No Golden Globe For Gibson Or Moore

Notably absent from the list of nominees for the Golden Globes are The Passion Of The Christ and Fahrenheit 9/11 and their respective directors. Nicole Kidman's bath scene with a ten year-old boy in the movie Birth (for which she received a Best Actress nomination) is sure to raise eyebrows though.

It looks like Moore is up for of all things a People's Choice Award.

Given that a string such as the following could be use to force a vote for The Incredibles:


You can only imagine how many much fraud was perpetrated on that poll for choice #2. I'd bet big money that the site was and is vulnerable to scripting attacks like the one run against the Weblog Awards this year as well. I only mentioned this because a) It looks like they're shutting down voting for everything including the film categories , b) The 2004 Weblog Awards were more secure that the Peoples Choice awards - by a long shot. We addressed this type of GET attack in the first day's of the polling last year with a simple fix.

Note to CBS: The Weblog Awards team is available for consulting...

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Well, the Golden Globes is ... (Below threshold)

Well, the Golden Globes is an award process that is formulated by the foreign press. So, although they bypassed the obvious with Gibson's directorial talents and the film itself he directed, "The Passion of the Christ," I am relieved to know that they did NOT do the anticipated, nearly expected mishap and hapless deed of falling victim to Moore's lunacy.

About our American entertainment awards proecesses, I found the last Emmy's to be incredibly dull, even grotesque, in what they lauded and omitted, seemingly now even moreso disconnected from a consciousness that is approachable to most. "Hollywood" seems to be floating off into some other territory that is sad to behold, what with the trends currently running amok among most liberals in entertainment.

It just sets apart even moreso what Gibson achieved in that film of his, that he perservered in making what he did and how and with whom, despite the naysaying and taunting by most in the film industry about what he had planned and what he later had in production and distribution. Sometimes not being included in certain Awards processes is a good thing, not a bad one.

This "Birth" movie supports... (Below threshold)

This "Birth" movie supports my theory that the ultimate goal of the sexual freedom that began in the 60's, is to make it acceptable in our society to have sex with children. That is the ultra left's goal. Consider TeRAYzuh Heinz-Kerry's comment that there was no need to send clothes to the Hurricane victims over the summer: "They don't need clothes. At least the children don't; they can run around naked." It starts with legitimizing sex without marriage, then comes homosexual sex, next it will be sex with children.

Well, I was pleased to see ... (Below threshold)

Well, I was pleased to see Jamie Foxx's name twice. I was sure he'd be nominated for Ray, but he was also nominated for Collateral, which is the best performance of the year, I think, even though he won't win.

As far as Nicole Kidman is concerned, I think the HFPA would nominate he for walking down the damn street if they could, so it really doesn't matter what movie she's in.

The only reason Fahrenheit ... (Below threshold)

The only reason Fahrenheit 9/11 wasn't nominated was because Kerry lost. If he had won, the movie would have nominated and won as well.

Don't worry, I was wearing ... (Below threshold)
Cameron Bright (10 year old boy):

Don't worry, I was wearing a skin colored bathing suit, but I did get a good look at Nicole's boobies.

By consulting, you aren't s... (Below threshold)

By consulting, you aren't saying we'll break 18 meg html docs into smaller and then throw them into Excell, right?

Good, the fat bastard.... (Below threshold)

Good, the fat bastard.






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