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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ featured so many excellent entries even settling on six top entries was a challenge. Hopefully I rose to meet that challenge. I know at least six people will think I have...

Here are the winning captions for following photo:

PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2004 - Ukrainian sunbathers stand in the sun on a crisp, frosty winter day in Kiev, February 22, 2004. REUTERS/Str

1) (Tim Worstall) - "Candidates limber up for the new reality show: Maureen Dowd's Sure I Can Get a Date."

2) (Laurence Simon) - "Fargo, The Broadway Musical"

3) (spacemonkey) - "Competition for DNC Chairman takes a turn for the flamboyant."

Honorable Mention

4) (OneDrummer) - "Tom Brokaw joins Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite for some fun at the Network Anchormen Retirement Home's annual polar bear bathhouse day...."

5) (Steven Taylor) - "The former Soviet Bloc has yet to catch up with the West in many areas. This photo, for example, illustrates what sociologists have termed 'the Porn Gap.'"

6) (McTrip) - "Down to the last six at the audition for 'The Penis Monologues', with his ability to lick his own one Dick the Dog was feeling confident, if not a little smug......."

Until next Friday...


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Comments (8)

Hey, I won something! Now, ... (Below threshold)

Hey, I won something! Now, where to spend my winnings....buy a green card? Blow it all on a date with MoDo? Trip to the Chicken Ranch? So many choices!
Sorry? No money involved? Just the warm glow that comes from the approbation of my peers and the envy of the losers? Oh, OK, fine.
Gloat gloat.
Actually, I think the show itself should be sold to a studio. Compere would be Catherine Zeta Jones. Wouldn’t you tune in to watch?

Looks like a pretty good se... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Looks like a pretty good selection of winners to me. The Maureen Dowd one got me laughing.

Congratulations on your tim... (Below threshold)

Congratulations on your timely awards.

Personally, I thought the very first entry was hilarious.

Jeff, I agree. I was PO'd a... (Below threshold)

Jeff, I agree. I was PO'd at Frank for beating me to it.

That'll teach me for turnin... (Below threshold)

That'll teach me for turning off the ol' puter at 1:00 on Friday!

Did nobody do a Lynndie England-returns-home-tortures-male-relatives riff?

I blame Fargo being on cabl... (Below threshold)

I blame Fargo being on cable.

Right after watching Queer ... (Below threshold)

Right after watching Queer Eye on Bravo, right?


I'm curious now to know the... (Below threshold)

I'm curious now to know the context of this photo. What the heck are these people doing?






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