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2004 Weblog Awards - Winners Announced


All of the winners of the The 2004 Weblog Awards have been announced. Winners can expect an e-mail from me with their very own super cool graphic. If you were a finalist in any category (listed in the voting polls) you can immortalize your achievement with a 2004 Weblog Awards finalist logo, courtesy of Suzy Rice.

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who helped get this monstrosity underway and keep it from crashing and burning throughout. Those folks are listed on the sidebar at the Weblog Awards site, and I thank each of them for their help!

The Weblog Awards will be back next year at it's new permanent home, weblogawards.org (not yet active).


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Comments (13)

Welllllll....I'll volunteer... (Below threshold)

Welllllll....I'll volunteer again for next year's thing. Let's see, cannot use fonts/typefaces designed in France, in Germany, in Switzerland, in Merry Old England, the United States...

I am really eager to provide a logo for the next Awards process that includes twinkling, sparkly bits in animated flowers going round and round some round and circular (ha) object that has no hard edges (no squares! no squares! no squaaarrreess or wire hangers, EVERRRRR!), a lot of purple and green gooey oozing forms here and there on a black background with skulls and devil dolls and animate the whole thing as Jack Black doing his Devil Dance across the "stage" of the website, oh yeahhh...now that'd be trendy.

Snark, snark. ~:-}

Oh, I forgot to include tha... (Below threshold)

Oh, I forgot to include that I won't be an Anglo Saxon by next year but will work ever so feverishly to throw off the boundaries of gloom and doomy Whiteness from all my ancestors throughout time.


Good show Kevin! ... (Below threshold)

Good show Kevin!

Great fun.... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Great fun.

Thanks to you and all the v... (Below threshold)

Thanks to you and all the volunteers for your hard work.

Hey, that's weird. You guy... (Below threshold)

Hey, that's weird. You guys ran a little award show while I ran the Sortapundit Awards. How cute.

Someone whispers in Sortapundit's ear

How big?
You're kidding.
You're kidding!
Well, of course Kos' readers cheated. They're Democrats.

Kevin, I speak for myself (... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I speak for myself (but probably also for other new, inconsequential bloggers) when I say thank you to you for all the time and effort you invested in this contest. It was an honor to participate.

Of course, having lost by a large margin even in the bottom category, I felt compelled to make up a LOSER logo based on the original logo. It's here. It's meant in good fun, but if you think it's inappropriate for some reason, I'll understand if you edit or delete this comment.

Hey, speaking of Kos Kidz c... (Below threshold)

Hey, speaking of Kos Kidz cheating...ya gonna share the extra neato special turing test with the great unwashed (that would be the rest of us)?

To Attila (Pillage idiot):<... (Below threshold)

To Attila (Pillage idiot):

That imagery of mine that you have modified on that page of yours is a violation of material that is protected by Copyright.

On each and every page on the internet on which my work and the 2004 Weblog Awards Logo especially is posted, there is a clear statement as to Copyright protection of the imagery, my work, and in this case it's clearly written and written several times on the webpage where you can find my original (this logo) work, that the imagery is NOT TO BE MODIFIED.

You've modified it, reposted modified versions of it. This is why creative material is protected by Copyright, to prevent people from reproducing and modifying in reproductions the original, creative work of others, and when they do, to suffer the financial consequences if they chose to ignore restrictions of use of original work of others.

Please remove the modifications of that logo immediately from the internet. I'll be lenient here and give you 24 hours to do so, but the clock started at "9:44 P.M., PST, this day (December 14, 2004)" and you'll need to remove all traces of that modification within that time frame, and that includes contacting Cached Google and Internet Archive pages. So, better get to work unless you have some change you want to send to me by 24 hours from now.

Same message of caution -- ... (Below threshold)

Same message of caution -- written above addressed to "Attila (Pillage idot)" -- applies to anyone and everyone who may (also) reproduce any modifications, including that one by Attila (Pillage idiot). Damages can be assessed and that's the reason that the pages I author with original content on them carry both a Creative Commons License with restrictions (no modifications of the work) and a Copyright statement is also clearly written on each and every page and with each and every instance that the original work is posted.

No modifications means no modifications, otherwise, you're liable for damages if you modify and reproduce my work. There's no wiggle room in the terms that are posted to accompany every instance of me publishing my work.

Damages can also be sought ... (Below threshold)

Damages can also be sought against your web hosting provider if you persist in publishing modified versions of my work, protected by Copyright that it is. 24 hours started at 9:44 PM PST, let's see, it's now 10:26 PM, PST, going to call my attorney tomorrow and send him screenshots of your pages...

Ms. Rice, everything has be... (Below threshold)

Ms. Rice, everything has been removed from my site. My apologies.

Attila: it is appreciated ... (Below threshold)

Attila: it is appreciated that you removed the images.






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