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An Early Christmas Present

Celebrity porn lovers make note of the fact that Pam and Paris are close friends; Pam and Tommy are back together; and Paris is rumored to have taped a threesome previously.

Super Size Them

They really should just setup the offshore company and produce and sell the inevitable Pam and Tommy in Paris video themselves...

Picture: The Sun


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Comments (18)

What kind of super size is ... (Below threshold)

What kind of super size is that anyway?

You get a choice, no breasts or large fake ones... oh, is Pam gettin' a tummy? Whassup wit that?

Kevin, just out of curiosit... (Below threshold)

Kevin, just out of curiosity, are you on the lookout for paris and pam? ;)

or is it Tommy Lee that gets you goin?

Man, why would you even pos... (Below threshold)

Man, why would you even post filth like this? :-|

Bogart, in Casablanca:... (Below threshold)

Bogart, in Casablanca:

"We'll all ways have Paris."

Is Paris Burning?... (Below threshold)

Is Paris Burning?

Skanks for the Mammaries.</... (Below threshold)

Skanks for the Mammaries.

If Pam gets on top of Paris... (Below threshold)

If Pam gets on top of Paris, its ALL OVER.

Om second thought, hearing Paris speak thru Pam's "mammary muzzle" may be an improvement!

man, this picture is the pe... (Below threshold)

man, this picture is the perfection definition of "TRASH"...

Wow, for somewhat attractiv... (Below threshold)

Wow, for somewhat attractive women able to afford the best in fashion...

They sure look like sluts.

Skanky disease ridden hoes.... (Below threshold)

Skanky disease ridden hoes. No thank you. Not even with fully body armor.

uh...I heard 80's fashion w... (Below threshold)

uh...I heard 80's fashion was trying to make a comeback..but why is Pam wearing leg-warmers on her arms?

Not even with a rented tall... (Below threshold)

Not even with a rented tally-whacker!

Wow...Pam's breasts are big... (Below threshold)

Wow...Pam's breasts are bigger then Paris...

Ahh... the crazies --- aren... (Below threshold)

Ahh... the crazies --- aren't they so much fun? Anything for a little limelight...

The best argument against r... (Below threshold)

The best argument against repealing the inheritance tax I've yet seen.

...the only thing hotter wo... (Below threshold)

...the only thing hotter would be to have Britney pile on whith her dirty bare feet (like just after she used a public restroom with no shoes on).
SKANK #1, skank #2 and Skaaaaank #3.

I clicked it, but it asked ... (Below threshold)

I clicked it, but it asked me if I wanted french fries :(

Seriously though, could you get more talent-less than these two? And you get two for the price of one in the next video. (sarcasm) Greeeaaat (/sarcasm)

Pamela isn't looking that g... (Below threshold)

Pamela isn't looking that great nowadays is she.






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