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Columbine Student Killed In Iraq

Lance Cpl. Greg Rund survived the shootings at Columbine and a tour of duty in Iraq. On his second tour of duty fate caught up with him. From The Denver Post:

As a freshman, he survived the shooting at his school that left 12 of his fellow students and a teacher dead. Then, he made it through his first tour in Iraq. Always, his humor never left him.

"It seems so unfortunate that you get through some things, but it catches up with you," Holden said.

Rund had talked of joining the Marines since his early days at Columbine, when school seemed as endless as the jokes that so often spilled from his mouth.

After graduation, Rund was more serious, fulfilling his dream of serving in the Marines - a duty he never boasted about.

"Greg made us so proud, but he never wanted to be recognized for his actions," Rund's family said in a written statement. "Neither Columbine nor Iraq was to define him."

He was, according to another article in the Rocky Mountain News, the ultimate team member - blessed with more heart and stamina than skill at football - remembered for giving 110% everyday.

Semper Fi, Lance Cpl. Rund.


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Comments (14)

Yes, rest in peace, my pray... (Below threshold)

Yes, rest in peace, my prayers for this dear hero.

Our prayers go with him and... (Below threshold)

Our prayers go with him and his family. Peace be with all of them.

Man, I hate that - it alway... (Below threshold)

Man, I hate that - it always happens too. Recently, a fireman who worked at Ground Zero all that time was called up for duty in Iraq and he was killed last week. To lose so much, to have been through so much, to have survived so much, to finally have it catch up with you on his second tour of duty to Iraq, too, just doesn't make much sense. My heart goes out to all the families.


LAST WEEK THE US LOST ITS 1... (Below threshold)


Because the coalition wants to play down the carnage. Especially when it comes to civilians.

Solid, if you think no one ... (Below threshold)

Solid, if you think no one noticed, you're delusional. Just because some people don't believe a hysterical response calling for someone's head is warranted doesn't mean "no one noticed."

What you really meant to say is no one went apoplectic and threw around basless accusations and acted the fool. Like...uhh...you just did.

JimK...Let me refer you to ... (Below threshold)

JimK...Let me refer you to a view of mine, and I will look forward to your response.

The corruption evident in the oil-for-food programme was real, but did not originate from within the UN, as others have charged. Its origins are in a morally corrupt policy of economic strangulation of Iraq implemented by the US as part of an overall strategy of regime change. Since 1991, the US had made it clear - through successive statements by James Baker, George W Bush and Madeleine Albright - that economic sanctions, linked to Iraq's disarmament obligation, would never be lifted even if Iraq fully complied and disarmed, until Saddam Hussein was removed from power. This policy remained unchanged for over a decade, during which time hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died as a result of these sanctions.
While money derived from the off-the-book sale of oil did indeed go into the purchase of conventional weapons and the construction of presidential palaces, the vast majority of these funds were poured into economic recovery programmes that saw Iraq emerge from near total economic ruin in 1996. By 2002, on the eve of the US-led invasion, Baghdad wa full of booming businesses, restaurants were full, and families walked freely along well-lit parks. Compare and contrast that image with reality of Baghdad today, and the ultimate corruption that was the oil-for-food programme becomes self-evident.

Would it be too much trouble for a reasoned and intelligent response please, as opposed to your last effort. Thankyou.

Solid, that is not true. It... (Below threshold)

Solid, that is not true. It's over 10,000 wounded and big deal was made of it. They also said that 9 out of 10 survive because of the great and convenient medical care. The dead is over 1,000 and has been so for awhile. There is a letter on a website (I'll try to find it) written by a soldier who had his mission changed to bring home 22 soldiers for their families to bury and with the grace, dignity, honor and preciseness of the marines in the treatment of these flg covered coffins. People noticed and people are aware.


Oil for food program reason... (Below threshold)

Oil for food program reason for the carnage? WRONG.


Solid: a hero died. Show ... (Below threshold)

Solid: a hero died. Show some respect. The thread is a devotional, a memorial so to write, about Lance Cpl. Rund. It's not here to fan the flames of Democrats' failed political points. Give the man some respect, and either honor him or please just write nothing. At least, here.

Some liberals never underst... (Below threshold)

Some liberals never understand. Freedom does not come by sitting around a camp fire singing kombaya. George Patton said that he hated it that brave young men had to die in battle for freedom, but he also understood that the price for freedom is not cheap. Our soldiers understand that they put their lives on the line to protect America and her freedom. They also understand that in order to live in a free land that sometimes you have to liberate other countries from tranny and EVIL.And to end EVIL you have to go to the source.
I have a distant cousin over their right now and has already had brushes with death. And to have anyone cheapen his sacrifice or anyones sacrifice is nothing BUT OUT AND OUT TREASON. AND THE CONSIQUINCES FOR SUCH ACTIONS ARE SEVERE. IF LIBERALS HATE AMERICA THAT MUCH PLEASE BY ALL MEANS MOVE TO FRANCE. THEY WOULD LOVE YOU THERE.

S...I take your point, howe... (Below threshold)

S...I take your point, however, you call this chap a "hero". May I remind you, that he was sent to Iraq, in an illegal war. He should not have been there in the first place. Why don't you ask your president why he was sent there. I've heard many American's state that the UN is just a talking shop, and why should America seek permission to 'protect' herself or to go anywhere in the world and do what they like. My response has alway's been the same. If Americans think its true what I have above stated, then why did your President(Bush) go to the UN before the illegal war in Iraq, to seek a further resolution after resolution 1441? America please get real.

Why is someone who survived... (Below threshold)

Why is someone who survived a massacre and then went to Iraq and probably killed many innocent people a hero? Soldiers are NOT heroes, even if a few of them do heroic deeds.
A true hero to the US would be someone who wants to hold Mr Bush accountable for an ilegal war.

Totally agree....Monjo, I'm... (Below threshold)

Totally agree....Monjo, I'm still waiting for my response, however, I do not know how long you will wait for yours. Don't hold your breath my friend.

Rest in peace buddy. May al... (Below threshold)
Kristoffer M. Hansson:

Rest in peace buddy. May all soldiers around the world be safe, and the world free.....

Former Norwegian soldier who served in South-Lebanon (UNIFIL 34) and Bosnia (IFOR 1 & 2).






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