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Only in Massachusetts...

Alicia Mundy, in The Washington Post (registration required), reports on a libel case pitting a sitting judge against a Boston Herald reporter in Libel Suit Takes Aim at Print Reporter's Words on TV .

One interesting aspect to the story is that all the jackbooted facist thugs are Democrats (Bill O'Reily and Greta Van Sustren notwithstanding) and the downtrodden protector of freedom is a Republican judge.

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Kevin,I think it h... (Below threshold)


I think it has been painfully evident to many that the "status quo" has been flipped on its head, thought I'll be damned if I can define the exact moment.

At this particular moment in history, a party labeled “conservative” is leading a very progressive reform movement transforming authoritarian theocratic regimes in the Middle East into democracies, while “progressives” scream and advocate the very conservative practice of protectionist isolationism.

These same “progressives” fight to maintain the status quo on a Social Security program that is guaranteed to fail, along with supporting antiquated and punitive tax and tort law systems.

“Conservatives” promote the profoundly progressive ideas of privatizing Social Security, endorse tort reform, and some promote the idea of doing away with the tax code entirely for a radically more simplified tax structure.

What a world we live in, where the conservatives are pursuing a bright new future for the U.S. and the world, and the “progressives” stay mired in bigoted isolationism, militantly pigeonholing anyone who dared to dissent with their views.

The last time I saw “liberalism” such as this, I believe it was called National Socialism.

Mainstream American conserv... (Below threshold)

Mainstream American conservatives seek to conserve the United States, which is a profoundly dynamic society and institution.






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