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The Hailey Complex

The following is a letter I sent to three officials at Utah State University yesterday. Read Paul's post below for background on the backstory.

President Hall:

I'm writing to inform you that Dr. Hailey has been caught red-handed misappropriating and misidentifying exhibits, again. The difference is that this time it is in the self-described "final" version of his report.

One of Dr. Hailey's main type samples was found to have been taken directly from myfonts.com and presented as his own without attribution; giving the impression that they were actual typefaces of the 1970's era.

The details are available in a story called, Myfonts Are Better Than Your Fonts.

I'm not sure if the graphical equivalent of plagiarism in a "final" work of a university lab will raise any alarms at USU, based on our first experience with USU, but thought it was worth reporting. The only reason that this was again newsworthy was that CBS producer Mary Mapes supposedly has a 60 page defense document in front of the two investigating team lead by Dick Thornburg looking into the CBS Memo fiasco. Their report was expected last week. There is also lingering suspicion in some quarters as to whether Hailey's report would be cited by the Thornburg investigation. That's why the Myfonts story ran.

This latest discovery seems to have triggered yet another strange response by Dr. Hailey. Where the Bush Memo study used to be is now a 13 page rambling diatribe, wherein I am the architect of all evil perpetrated upon him...

The file name is the same - Bush_Memos.pdf , but the content is now different. Like all Hailey work this appears to be an ever changing document (perhaps he should just start a blog) a cached version is available here.

The reason I'm writing is that since the IMRL web site is hosted on the USU.EDU domain you are ultimately responsible for the content. I'm sure you're all having a good laugh at the Dr. Hailey diatribes, but sadly he is a delusional man if he thinks I have the time or interest in orchestrating or coordinated attack against him.

"The attacks appear to have been orchestrated by a fellow named Kevin Alward at a blog site called Wizbangblog.com."

My contact with the university has all occurred through *name removed*. The author of the first story, Paul, contacted *name removed*. Later I was in contact with the head of the University's public relations department. I didn't "orchestrate" anything. We stand by our work with regards to reporting on Hailey's research.

Assuming his current work remains I will assume that USU officially supports the outright lies and shoddy research in Dr. Hailey's new work. Stamping the word "draft" on something does not protect libelous content. We haven't removed anything (unlike the Professor) and have apologized for one factual error in a later post and exactly three words of the original post here. The fact that Professor Hailey can't find the material that references him on our site doesn't mean it's not there. I suggest he use our search box and type in Hailey.

I'd like to know two things:

1) Are you going to look into the graphical plagiarism charge?

2) Will Dr. Hailey be making a public apology for his baseless attacks against me?

Since the final version of the Bush Memos report has been pulled I am requesting an electronic copy of said report (don't worry I've already got it) and the right to make it available online (unless it is restored to availability at IMRL).

This is the e-mail I sent to USU yesterday, which Hailey now characterizes as a "demand to fire him."

The university has yet to respond.

Update: Kermit Hall & Co. appear to be following the standard academic procedure when plagiarism is alleged - they're burying their head in the sand. More on academia's reluctance to address plagiarism within their ranks in the current issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Update 2: That really is Hailey in the comment section. He's apologized for him ramblings here.


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Comments (34)

He accuses you of "characte... (Below threshold)

He accuses you of "character assignation"; what, does he mean a tryst between Minnie & Mickey? This guy is a tenured PhD?

Let's see, he speaks of narratives that "shift as fluidly as sand." Hmm... outside of an hourglass, sand is not so beautifully fluid, certainly less fluid than...fluid.

He contrasts "ad hominem arguments" with "personal attacks."

Oh blah blah blah -- this guy is not an analyst, not a researcher, he's a "writer" (and not a very good one): "I found myself the foolish orator who infuriated the crowds of Rome, facing an angry
mob throwing rotten fruit, fecal matter and rocks at me, and demanding that my academic
career be put to death." Oy.

Enough, I need to barf.

Ummm, you actually sent tha... (Below threshold)

Ummm, you actually sent that?

Ever heard of spell check?

I'm sure it's on THERE PC's at USU...

This is some kind of joke, ... (Below threshold)

This is some kind of joke, isn't it? There is no real "Dr. Hailey" right? In addition to the appalling writing, and the incredibly poor (mis)use of logic, he writes things like this:

I call the above syllogism “Prestidigitation.” It is a term I developed to describe a red herring when a part of the process is intentional equivocation (or intentional misunderstanding) not of words but of intent, and it is used for character assination.

You can't seriously expect us to believe that someone with any sense at all would make such an outrageous claim as that he invented the term "prestidigitation" -- and moreover, that he invented it to describe what's already known in logical argument as a "red herring" (which he also incorrectly describes). Could anyone with a Ph.D. truly be this unpardonably stupid?

C'mon, admit it. You all made him and all this nonsense up just for us to laugh at ... right?

I think this Hailey is just... (Below threshold)

I think this Hailey is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a sinking feeling that when (or if) the Rathergate report is released, that no matter how hard it goes after people at CBS, it will not address the basic fact of the forgeries, only that 'the story was insufficiently fact-checked'. And so there will be a large enough rock of falsehood left unturned for a plethora of left-wing kooks to scurry under.

This is going to be a "plastic turkey"/"no imminent threat" situation all over again, where the lie struts about in bald defiance of the truth for years and years.

I did I site search on the ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

I did I site search on the name "Haley", and came up with this


I am sure glad I didn't spell Hailey correctly.

Here's the rule of thumb fo... (Below threshold)

Here's the rule of thumb for college faculty: If you steal from one person, it's plagiarism; if you steal from several people, it's called research.

Booyah! Throw some fact-ch... (Below threshold)

Booyah! Throw some fact-checking on their asses.

I like it.

Does that REALLY say charac... (Below threshold)

Does that REALLY say character "assination"?

Hmmm. A Freudian slip?

This is a perfect example of why the tenure system is ridiculous. If anyone in a real job made this big an ass of themself, they'd be promptly fired. He'll probably get an award for "bravery" instead.

I'm not sure what to make o... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure what to make of this guy who takes up so much time and space here....... is he just plain stupid or ignorant or both? Maybe he was dropped on his head too often as a baby, kids beat him up as a kid, too many head injuries to make any sense at all and for cripes sakes, Paul does exist!
Geezum, enough already.


I truly think you guys are ... (Below threshold)
Krusty Krab:

I truly think you guys are going over the top on this one. No reason to get anywhere near this emotional. And in spite of what you are saying, the circumstances surrounding Hailey's report are a perfect example of the necessity for a tenure system.

While I agree to a point with Paul and others, he certainly has a right to follow his own line of reasoning, just as I have the academic right to plaster him to the wall for such poor quality work. This is what academic freedom is all about. In the scientific community, poor research gets shredded to pieces by one's colleagues, all occurring while they smile at you and ask about your kids.

Cases of out-right plagiarism however usually result in the dismissal of the professor, or at least loss of tenure, and can result in immediate loss of funding from government grants. It is a very serious charge, and if proven, likely would result in Hailey's dismissal. Thus you can say you aren't trying to get him fired, but if the charge is accepted, it will end his career.

You can also say that other academics aren't being tough on him. Believe me we are, we are just cordial and avoid personal attacks, while his work gets thoroughly worked over. If it is considered bad enough, he will have very poor prospects for future funding (in his area, this may likely already be the case).

I am in academics (mostly R&D these days) and I can say that we get all types. People in academia usually take about a 60-75% pay cut (depending on profession) relative to industry to gain academic freedom and the right to study just about anything in the world they are interested in. Hailey is exercising his rights, even if it may amount to being a bunny hopping through a lion's cage.

There's a larger picture he... (Below threshold)

There's a larger picture here; it's not just some person innocently exercising his academic freedom. See the legal analyses at scyllacharybdis.blogspot.com - which explains why Hailey's study was worded the way it was. It has to do with attempting to get CBS off the hook vis-a-vis the Texas forgery laws.

Kevin was already onto it on 10/1/04, here at wizbang: entitled "Rathergate/Hailygate Connection". [Haily=Hailey]

Reprint of his excerpt from the Dallas Observer 9/30/04 article (3 weeks after the memos aired). Read closely what Hailey reportedly told the paper in the last sentence:


CBS News didn't return calls for comment, and Mapes declined to discuss Hodges' charges. "I can't, I just can't," she says. But she did forward a study by Utah State University Associate Professor David Hailey disputing the contention that the memos were created on a word processor using digital type rather than a '70s-era typewriter--the key challenge to their authenticity. "I really believe they are not digitally produced," Hailey says. "I'm not saying that they're authentic. I'm saying they were probably typewritten. That doesn't make them authentic. But it does take CBS off the hook a little bit."


So how did Mapes know to reference Hailey? We're looking at attempted interference with an election by CBS. By his actions, Hailey has entangled himself with this - prior to the election. He was not sitting in an ivory tower doing idle experiments. Somehow Mapes knew of his study. We still don't know if he was commissioned by CBS. The reason people on the internet are getting so frustrated is because we are not seeing any action from the three branches of govt.

Hey webster if you are goin... (Below threshold)

Hey webster if you are going to correct people maybe you should read your own crap writing first.


internet spell checkers are trollish

perhaps you haven't noticed... (Below threshold)

perhaps you haven't noticed yet. The university has responded. Check the final peragraph of my article. It contains their response.

David Hailey

So did you find the Search ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

So did you find the Search feature to find out where all of the old posts are?

Can you please explain how you got the fonts off of myfont.com without the need to attribute the source to them.

The irony about your positi... (Below threshold)

The irony about your position is that it is filled with so much hate that you are unable to review reality dispashionately. As one of your bloggers so convieniently pointed out, my motto is "gogito ergo falsus sum," or "I think, therefore I am wrong." In short, I never think I am right. In my research, I never bring my prejudices to the discussion.

Can you say that?

David Hailey

According to you, I am some... (Below threshold)

According to you, I am somehow connected to CBS. In fact, my connection to CBS was generated by you. I wrote an interesting report that suggested the memos might have been typed on a typewriter. That does not say that the memos were authentic. It says they "might" be authentic. You had to become hysteric. You had to make a big deal out of it. You had to attract the attention of CBS.

David Hailey

Kevin and RickIt w... (Below threshold)

Kevin and Rick

It was YOU who brought the attention of CBS and Dan Rather's lawyer to my simple study, Not me.
My study was purely academic; I had no interest in your simpleminded antics. My project was simply designed for my stundent. YOU two gave me my 15 minutes of national (international -- I receive a hit per second on my site) fame.

YOU and your HATE made me the celebrity that I am.
I would have been happy to share my simple discoveries with my colleagues in ATTW and a few of my Democratic friends. I had no interest in you. Now, I am, as you might expect, writing a book, TWISTED REASON: AN EXAMINATION ETHICS IN WIZBANGBLOG AND LITTLEGREENFOOTBALLS.COM

David Hailey

Have none of you noticed th... (Below threshold)

Have none of you noticed that I have proven that the memos are probably frauds. You idiots!

Let Kevin and Rick continue to lead you into the abyss. Hecdk (knowing that that is not what I think about you), they know what it's all about, right? Have none of you learned to read carefully. Do none of you have a logical bone?

Listen to them. Their logical level is at the 7th grade. Only fools and polititions use argumentum at hominum.

Is that where your are?

I amd happy to dialogue with you. Those of you who have written anything less than pure hate to me, have received cogent and courtious responses.

You want to know what I really think? Is it so different from what you think? Or are you just filled with hate, like your leaders in this environment.

You want to discuss these issues with me? Feel free to contact me with something less than the closed mind found here.

Dave Hailey
Dave Hailey

I currently receive more th... (Below threshold)

I currently receive more than one hit per second on my discussion of Rick and Kevin and Wizbang in my article -- isn't it wonderful to be a part of such a well recognized group?

With their help, my simple paper has become the most read academic paper in recent times. They attracted the attention of CBS to my report, and now they have attracted the attention of CBS to my little article about them.

Ever consider how useful they are?

Dave Hailey

Hell . . . I'm drunk and I ... (Below threshold)

Hell . . . I'm drunk and I can think better than them.

I have had about half a bottle of scotch. I read the irrelevant spew of Rick and Kevin and I can't help but wonder where they learned to read. Then I conclude that they aren't really interested in reading. They are interested in promoting activity on this site.

I sit here in my computer room trying to understand the hatred I read as I look at my email, I decide that the hatred is about responses. That is to say "about responses on this site." So this is about my response.

If you send me an email, unless it is filled with vile, I answer it. If you are really interested in how I think, the answer is in as simple as a well presented question.

On the othe hand Rick and Kevin are really not interested in answers; they are interested in their opinions. More importantly they are interested in proving their opinions. Even with weak grammar (I am an OU fan after all) and a weak mind (well I was born in Dumas, Texas), and half drunk, I can think circles around them. They are fools.

Think about it. THEY are the reason I am talking to CBS and Rather's lawyer (didn't know that did they?)and any committees about the memos.

I write a simple, internal report of no perticutla import. Who cares what I think? Some idiot (Rick) takes offense. That fool then makes a big deal of no big deal, and it becomes national news. I am interviewed by The Chronical or Higher Education, The Associated Press, and I am doing a op-ed for The Baltimore Son, and more. Worse, Newcomer is a pushover (no scientist by anybody's measure). He has no idea about the scientific method. He has no idea what I am talking about.

And for what? I have never believed the memos were authentic, I have only believed they were typed. Ironically, I have never spoken to Mary Mapes, I have never spoken to CBS. This is a figment of the imagination of your Peerless leaders on this site (Rickf and Kevin). If they can get interest, they can get your bucks. It is a model of the Amnerican way. Divide and conquer.

Think about it. If I can get you to hate someone else, I can get you to listen to me.

Dave Hailey

Who the hell is Rick?... (Below threshold)

Who the hell is Rick?

That's a good question. Pr... (Below threshold)

That's a good question. Probably the same person he called Kenneth in his "new" report, or maybe it's he's associated with littlegreenfrogs.com...

Dr. Hailey:Putting... (Below threshold)

Dr. Hailey:

Putting all the notions of "hate" aside, can you answer the question fundamentally in dispute? That would be the question around the origin of the fonts you used in your research?

If we can focus on that "scientifically" then we can have a meaningful discussion.

Do we know if the above com... (Below threshold)

Do we know if the above commenter calling himself David or Dave Hailey is really the Utah Asst. Professor? I'm not joking, it sounds so inauthentic, with all the spelling errors and strange content.

On 9/30/04 Charles at LGF w... (Below threshold)

On 9/30/04 Charles at LGF wrote: "I was contacted by a reporter for the Boston Globe asking my opinion about this..."

On 9/30/04 Paul posted the first article on Hailey at wizbangblog.

By 9/30/04, Mapes had already forwarded the study to Dallas Observer.

Therefore, Mapes and Boston Globe already had contact with Hailey's study prior to 9/30/04.

" . . . it sounds so ina... (Below threshold)

" . . . it sounds so inauthentic, with all the spelling errors and strange content.

Blame it on the half bottle of scotch.

Actually the Spelling error... (Below threshold)

Actually the Spelling errors and the strange content are exactly the things that prove it is him...

and Professor... If you can put down the bottle long enough... Let me introduce myself.

The name is PAUL dammit! Paul! P-A-U-L

Not Rick, Not Kenneth, not Johnny Walker, not Jack Daniel's and not certainly not Jim Beam! PAUL

You have to forgive Paul. ... (Below threshold)

You have to forgive Paul. He's kind of like taken on the mantle of Rodney Dangerfield, if you catch my drift.

ROFWL, Paul and King!... (Below threshold)

ROFWL, Paul and King!

Now that Kevin has stated "...the person commenting has subscribed to the thread using Hailey's e-mail address and his IP address traces to the Utah area...", I'm going to take another look at the self-professed drunken scribblings.


To quote from his comments ... (Below threshold)

To quote from his comments above:

"It was YOU who brought the attention of CBS and Dan Rather's lawyer to my simple study..."

Already debunked by the fact that Mapes forwarded his study to the Dallas Observer on or before 9/30/04 and they spoke to Hailey and quoted him in their article. P-A-U-L's first mention of Hailey at wizbang was on 9/30/04, after Charles at LGF was contacted by The Boston Globe about the study.

But what's this about Dan Rather's lawyer? Maybe Hailey will tip and type again later tonight?

Dr. Hailey:I am an... (Below threshold)

Dr. Hailey:

I am an illustrator, and would love to work with you on your upcoming book, which sounds hilarious. The little green frogs would make a good unifying theme. Please contact [email protected] if interested. Or just ask Rick for my phone number.

What a whack job. Who is th... (Below threshold)

What a whack job. Who is this guy? He sounds like the english teacher from Orange County.

" THEY are the reason I am ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

" THEY are the reason I am talking to CBS"

"I have never spoken to CBS."

The guy can't even keep his lies consistent within a single post!!!

So true, Master of None.</p... (Below threshold)

So true, Master of None.

Very interesting prediction in a thread called “Thornburgh to Withhold CBS Report To Prevent Criminal Prosecution of CBS Execs, here.






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