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All Your Server Are Belong To Us

Some Brazilian Script kiddies managed to snag the front page of mensnewsdaily.com I mention it here, because it is a fairly popular blog.

They call themselves the "Rebellious Fingers Brazilian Defacements Crew!"... They are a pretty pathetic group of kids from a third world nation. This is (by far) their biggest score to date. MND must have had some horrible security.

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No doubt, especially becaus... (Below threshold)

No doubt, especially because they still haven't fixed it yet. How sorry is that?

"Pra quem vive na guerra a ... (Below threshold)

"Pra quem vive na guerra a paz nunca existiu"

I don't speak whatever language that is but it looks something like "For whoever lives in war, peace never existed".

What language is that, anyway? Is that Portugese? I've never seen Portugese, but it looks like a mishmash of Spanish, French, and Latin.

And what the heck does "Negro Drama" at the bottom of the page mean?

I created this image during... (Below threshold)

I created this image during the Memogate scandal. Your post reminded me of it.


Evilwhiteguy, if these guys... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

Evilwhiteguy, if these guys are Brazilian, then the quote on the page would have been Portugese. It is one of the Romance languages, derived from Latin, just like Spanish, French, and Italian.

All I know is that Norton k... (Below threshold)

All I know is that Norton keeps giving me "A remote computer (Brazilian I.P. Numbers here) is attempting to access your computer..." warning along with automatically banning the stupid idiots. Did a Whois on the various numbers and I continue to get Brazil and China and Korea, mostly. Also someone from Poland and the "Government of the Province of Ontario, Canada" ( identified as - which completely baffles me.

I just write block rules for the I.P. ranges but it's annoying that there is such a wash underway on the internet of script kiddies scoping out security holes wherever they can find them.

But among those scans (hack attempts to my system) I also got frequent port scans from "Carnival Cruise Lines" and an ongoing attempt from someone in Phoenix and Florida. Do people not have anything ELSE to do? I get the impression that thousands of Koreans and Chinese and some Canadians and a guy from Florida and one from Phoenix are all out there cruising around on Carnival ships, working off a bay of notebooks...

...on their way to and from... (Below threshold)

...on their way to and from Brazil...

Paul,I hate to pic... (Below threshold)


I hate to pick nits, but it should be 'belong', not 'belonging'.

Thanks David-- I knew when ... (Below threshold)

Thanks David-- I knew when I was typing it something "felt" wrong...

I guess that is my burden for speaking properly, I can't write it wrong when I want to...

hmmm if nits were to be pro... (Below threshold)

hmmm if nits were to be properly picked it should be "All Your Server Are Belong To Us"

Now that you made me think about it.

I haven't seen the "Brazili... (Below threshold)

I haven't seen the "Brazilian" graffiti, but "mensnewsdaily.com" rings a bell. Isn't that the site where our friend Jim, NACOP VP, has been posting articles re homeland security, terrorism handling, etc? If so, this could be an attempt to silence his data.

It's possible that professionals can masquerade as script kiddies from Brazil, China, Korea.






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