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Cleanup On Aisle 4...

Attention K-Mart shoppers - someone is mooning the customers in Sportswear... He's claims to be a Utah State professor with a half a bottle of courage in him, if you catch my drift...

Hailey's persecution complex is still running rampant as he accused everyone who dares to not to be able to use ESP to divine his pure motives as a practitioner of hate. Sorry to burst your bubble Asst. Professor, but it's more like the morbid curiosity one experiences when slowing down as you pass a car wreck.

Anyway Hailey's over there building strawmen that he's practically begging you to shred like a cheap pinata...

Update: For those who've asked, the person commenting has subscribed to the thread using Hailey's e-mail address and his IP address traces to the Utah area...

Update 2: Hailey apologizes. It really was him...

Comments (22)

Kevin, you are formidable. ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you are formidable. FORMIDABLE.

That's an expression of awe... (Below threshold)

That's an expression of awe and admiration, by the way, a compliment of the highest order.


Apparently he was half-drun... (Below threshold)

Apparently he was half-drunk when he posted, what 7 comments in a row?

I still don't understand where he gets off saying that "I proved that it was probably a fraud" when he worked so hard to prove that they were typed on a "typewriter of that era".


Good work Kevin, Rick, Paul, and other "psuedonyms" that he refers to.

Maybe it's an imposter post... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's an imposter posting under that name. (I'm actually serious - do we know if it's the Asst. Prof. himself?)

Something smells fishy. To... (Below threshold)

Something smells fishy. Too many spelling errors and strange content. Almost like a foreigner writing it - like the misspelling "polititian" ??? Claims of hate e-mails? That's not our style. Smells like some kind of attempted setup of wizbangblog to me.

It's actually worse than I ... (Below threshold)

It's actually worse than I just said: Here's the line:

"Only fools and polititions use argumentum at hominum."

Good grief, can't spell politician and doesn't know basic Latin.

No BR, I thought that at fi... (Below threshold)

No BR, I thought that at first too... but it was him... Classic Hailey.

Drunken nitwit.

Funny Funny Funny.

And when he called me Rick,... (Below threshold)

And when he called me Rick, I knew for sure.

I am an expert on drunken t... (Below threshold)

I am an expert on drunken typing. I have performed many years of personal research, if you know what I mean.

To these experienced eyes, that’s text book TUI (typing under the influence).

Of course, my claim has not yet been subject to peer review…

Kevin, Paul, jmaster - oh m... (Below threshold)

Kevin, Paul, jmaster - oh my gosh, looks like it really is him! Can we make the first ever Internet Citizen's Arrest for TUI?

jmaster: never underestima... (Below threshold)

jmaster: never underestimate the power of dust. Which, in my experience, most if not all faculty offices are, and, combined with paperwork everywhere and dust on top of THAT, well, you get those heavy laden typing fingers. Jack Daniels is just the decongestant, donchyaknow.

And when he called me Ri... (Below threshold)

And when he called me Rick, I knew for sure.

Knew for sure you didn't exist?

Something like that... (Below threshold)

Something like that

I have analyzed the posts i... (Below threshold)

I have analyzed the posts in question for other clues of authenticity.

I suspect that the “Rick” reference arises from a condition known as “Casablanca Delusia”. Sufferers confuse their own reality with scenes from the movie “Casablanca”. This condition is found almost exclusively in alcoholic conspiracy theorists who are associated with lost causes.

The “Kenneth” reference probably stems from a Dan Rather connection. Many delusional paranoids refer to Dan as “Kenneth”. This phenomenon is well documented in the literature.

Therefore, based on this further evidence, I conclude that these posts were indeed made by the Assistant Professor.

But I don’t think they are authentic. I never have.
This is a draft. Why do they hate me? Play it again, Sam...

"I am shocked, shocked to f... (Below threshold)

"I am shocked, shocked to find that ridicule is going on in here!"

I really wish that Kevin an... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

I really wish that Kevin and Rick would stop leading us idiots into the abyss.

Will somebody in Utah pleas... (Below threshold)

Will somebody in Utah please go kick Dr. Hailey and give him some black coffee? I want him to get up and post some more comments.

- Round up the usual typewr... (Below threshold)

- Round up the usual typewriters....

"Of all the gin joints in a... (Below threshold)

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Mapes walks into mine."

Rick, "I (don't) think this... (Below threshold)

Rick, "I (don't) think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Sadly I think we have a per... (Below threshold)
Krusty Krab:

Sadly I think we have a person in Dr. Haily who is clearly unbalanced and just not doing very well, who has managed to grab a bit of sunlight from the media folks over what normally would have been passed off as a transparent hoax. Whereas many of you would use this an example of the insularity of ivory tower mentality, what it actually represents is a person who is struggling and frankly needs to get some f-in' help.

If you track his writings, they follow the patterns of a person who is unable to attend to an argument for any length of time, leading to the near brain-salad quality of some of his writings. The real depravity to me is that the liberal media used what appears to be a sick person as part of their art, for the convenience of deflecting criticism. This makes using a typewriter repairman as one of their experts look hallowed in comparison.

Yeah, I kinda feel sorry fo... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I kinda feel sorry for the guy too. I actually stopped and pondered for a minute or two whether I should poke fun at him (or at least attempt to). But then I figured if the media (and Utah State) can take him seriously, then he is fair game for anything we regular folk can dish out.






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