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EU Foreign Policy

From CUBANET, The EU recommended that its member states' embassies in Cuba reduce friction with the authorities by holding smaller cocktail parties, so as not to have to invite either political dissidents or Cuban officials. Having both had led to a chill in diplomatic relations. So as not to dampen the Christmas cheer, however, the recommendations will take effect only in January...

What resolve!

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Meanwhile, the US Embassy w... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, the US Embassy with its huge Christmas Tree with 75 blazing on it (75 current political prisoners).

Well, technically it's a "D... (Below threshold)

Well, technically it's a "Diplomatic Mission." We don't recognize Cuba as a country, thus we have no Embassy there.

Umm, shouldn't that last bi... (Below threshold)

Umm, shouldn't that last bit of punctuation be a question mark?


It might make more sense that way...

The depth of their commitme... (Below threshold)

The depth of their commitment to freedom, democracy, and human rights is truly awe-inspiring.

Cute.(side ... (Below threshold)


(side note I just started my own blog finally, blogrolled you too)






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