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Hailey Apologizes

Last night I received an e-mail message from Dr. David Hailey. Before you read it I want to clarify a few things.

  1. Neither I (nor Paul) "hate" Dr. Hailey, nor have we encouraged readers to contact Dr. Hailey or the Utah State University.

  2. Neither I (nor Paul) have asked for Dr. Hailey to be fired. We addressed concerns with his work both publicly and privately to USU. We expected that the University would investigate our charges and take whatever course of action they deemed appropriate. We have no vested interest in seeing Dr. Hailey punished.

  3. My hope is that Dr. Hailey will get the help he needs over the winter break.

  4. This has been a learning experience for everyone involved. The lessons learned are not all positive, but those too have value, in so much as they may prevent future problems in similar situations.

  5. We can agree to disagree on Hailey's conclusions, but anyone who has suggested that I (or this site) wanted to limit his freedom to pursue his research is just plain wrong.

Now to Dr. Hailey's letter (which have been verified to be from his USU computer)...

[Note: I take no great pleasure in posting this, but it seemed like a fitting way to end the discussion. Comments will be monitored closely.]

Dear Mr. Aylward,

This is meant to serve as an apology. Yesterday, December 15th, after discussing your accusations with administrators at USU, I went home and had a complete breakdown. The house was dark, I couldn't stand the thought of food, but I had a bottle of scotch, so I drank instead.

At some point, I felt the need to try to explain to your community what I think I am doing and what I think is wrong with our communication. Instead, I produced an incoherent diatribe. I apologize to you and your community for defacing your site with my postings.

Worse, I woke still drunk and wrote you a letter hoping to deceive you. Actually, at that point I should have simply apologized. And so now I apologize to you for attempting to deceive you.

My behavior was inexcusable. My only excuse is I had (am still having) a complete emotional breakdown. I am still not in control of my emotions. I will go to counseling for that and will no longer trouble you with my attacks on your site. I simply do not have the stomach for infighting.

I still stand by my report, however, and my approach to writing it. I still believe the memos were produced in "Typewriter." And I stand by my belief that our problem began with your misunderstanding what I was doing. But this apology is being made public to you in this forum and will be repeated at the end of my paper.

Sincerely yours,

And I hope you all have a merry Christmas.


This is a public apology and you have my permission to post it. I am sending it from my office computer so you will be able to verify the IP address.

Apology accepted.


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Comments (29)

I have linked to your site ... (Below threshold)

I have linked to your site now. does this mean i can track back now? It would be best if you added some commentary on what you thought of the posts.

Thanks for reading.

Well now! It's a bit late, ... (Below threshold)

Well now! It's a bit late, but assuming it's validity it's very big of him to do a complete 180, publicly, after such a long drawn out mistake.
Dave, you did the right thing. Now lay off the scotch and become a better person for it. :)

Just when you think things ... (Below threshold)

Just when you think things can't get any wierder.....

Good for Dr. Hailey. I hop... (Below threshold)

Good for Dr. Hailey. I hope you get the help you need. You seem to making the right first steps.

Hopefully the help he gets ... (Below threshold)
Bud Tugley:

Hopefully the help he gets will allow him to distinguish between "in Typewriter" and "on a Typewriter". Thats the key point, isn't it? Well, best of luck to him in his recovery.

Good for Dr. Hailey..he is ... (Below threshold)

Good for Dr. Hailey..he is a big enough person to send a public apology even though he stands by what he interprets as the truth. We need more humans like him and the good people of wizbang. Bravo to you to kevin...

Counseling? Naw, he just ne... (Below threshold)

Counseling? Naw, he just needs to eat more of those yummy brownies he made and he'll be just fine. As to the drinking, Daddy always said, if you're a good person, you'll be a happy drunk. If you're a a**hole, you'll be an even bigger one when you're drunk.

I guess it's nice that he apologized; but, it's kinda like someone having remorse for being caught in a lie, but they wouldnt have had the remorse if they hadn't been caught in the first place?

holy crap. well your still... (Below threshold)

holy crap. well your still a moron.. but thats just my opinion.

No needles, no sarcasm. I h... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

No needles, no sarcasm. I hope the gentleman gets the help he obviously needs.

It is rather ironic, though... (Below threshold)

It is rather ironic, though, that Bill Burkett's relentless campaign to use whatever means necessary to destroy the reputation of George W. Bush has claimed another victim. But the Professor chose to destroy his own reputation and apparently, his sanity, of his own free will.

I think it speaks well of D... (Below threshold)

I think it speaks well of Dr. Hailey that he has apologized. Dan Rather and CBS still haven't.

It's a bit disconcerting to see a grown man admitting publicly to a nervous breakdown due to nothing more than a disagreement with another source. The old saying is, if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen; and another, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Perhaps we all should consider this before we leap into a fray.

Anyway, good luck to Dr. Hailey in all sincerity.

Amazing! Unbelievable! Th... (Below threshold)
VA Jim:

Amazing! Unbelievable! The apology's in order after some of those recent comments. That's amazing, believable and decent; maybe the hateful comments could be removed at some time.

What's unbelievable is Hailey's still clinging to a wishful conclusion. cBS and Rather snookered you along with millions of others. That's why it's called fraud: people get taken in. Most people get 'taken' at some point in their lives. The object is to learn from it and move on; not cling to the hope that your driveway will get paved for free or some Nigerian will reward you.

'Typewriter' simply isn't the font, dude! Read both the Wizbang and the Newcomer critcisms of the work --they are both accurate and correct.

The establishment has many ... (Below threshold)

The establishment has many ways of dealing with bloggers and the new media. While professors like Hailey launch hysterical attacks on individual bloggers, the MSM tries to "co-opt" the new media by focusing only on left-wing bloggers. I guess they want to make Wonkette into the New York Times of the blogosphere.

The MSM game is a variation of the old "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" game. In this case, the MSM is playing "If you can't beat 'em, join the left wing portion and pretend the rest doesn't exist."

Dave, the first step to res... (Below threshold)

Dave, the first step to resolving your problem is admitting you have one. On the emotional level, you are now on your way to resolving your problems. On the font situation, you are seriously still in denial. Perhaps your denial is the cause of your emotional.......awwh, who cares? I don't believe the psychobabble mumbo-jumbo stuff much anyway. Your lieing to yourself about the memo's, you know it, but still aren't man enough to admit it. Grow up, Dr. Hailey, and get some help.

Well, at least he recognize... (Below threshold)

Well, at least he recognized he was behaving badly.

Again though, any normal job would fire you for this kind of behavior. Tenure is destroying the American educational system.

Well, that was unexpected, ... (Below threshold)

Well, that was unexpected, I must say. Downright civil.

Does pathos come to mind? H... (Below threshold)

Does pathos come to mind? Happy for the apology. Sorry about the scotch and the breakdown. But oh my dear, it still was not generated on a typewriter. I'm going to bed with a popsicle.

Nice of him to admit to a p... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Nice of him to admit to a problem. Crawling into a bottle doesn't solve anything.

I suspect he's received a visit from the University administration advising him that he was placing his position at the university at risk.

I don't think he wrote the ... (Below threshold)

I don't think he wrote the apology. Or, if he did, he had plenty of help. They can fire you for being an a-hole, but they can't fire you for having a disability. It's CYA time.

The pathological mind is ne... (Below threshold)

The pathological mind is never able to come to grips with the basic tenets of Judeo-Christian morality and ethics: To repent, confess and/or be contrite, and therefore to be forgiven and allowed back in to the community.

Instead, the pathological mind mimics it, as "I am sorry for this," but then repudiates that s/he had anything to be sorry for, in the first place.

I used to get angry over this. Now I just recognize it, that a pathology is being signalled. As here.

The guy needs help. Sounds like he may be getting help. Maybe you'll get a second email - after he gets help- where he truly 'fesses up. It also appears that the University has stepped up in an appropriate manner.

Good on the apology. But I... (Below threshold)

Good on the apology. But I agree with Julie.

I once read that if you get caught red-handed and you're a female: throw a tantrum, if that doesn't work, break down and cry, then "admit" you're actually working for the IRS.

So what would the male version be, I wonder?

I saw a "Law and Order" TV show recently in which the lawyers for a Hollywood figure sent the culprit into rehab to evade the tough NY prosecutors.

So how will this confession... (Below threshold)

So how will this confession impact Mary Mapes' assertion that a credible source supports the veracity of the forged TXANG documents? Will she recant in step with the good doctor? That's a side show that should be interesting to follow.

I think it's very big of Dr... (Below threshold)

I think it's very big of Dr. Hailey to publicly apologize. I think he will feel better once he cleans the whole slate, though. This is a partial purge.

An analogy would be a spouse who gets caught cheating. The cheater breaks down and admits it, but says it only happened once, while in reality it was a year-long affair. The admission of infidelity is there, but the cheating spouse must then carry the baggage of what remains concealed; there are still skeletons waiting to tumble out of the closet.

I think Dr. Hailey's apology is a step in the right direction, but I would imagine he will still be haunted emotionally if he doesn't set the record totally straight.

Dr. Hailey:Thanks ... (Below threshold)

Dr. Hailey:

Thanks for being big enough to admit your mistake.
Too many people refuse to admit -- ever -- that they made a mistake. Good luck to you.

If one feels they really ha... (Below threshold)

If one feels they really have psych issues, sure get help. The apology was for the posts, not as to his position on the memos. I don't think he deserves as much praise as people are giving him in that he's only guilty of stupid in public while drunk.

As one who (of my own volit... (Below threshold)

As one who (of my own volition I might add) apologised publicly for something stupid I had written (and no, I am not stating that Dr. Hailey’s material was stupid as was mine...I make no comment on his material at all) in a public forum I have to tell you guys that the emotion comes in the realisation that an apology is necessary. Once you get over that hump and actually make it the relief is immense. Don’t know the man and haven’t been following the story closely here but my guess is that having made an apology he’ll be getting better.
Mom was right, you do feel better once you’ce said you’re sorry.

Though it may well miss the... (Below threshold)
Doug Book:

Though it may well miss the mark in this instance, I can't help thinking of the extent to which the party of fairness, equality, compassion and inclusion, along with its' media based public relations service, has been involved in the near or total ruin of so many previously seemingly content, even successful people. Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Juanita Broderick, Vince Foster, Dr. Hailey---the list is unending. It appears that overexposure--whether short or long term--to leftists engaged in the ubiquitous pursuit of power is a hell of a lot more hazardous to life and limb than the cigarettes and Big Macs these sycophants wish to criminalize.

- I'm not buying it. Its yo... (Below threshold)

- I'm not buying it. Its your call but I'd go very slow in accepting this unless I had personal contact with him and confirmed it. Basically the guy is commiting professional suicide, particularly stating openly that he has a drinking problem, which is one of the reasons I don't believe it. Just my opinoion...

I don't get it. I haven't ... (Below threshold)

I don't get it. I haven't followed this very closely, but how on God's green earth can something as trivial as a disagreement over the truth behind Dan Rather and his forged memos go so far as to cause a mental breakdown.

Get a grip already. Nothing on this earth is so important.

To me it seems as if the desire to believe in such long held liberal constructs simply cannot survive a public battle with reality. Amazing.






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