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Rusty Shackleford is an evil, evil man

The following is a public service announcement: Rusty Shackleford, of The Jawa Report, is an evil, evil man.

Recently, in a shameless attempt to draw more attention to his blog, Rusty picked a fight with the three of us here at Wizbang. I'm not going to go into the validity of his cause, but I will say that the grounds of his complaint (the whole "Professor Phony" mess) involved Kevin and Paul exclusively -- I've been as much a fascinated watcher from the sidelines as anyone else. I stormed off to Rusty's page, full of outrage and righteous indignation.

He left me humiliated and begging for free porn.

Again, be wary of this evil, evil man.


(/Firewalled against everyone but Rusty: OK, here's some more gratuitous linkage. Where are those nekkid pictures? /End firewall)

Comments (3)

Jay Tea,Ha! The glo... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,
Ha! The gloves are off. Why I ort to come up to New England and kick your pasty white arse right now!!!! And I would, if it wasn't for a previous engagement.....

PS-I'll post the nekkid pics, but do you really want every one seeing your mom in the buff?? (/gratuitous baseball humor)

Thanks for link.

Jay,I laughed then... (Below threshold)


I laughed then and I'm laughing now. It was a great exhange.



Ya gotta watch Rusty, he ha... (Below threshold)

Ya gotta watch Rusty, he has lots of things up his sleeves and one of those minds that probably got him into all kinds of trouble since he was a kid. :-)







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