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Like Lactitol through a goose

Just a cautionary note: if you find yourself tempted by "sugar-free" candy, such as Reese's Miniature Peanut Butter Cups, read the warning labels carefully.

Very carefully.

Certain potential side-effects are not exaggerated. In fact, they may actually be understated.

I'd elaborate, but I got something I gotta go take care of... again...



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Comments (19)

Hah..nice Jayremin... (Below threshold)

Hah..nice Jay

reminds me of the dorm food here at my school. It's considered a laxative, it "cleans out your system"

I once ate a handful of car... (Below threshold)

I once ate a handful of carbolite jelly beans. Never again... After trying fitfully to sleep I eventually fell asleep on the toilet as the rumblings continued throught the night like far off artillery on the horizon.

another forewarning, Ricola Herbal Cough Drops have the same effect after the third one in 24 hours.

Hope everything comes out a... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Hope everything comes out alright...but it sounds like it already has.

I shouldn't laugh as I have had similar experiences and they pick the darndest times to show up!

Feh! "Sugar free candy" (o... (Below threshold)

Feh! "Sugar free candy" (or any other "sugar free" ingestible material - it's really hard to call it food) isn't candy. It's Satan's poop.

Vaguely reminiscent of the ... (Below threshold)

Vaguely reminiscent of the fat-substitute 'Olestra'. The standard warning on the packaging included the phrase 'anal leakage'.

"Sucralose" is another one ... (Below threshold)

"Sucralose" is another one to watch out for. A freind of mine was taking to for medicinal reasons, to flush out his intestines & colon.

It worked *really* well.

I've seen that it's going to be the new artificial sweetner.

Be careful out there

This is disgusting.... (Below threshold)

This is disgusting.

Think that's bad? Try drin... (Below threshold)

Think that's bad? Try drinking that garbage they give you before a colonoscopy. That'll clean your works. LOL.

Rusty Shackleford didn't send the candy to you did he Jay? :)

Yeah, but that stuff they g... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but that stuff they give you before a colonoscopy isn't marketed as an alternative to sugar- or fat-laden food, Tim. ;)

Surgeon General's Warning L... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

Surgeon General's Warning Label:

Using this product can be hazardous to your underwear drawer and may cause staining and/or discoloration. Pregnant Women or people with leaky O-rings should consult a doctor before consuming.

Bulemia and puking - bad.
Garden Hose like bowel movements - good.

Sure beats a finger down the throat for weight loss.

Oh man, I know exactly whay... (Below threshold)

Oh man, I know exactly whay you're talking about. Lactitol is perhaps the worst sugar-alcohol when it comes to laxative effects. Maltitol is better.

Splenda isn't a sugar-alcohol, so if something's made with that, it probably won't have the same affect.

THANK YOU for writing this ... (Below threshold)

THANK YOU for writing this post!

My 83-year-old mother quit smoking last month after 60 years of the habit.

Because she's a Type II diabetic, I've been buying her all kinds of these sugar-free candies as a substitute.

Well, needless to say where she's been spending a lot of time ... we thought it might have been some of her new medications ... I bet it's the candies !!!!

I will immediately go get rid of them.


Sugar free Jelly Belly's...... (Below threshold)
Bob Arthur:

Sugar free Jelly Belly's... also very bad. I was eating them on a car trip to the twin cities. Let's just say that I know where every possible bathroom is between Eau Claire WI and St. Paul MN...

I'm on a low carb diet, and I have sampled most of the possible sugar-free food out there. Some are great, and don't effect me at all. Others... not so much.

It isn't as simple as checking the ingredients, either. There are _many_ combinations of artificial sweeteners, and the effects on your digestion are complicated. It varies by person. You just have to experiment.

I refer to it as "gasitol".... (Below threshold)

I refer to it as "gasitol".

Sucralose is just the fanci... (Below threshold)

Sucralose is just the fancied up name for splenda. Its 100% fiber, and is actually sold in liquid form as a fiber substitute. Yes, it makes you go poopy, but no where near to the effect that some sugar acids have.

Sucralose = fiber.
Some Sugar Acics = laxitive effect

One of our family legends t... (Below threshold)

One of our family legends that brings about a great laugh is recalling a long road the four of us took years ago. At a gas/goodie stop on the road, one of the kids picked up a large pack of sugarless gum. With nothing to do but drive and drive, we all ended up chewing until the whole pack was gone. After about half an hour, the first sneaky green cloud wended its way through our Suburban. It gassed us all so bad we were screaming and yelling and opening windows. No one would admit to being the propellant until a second poof trashed the atmosphere. Then more and more until we were all gagging and yelling. No more pointing fingers, either, as we were all donating the the noxious cloud that by this time was emanating from the four wide-open windows of our vehicle. There we were driving 80mph down the Interstate with clouds of gaseous hooey blowing out all the windows. We'd long since stopped laughing as we just held on and wondered when the silent-but-oh-so-deadly blasts would stop.

To Bryan's point, one sloga... (Below threshold)

To Bryan's point, one slogan for Olestra that should have been rejected is:

Olestra. You're sitting in it.

I started eating a bunch of... (Below threshold)

I started eating a bunch of that stuff when I went on Atkins.

Within 4 months, I -tought I had colon cancer for sure.

Mannitol, being a sparkly f... (Below threshold)

Mannitol, being a sparkly fine powder, was popular as a cut for cocaine. The usual source was a product called Blue Lady, which was actually marketed as a baby laxative (probably for ease of administration more than gentle effect).






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