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The quick and the dead

Over at This Blog Is Full Of Crap, Laurence Simon's annual Dead Pool is up to 57 rosters. I got mine in a little while ago, but there's still time to get in on it yourself. Just come up with a list of 15 people you fear, hope, or expect will stop consuming oxygen over the next calendar year, send 'em off to Lair, and have fun.
He's asking people to participate this year, too. I've already made a couple comments (and it's a good thing I did it over there; sheer outrageousness and gall is Lair's stock-in-trade), and I've even offered my own bonus prize package.
There's also a Referral Contest going, and some sick, demented soul (Lair hasn't told me who) actually put ME down as their reason for entering. I strongly suspect I might have also made their list as a "hopeful;" I only hope Lair rejects me as a candidate as "not a celebrity."
So head on over to Lair's -- it's the only Pool I know of where you're not only allowed to pee in, but openly encouraged.


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