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Youth is wasted on the young

I little while ago I lamented that when I was younger, my school didn't have any cheerleaders like those in Danvers, Massachusetts -- the kind that would get drunk and pick fights with cops at games. It turns out the young ladies took that as a challenge.

Today it's being reported that two of the cheerleaders made a video last summer of themselves making out together while topless (and no, no pictures are there, dammit, and I don't have a copy) and e-mailed it around the school.

Sometimes I think I was born about 20 years too late.



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Comments (8)

That depends on which way y... (Below threshold)

That depends on which way you're looking, my friend.


Haha, some girls will do an... (Below threshold)

Haha, some girls will do anything to be popuar.

Jay, I'm probably closer to your age than theirs, and the way I remember it our skanks just had less technology to play with.

Sadly, our public schools are now pimarily a taxpayer-funded dating service for minors. If I had daughters, they would not go within 100 yards of a public high school.

haha that is so sad and yet... (Below threshold)

haha that is so sad and yet so true Dave.

I went to a private high school, and it still ended up in s similar fashion. The reason is because they watch too much television, and they follow "magazines" that tell them they need to look all cute and sexy and be able to attract a guy. They listen to all the wrong music, follow the wrong trends, look up to the wrong "celebrities"

Its their parents' fault for not directing their youthful minds (at a younger age) in a more healthful direction. I'm only 23 so its closer to home for me.

Odd... In this day and age... (Below threshold)

Odd... In this day and age, you'd think the school would be supportive of these girls' "alternative lifestyle choice."

The sad thing is, Jinx -- T... (Below threshold)

The sad thing is, Jinx -- THEY ARE.

Jay, Jay, Jay... *sigh* I ... (Below threshold)

Jay, Jay, Jay... *sigh* I posted an article about Cameron Diaz's little film about eight months ago, and I'm still getting commenters asking for pics and links to the video.

They'll come. Oh, yes, they'll come. (The perverts, not the pictures.)

My school's cheerleaders were positively boring.

The cheerleaders at my scho... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

The cheerleaders at my school dropped acid, but never before a game.

Anyone have a link to the d... (Below threshold)
Freddy T:

Anyone have a link to the danvers cheerleaders' video?






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