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First snow causes severe brain freeze

Today we had our first real snowfall in Cow Hampshire, and that meant the return of the annual tradition of "learning how to drive in snow."

It never fails. Every single year, there are scads of accidents, incidents, and other acts of sheer dumbassery in the first significant snowstorm of the season. It doesn't even have to be much -- I think we barely got an inch or so -- but if it sticks on the ground, it causes hell. I saw three cars off the road, and an SUV that went off the highway and rolled over at least once.

Even getting one's car ready for going out in the snow is a challenge to some idiots. I saw numerous cars with snow still piled on their roofs, only the windows cleared. I learned that lesson the hard way when I had to step on the brakes quickly, then had to climb out in the middle of the street in traffic to shovel off my windshield after it all slid forward and completely blocked my view.

But the dumbest people have to be the five drivers I saw who were zipping along with their headlights on. They hadn't bothered to clean the snow off those lights, so there were just these glowing spots on the fronts of their cars. I'm sure there had to be some kind of point to it, but it escapes me...



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Two-and-a-half hours to get... (Below threshold)

Two-and-a-half hours to get to work today, crawling along at 20mph on I-91. Unreal. I should have called out sick.

LOL - Love it! Once again, ... (Below threshold)
SMSgt Mac:

LOL - Love it! Once again, you are spot on. I too believe this is indeed a condition that afflicts all humanity, or for the sake of scientific accuracy, afflicts all humans who live in regions visited by snowfall. I kind of understand it down here in parts of Texas that rarely see snow, but I've witnessed this phenomena during the first seasonal snows in the Cascades (Oregon), Rockies (Colorado), in Alaska (3 years) and Iceland (2 years). I also saw it 10 years straight in Northern Utah. In every place, there is a stream of people driving like they have gun slits instead of windows (gotta get a new scraper!)

Also, owning a 4WD vehicle just seems to magnify the stupidity: "Hey y'all, I got my four-wheelin' machine with studded tires! I don't need to slow down....oops..what the?? Aaaaaggghhhh!"

I used to stop and help the afflicted out of the ditches until I figured it just improved the odds of one of them collecting some innocent bystander within the next 10 minutes. (Also, the more of them there are in the ditch, the the fewer there are that can hit ME.)
Alas, we might get snow by Thursday. (groan)

Also, owning a 4WD vehi... (Below threshold)

Also, owning a 4WD vehicle just seems to magnify the stupidity

I'll second that. We see this phenomena even here in North Dakota where we drive 4x4's becuase we actually need them. As soon as the first snow hits people lock in the front axel and drive 15mph faster than they normally would. Because...you know...they've got four-wheel drive. What could possibly happen?

God forbid it ever snow her... (Below threshold)

God forbid it ever snow here in Vegas! It's bad enough watching the morons out here drive in the rain! (I'm from near Rochester NY and know all about snow driving)
Snow days were the days we took road trips in Upstate NY.
But out here it's freaking mayhem. I watched a guy get rear-ended while waiting for a light by a moron driving 40 mph... quite messy.
I couldn't imagine the snow equation out here mucking things up!

My personal favorite is the... (Below threshold)

My personal favorite is the person who clears a one-foot long swath of windshield, the width of the ice scraper, then drives like he's playing a game of Battlezone.

I used to be one of those d... (Below threshold)

I used to be one of those dumbasses. Got cured of it one day when I didn't clear off the rear window, backed out of the parking spot, and ran into the guy across the street who had done the same thing; we rear-ended each other. Slow enough not to damage each others' car, but strange enough to make certain I cleaned my car of real good after that.

Oh yeah; the car I rear-ended was a Pinto...

Too Funny but it sure is th... (Below threshold)

Too Funny but it sure is the truth.


Don't even get me started o... (Below threshold)

Don't even get me started on bad drivers in snow, after life in the Colorado Rockies and all those Weekend SUV Warriors, most of whom are the vehicles over the edge of the cliff/roadway/into the river time and time again at seven in the morning before the ice melts, or at least gets smushier.

Don't even get me started! I've seen more of those driver types whooshing past me, while I drove through blizzards at 9,000 feet altitude (or higher) at my 35mph through a blinding blizzard, only to find that same whooosher a bit further up the road, slid off the roadway.

One thing you never, ever go without in areas like that is Spiked Mud and Snow Tires, for eight or so months every year.

But, talk about troubled drivers, you should see what happens in CA when it, OMGosh, RAINS. You'd think it was olive oil from the sky, from how badly everyone mismanages their vehicles and the roadways.

My suggestion to everyone, nationwide, is go live in the Colorado Rockies for a full winter and, believe me, they will not only stop complaining later, they will never complain again about "bad driving conditions." You really learn what survival is all about by living where the edge of the road is certain death and you're lucky when you can find your car in the morning while standing up to your chest in newly fallen powder.

I'll second Peakah. Watch o... (Below threshold)
Brian Day:

I'll second Peakah. Watch out when it rains in Southern California. For people who drive 70 on the freeways, they still try to drive 70 when it rains. For those who don't crash on the first day, they definitely slow down by Day 2.

The funniest part is, when it starts to rain again in two weeks, it starts all over again.






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