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Meet the Fockers

Or at least the one people are gossiping about. Go Fug Yourself (and their comment section) is having a field day on the emaciated-looking female lead of the "Meet The Parents" sequel - Teri Polo (semi revealing picture below).

I've got bad news for them, the same never quite a household name Teri Polo will be the celebrity feature in the February edition of Playboy. Judging by her pictures at the Meet The Fockers premiere, the airbrushing department will be earning their paychecks. Ironically they'll probably be putting pounds on rather that taking them off, among other things...


More pictures from Yahoo! News.

Update: The Playboy pictures are out.

Pictures: Cover, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Photo links via Jaggle. They're likely to disappear as quick as they appeared, and just in case you're wondering I won't be chasing down updates if those go bad...


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Comments (27)

Well, I hate to admit this,... (Below threshold)

Well, I hate to admit this, but I am one of those terrible guys that LOVES this look. The skinnier and blonder, the better. I can't help it.

I am a bad person, I know.

She had a baby after the la... (Below threshold)

She had a baby after the last movie, I believe. Hollywood paranoia seems to make a lot of actresses get skinnier after the baby than they were before. Sad.

YOU CANNOT MOCK THE DOBSON ... (Below threshold)




HOW CAN WE JUDGE HER ..WHEN... (Below threshold)





You're not kidding! Drag t... (Below threshold)

You're not kidding! Drag that woman to a barbeque joint and make her eat!

Which is also my prescription for Ann Coulter.

Yes but, is the movie any g... (Below threshold)

Yes but, is the movie any good? :)

Hmmm...wonder who did her b... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...wonder who did her boob job...maybe she can go back for a reverse f'ing liposuction.

CODE BLEU!! CODE BLEU!! GET... (Below threshold)


Hold on, boys. If you read ... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

Hold on, boys. If you read the profile from the "quite a household name" link on the main post, you'll notice that Teri's a dancer. Most dancers I know or know of are quite thin. You know, ballet? If Teri still does any dancing, she'll still have her dancer's figure. Don't think Calista Flockhart; think Mary Tyler Moore, before The Dick van Dyke Show.

Anytime I think of Mary Tyl... (Below threshold)

Anytime I think of Mary Tyler Moore

I think of Lizard lips...my god she was one

hell of an anorexic broad...now on Dick Van

Dyck she had some suppleness...but she

has had a good run and career. Now back to

tiny dance...I think she looks fine..this role

will probably be her hight...as for Ann she

was actually very supple looking in high school

then all nighters with friends and porn star sons

put some wear and tear on that frame.

I do not care what any one ... (Below threshold)

I do not care what any one says I have been
a Teri Polo fan for years she's beautiful, I
cannot wait till february to see her playboy
pictures, bravo for her, its about time.
Thank You Teri.

Of all the photos I like th... (Below threshold)

Of all the photos I like the above best.

That is one screwed up boob... (Below threshold)

That is one screwed up boob job.

Setting aside her couture c... (Below threshold)

Setting aside her couture choice is, um, questionable on any frame, she really doesn't look that bad to me. Sorry. I know a lot of dancers who look exactly like that, and I know some naturally small-framed women who don't look nearly as good as she does - probably because they don't work out as much as she looks like she does. But they don't gain weight easily and I hate to say it, but reverting to the 'binge and purge' accusation without actually knowing the person in question sounds a bit more like jealousy than anything else.

As far as attraction goes...well. You like what you like. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with men who go for this look. Just as there's nothing wrong with men who want a little more meat (and fat) on their women.

But Ann Coulter is known to... (Below threshold)

But Ann Coulter is known to have been an anorexic.

Her appearance is kind of scary if you see her in person.

We are attracted to what we... (Below threshold)

We are attracted to what we are attracted to... that cannot be helped, and most women I know are equally demanding in what they desire in a male physique. But reality tells us that this look is dangerous for women, and anorexia IS certainly abundant in the world of entertainment - including, yes, dance! Yes, those adorable little dancers at the ballet often have an eating disorder! How sad.

If I was single, I'd do her... (Below threshold)

If I was single, I'd do her in a second.

Why? Honestly, I think you are overanalysing this... she looks good to me because she looks good, not because I imagine that I could dominate her or anything. Skinny girls just look good to me. 12 year old boys do not.

You might assume I'm simply not self-aware enough to understand that this must spring from some dark reason buried in my psyche, but I think that's a misassumption. Sometimes a cigar is just something that you smoke after having sex with a really hot woman.

I must confess I had never ... (Below threshold)

I must confess I had never heard of Teri Polo. I was expecting an anorexic, given the lead in. She looked fine, quite doable.

Yes, I like women who are s... (Below threshold)

Yes, I like women who are slender and I don't like large breasts in particular. Yes, I hold women to a higher standard of physical appearance than I do myself.

Contrariwise, women hold me to a higher standard than they do themselves in several areas. They expect me to make real money, both now and in the future. I'm expected to be more assertive in conflict situations, even when this may involve physical danger. I'm expected to manage my own emotions without requiring the support of the woman or my friends. I'm expected to be available for sex nearly every time she wants to, regardless of what's going on at work or in other parts of life, or else female CW tells her that I am loosing interest/having an affair/not much of a man.

I'm not complaining. I like being a man. I like being assertive, I like to make money, and I don't want any shoulder to lean on when bad things happen. I had a cat for over 17 years - when he died, I processed my grief and loss without calling any friends or eating any chocolate.

But please, get over this whining mentality. It's not fair that men are attracted to women by certain characteristics and not others? By youth and beauty rather than money and power? Take it up with natural selection. You'll find men and women on the edges of the bell curve who aren't a good fit to this profile, maybe one of them will have tastes that suit you.

It's as if the notion that women should be equal to men in the eyes of the law (mostly - excepting things like age of consent/marriage laws, military conscription, combat duty, etc.) does not mean that everyone should treat a man the same as a woman, or that men and women should be alike in some fundamental way. Men and women are different. They think differently, they act differently. You should accept this and manage yourself in the light of it rather than cavilling about it.

I think she starved herself... (Below threshold)
Jabba the Tutt:

I think she starved herself to save money on bras.

Take a look at her in Sport... (Below threshold)

Take a look at her in Sports Night and then try to figure out what the hell went wrong.

Bony chicks hurt.... (Below threshold)

Bony chicks hurt.

Waist to hips ratio. It's a... (Below threshold)

Waist to hips ratio. It's all contained in the waist to hips ratio.

First off on Miss Polo:

1. Breast Implants? Hate 'em. Hate 'em. Hate 'em. If an actress with the kind of money she has or Demi Moore has still can't get a pair that look real...

2. She's not facially all that pretty and the 70s look to the shoot does nothing for me. And women with tattoos do about as much for me as women with mustaches or criminal records. Just my opinion.

3. Blonde is good. Brunette is good. Redhead is good. Men are far less descriminating on hair color than women are (flip through about 100 typical women's magazines and count up the number of sexy man models with red hair).

4. Skinny is fine. Not so skinny is fine. I think for most men it's a proportional thing. Waist to hips ratio, that sort of thing. There's apparently a genetic element to the male preference of this.

5. I personally like shorter rather than taller, though I think midgets would be a bit extreme. :)

6. A lot of the pressure to look a certain way that women claim come from men, in actuality often come from other women (or gay men). Indeed a look at the movers and shakers in the worlds of fashion , hair styling and modeling shows a representation of women and gay men way far above their actual levels in the population. The people in charge of forcing women into Size 6 outfits aren't generally from the pool of potential mates.

A fair range of weight can ... (Below threshold)

A fair range of weight can be attractive, but the carpet (even what little there is of it here) should match the drapes.

I belong to the camp that f... (Below threshold)

I belong to the camp that find skinny, boney women extremely attractive.
Exactly as there are men who prefer meaty women with huge breasts, I ( and many, many men! ) prefer thin, boney women with a or max. small b cups!
I don't see any reason to hide our preference neither: skinny women are sexy and beautiful and that's why THEY are MODELS and NOT the thicker women! And this will always stay this way, this is nature calling, this is life!
And I'm very happy with it!!

My husband subscribes to Pl... (Below threshold)

My husband subscribes to Playboy, and I have seen Teri Polo's Playboy photos.
Teri Polo is not even close to being anorexic, she looks great, and looks very healthy as well!

Many people (usually overweight people) like to claim that every actress who is thin is anorexic.
There are very few actresses that I have seen that truly qualifiy as being anorexic.

This is in reference to Red... (Below threshold)

This is in reference to Red Five's dancer comment.

Yes, dancers usually do have a trim figure, but their sternums don't usually stick out QUITE that much.

Not to mention, most dancers' faces do NOT look like they tried performing in a revival of Rocky Horror. I don't know if that's from not eating or a face lift, but it's still pretty damned freaky.

My mother was a dancer (ballet) for quite a long time and she was never that bony. Mind, she also had a smaller frame.

And yeah, *GREAT* boob job there... (sarcasm)






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