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The Latest On Rathergate

There are still plenty of bloggers tracking the Rathergate story. LaShawn Barber has a column at National Review Online about the work of some of the "smaller" blogs that advanced the initial story.

Scylla & Charybdis thinks that the Thornburgh report will not be made public to prevent criminal prosecution of CBS executives. Thornburgh's firm's web site insinuates that is the standard operating procedure.

You had to really dig around the bowels of Wizbang, but here's a recap of new information provided by Dr. David Hailey*** in regards to the defense of Rather and CBS.

...I am talking to CBS and Rather's lawyer and any committees about the memos.
One could only hope that the Thornburgh commission will read the Wizbang, and Newcomer critiques of the Hailey report.

It's possible that the Hailey report was worded the way it was in an attempt to get CBS off the hook vis-a-vis the Texas forgery laws.

*** The comment has been verified to be from Hailey (he later apologized) and he was admittedly under the influence.

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In that same comment, Haile... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

In that same comment, Hailey also stated that he hadn't spoken with CBS, so I wouldn't put much faith in his drunken, nervous breakdown ramblings.

Hailey's: "...and any comm... (Below threshold)

Hailey's: "...and any committees about the memos."

Yes, I also wondered what committees he meant. The so-called "independent" panel of Thornburgh and B?

In vino veritas?

See more on Thornburgh <a h... (Below threshold)

See more on Thornburgh here.

Maybe he and his law firm should not read wizbang. It would defeat the purpose if it assisted CBS/Viacom's defense attorneys. The so-called "independent" investigation is probably a red herring to keep us quiet, while the real mission of Thornburgh's law firm is stated at that firm's site. You'll find all the links from the above.

Heck, I have a copy of the ... (Below threshold)

Heck, I have a copy of the report. Shocking stuff.

<a href="http://suzyrice.co... (Below threshold)
- This was all imminently p... (Below threshold)

- This was all imminently predictable and was in fact by Whizbang and several commentors... the only thing they cared about as soon as it broke was their own criminal liability at CBS....Mapes and Hayward will make good use of this "shield" probably being given a pass with "no creditable evidence was found"....for public consumption...bet on it... the only possibility is that some third party will raise a stink....Killian might pursue it if they try to dump it all on his father.....Otherwise it will be the typical stonewall/whitewash.....No one in congress is interested now since Bush won....Best thing that could have happened for CBS....

Googling for the connection... (Below threshold)

Googling for the connections between Lukasiak and Heldt, I noticed this at Lukasiak's (aka OETR source) "AWOL Project" site: http://www.glcq.com/set_up.htm :

Lukasiak refers to Hailey's study (quote below). The htm document shows a "Creation Date 10/2/04" and "Last Saved 10/3/04." That's just a few days after these 2 events: Boston Globe contacted Charles at LGF for comment on Hailey's study and Mapes sent the study to Dallas Observer.

How did Lukasiak know about Hailey's study? How did Mapes know about it? Who contacted whom? Was there a go-between?

"Additionally, the recent study by Dr. David E Hailey Jr., Director of the Interactive Media Research Laboratory at Utah State University conclusively demonstrates that the “Killian memos” were produced on a typewriter, and not by a computer based printer.  Unlike the “forensic document experts” who pontificated about the Killian memos, falsely declaring them “impossible” to have been produced by a typewriter without ever acknowledging that they did not have the expertise to determine the authenticity of copies of documents, Dr. Hailey is an expert on images, and has demonstrated that there are consistent flaws in certain letters that can only be attributed to a typewritten document.  Hailey’s study has received no attention from the major media, despite the fact that it refutes the primary “evidence” that the Killian memos were forgeries. [BUNK]

Indeed, (and despite the statements of the talking heads on television) the Killian memos have never been shown to be forgeries, and the only reason that CBS retracted its story was because it found out that the source of the documents had lied about where they originated.   As more and more information comes out, however, the authenticity of the memos is less and less in doubt...." [DREAM ON]


Another one desperately trying to get CBS (and who else?) off the hook.

My partial list of suspects involved in conspiracy to commit fraud and influence the election: Burkett, Heldt, Lukasiak, Col. Lechliter, Michael Moore, Jim Moore, Ben Barnes, Hailey, Mapes, Rather, Lockhart, Carville, Bernard Weiner, McAuliffe ...






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