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U.S. Cellular Update

I pretty well pummeled U.S. Cellular in this post. So now that the saga is over, I figured I'd post an update.

Spoons will have more (because this is his problem) but suffice it to say I called them and they saw it my way. While Spoons may, I have no (major) complaints about the way they handled it.

They are going to credit his account the $150 termination fee and simply charge him for the remainder of his last moth. -- The position he wanted them to take all along.

Update: I decided to googlebomb the words U.S. Cellular and aiming it at Spoons' post. Other sites joined the effort and it worked.

(And in true credit to the blogosphere, I've already seen 3 people post updates on this story before I have had the time to and I'm was the guy on the phone!)


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Comments (7)

So, what you are telling us... (Below threshold)

So, what you are telling us, is that your real name is Guido?

I'm frankly surprised by hi... (Below threshold)

I'm frankly surprised by his lack of resourcefulness. His problem is so common that the FCC/FTC has established a web-based complaint procedure to handle all of the complaints. The identical problem happened to me when I subscribed to "Voicestream" (remember them?). No one at Voicestream was willing to resolve the problem. However, with 24 hours of filing an online complaint I received a phone call from the secretary for their President of operations to discuss a resolution. Try it.

You gotta tell us how you d... (Below threshold)

You gotta tell us how you did this.

Thanks for the link!<... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link!

Now, was removal of the offending entries in Google part of your negotiations? Because they appear to have disappeared. Completely.

What sort of nefarious plot is this?

Not that I mind, really, since it's MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, but what the Hades happened?

That's crazy talk Murdoc!</... (Below threshold)

That's crazy talk Murdoc!

(I always wanted to say that)

Google has hundreds of servers. Sometimes with new things, it takes a while to get to all of the servers. I just checked and it is there for me... Probably when you checked the second time, you hit a server that has not been updated yet.

Give it a few hours. Not even google is perfect.

Whew. It's there again for... (Below threshold)

Whew. It's there again for me now, as well.

I couldn't imagine what had happened.

I was ready to run for the hills...

I am amazed they even discu... (Below threshold)

I am amazed they even discussed his account with you, considering the FCC restrictions on discussing proprietary info of Spoons'. Well, as I said over at XRLQ, I am glad you got it resolved, cause this kind of thing gives the entire industry a black eye. Being that I am in that industry, I don't like this kind of publicity. I'd love to know how you did it, but, since USC is basically not even competition in my market, they can piss off.






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