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What's Arabic for "Kick Me?"

This morning the Boston Herald featured a huge headline: "TANKER ATTACK WOULD DESTROY HUB." Inside, the story outlined how an attack on a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) tanker, of the type that goes through Boston Harbor on a fairly regular basis, would cause tremendous devastation for at least a mile around, with massive loss of life and damage to property.

After the 9/11 attacks, tankers were forbidden to go through Boston Harbor. But that policy has been revoked since, and their passage is now a regular occurrance on the news, along with the requisite protests from public officials.

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Do we have to give them ide... (Below threshold)

Do we have to give them ideas? I swear they read what's online, our newspapers, our reports giving them more ideas than the destructive ideas they already have and it makes me nervous.


It's not a new idea. The i... (Below threshold)

It's not a new idea. The issue of terrorist attacks using LNG tankers has been around for decades. Liquid natural gas is one of the most dangerous substances we move around in large quantities.

The idea of allowing even a small LNG tanker anywhere near a populated area is sheer stupidity.

Nothing like a little remin... (Below threshold)

Nothing like a little reminder for the terrorists. Why not compile a "wish list" and mail it to em?

I think this is tough for t... (Below threshold)

I think this is tough for the MSM to address. Their reporting could result in adequate safeguards being put in place so this could not damage a large metropolitan area. If they just bury their head in the sands and ignore the possible danger, you know little is likely to happen.

I must confess I know aboslutely nothing as how great the danger is from something like this and if any safeguards have been put into play or not.

I think this is similar to Tommy Thompson's comments about the safety of the food chain.

Sheesh I hate having to cor... (Below threshold)

Sheesh I hate having to correct the average idiot.
"The idea of allowing even a small LNG tanker anywhere near a populated area is sheer stupidity."
That is incorrect. LNG tankers are extremely safe. For one, LNG is shipped in a neutral state (liquid). It is shipped in a vacuum, extremely cold (something around -50 Degrees Celc or lower, I don't remember). There was even a case of an LNG Tanker that ran aground. The only thing that happened was one of the outer hulls got ripped, the inner hulls were still intact, and no spillage or leakage occured.

The only problems that COULD occur is when the LNG enteres into a gaseous state and becomes our Natural Gas supply (for power plants or for home use).

I know because I researched the LNG plant that was going to be built in Vallejo, CA (that was going to help out California's energy crisis, while at the same time increasing the supply of natural gas by about 17%).

Anyone interested in doing any reading up on the EXACT same subject (of LNG Tankers, terrorism in the post 9-11 world):

Who's Afraid of LNG?

* my mistake"-260 ... (Below threshold)

* my mistake

"-260 degrees" (read the article at the link I posted)

Ummm... before you go telli... (Below threshold)

Ummm... before you go telling someone they're "the average idiot," you might learn a little science.

"LNG tankers are extremely safe. For one, LNG is shipped in a neutral state (liquid)."

...until the container is cracked, or someone attaches a small charge of explosive to it. Since LNG is shipped as a cryogenic liquid, it has a whole host of issues beyond the basic "it burns like hell" ones. LNG converts to vapor in a small fraction of a second when encountering anything except extraordinarily low temperatures. Those same low temps also cause a bunch of issues when trying to keep it in the containers, and when you crack the insulation, the supercold LNG can cause steel to shatter like thin glass.

The article you linked to was obviously written by someone who doesn't know the actual safety issues involved (the reference to the "liquid petroleum tanker" hit by missiles is referring to a crude oil tanker, not an LNG tanker).

The major structural protection for the top part of an LNG tanker is a quarter inch of steel and a couple of feet of insulation, also known as "styrofoam."

Anyone even trying to suggest that an LNG tanker is safe from a terrorist attack is a fool, and a particularly gullible one, at that.

Any ship can be attacked an... (Below threshold)

Any ship can be attacked and sunk. The tankers, however, don't wander through these waters willy-nilly, they are escorted by armed Coast Guard vessels.

A tanker blew up near the P... (Below threshold)

A tanker blew up near the Pentagon today but they were quick to say it was an accident, not terrorism. WE are indeed giving them ideas - in our movies, in those stupid tv games - because think about this for a second. Where and when did you ever see a plane get hijacked? where and when did you see a plane being driven into a building? in our movies.

So stop giving them more ideas than they already have - these are ruthless people!!







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