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Another Year, A Bunch More Crappy Santa Pictures

This picture ran at Wizbang last year in a post called, Another Year, Another Crappy Santa Picture

It seemed like a good introduction to the Scared Of Santa Photo Gallery.

Comments (3)

Man, I must be hormonal, be... (Below threshold)

Man, I must be hormonal, because after about 20 of those pictures, I started tearing up -- I'm a sucker for a crying child :(

I was sure one of them woul... (Below threshold)

I was sure one of them would be of me. I guess my secret's safe for another year.

...did I just say that out loud?

Heh... I cried louder when ... (Below threshold)

Heh... I cried louder when I was... errr... asked to get up from Christmas Carol's lap.

She used to work at the North Pole Hooters you know.






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