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Happy Hanaramakwanzmas!!!

A quick gift that may brighten your your holidays - the promise of future celebrity porn...

*** This threesome video has been on the rumor mill for a while.


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I'm a Jew - who grew up in ... (Below threshold)

I'm a Jew - who grew up in the radically chic Left-wing "gilded ghetto" of Great Neck, NY - singing religious Christmas Carols in the PUBLIC school choir - and enjoying it! I think that, just as many on the Left are not merely anti-War; they're on the other side - so too are they not merely secularist; they're anti-Christian. I think that many on the Left actually oppose traditional middle-class practices and beliefs (from Christmas Carols, creches, to hetero-sexual marriage, the work ethic, and the concept of personal accountability) in order to replace them with their atheistic, socialistic, utopianistic ideology. And I say: Screwge them!

To all my Christian friends, I say: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

MORE HERE: http://astuteblogger.blogspot.com/2004/12/politically-correct-christmas-song.html

That's great dude, but this... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

That's great dude, but this is Paige Davis's Porno video thread.

I'm so behind in my lesbian... (Below threshold)

I'm so behind in my lesbian trivia that I only learned the other day that Portia de Rossi is gay.

"Porn star" Paris Hilton...... (Below threshold)

"Porn star" Paris Hilton... think that's the way I'll comment on her (which is infrequent, I hope) from now on.

What's a "lesibian?"... (Below threshold)

What's a "lesibian?"

I think I really NEED to fi... (Below threshold)

I think I really NEED to find a copy of Paige's video. I saw the photos from an AID's party she was at with some XLNT photos of her doing a "semi" striptease.
Paris Hilton IS a porn slut. I saw the episode of South Park which exposed her as such.

What's a "lesibian?"... (Below threshold)

What's a "lesibian?"

A native or resident of Lesibia, silly.






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