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I Think Of All The Education That I Missed...

But then my homework was never quite like this... From BBC NEWS:

A 14-year-old Hertfordshire student has been suspended from school for using topless pictures of the model Jordan in an English project, his family say.

His father, Keith Petchey, has accused the authorities of over-reacting.

James Petchey chose Jordan as the topic of his English project at Cavendish Comprehensive in Hemel Hempstead.

He claims his teachers suspended him for 24 hours after he handed in the work. The education authority said it was an appropriate punishment.

James chose Jordan as his subject after being handed the task of searching the internet to find facts about his favourite celebrity.

Much like the size of Jordan's (Katie Price) breasts, the punishment seems a bit over-sized. Katie Price is the British version of Pamela Anderson, only with a less impressive resume; if that's possible. She is a celebrity (of sorts) in England 's for one reason only - more accurately, two man-made reasons. She stared in the British reality show, "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here," the tabloids track her every romantic liaison, and new pinup pictures send the press into a tizzy. Aside from the monstrosities implanted into her chest there's really nothing to write about Jordan, and any examination of her celebrity that did not focus on her heaving bosom would rate an "F".

The kicker is that she came to fame posing topless in British newspapers, which are probably a legitimate source of research for the lads assignment.

Non-graphic cheesecake picture below the break.

If you need more just type Katie Price into Google Image search, or read the British tabloids...


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Comments (6)

Obviously the kid had it ba... (Below threshold)

Obviously the kid had it bad. I would've just told him to sit down.

F is about right. (We are t... (Below threshold)

F is about right. (We are talking cup-size, right?)

comeon. You blogged this ju... (Below threshold)

comeon. You blogged this just so you could post that shot- didn't you.


So newspapers are good when... (Below threshold)

So newspapers are good when used in a project. Except if they are Page 3 (or Page 6?) pictures. Hmmmm...

Jewels - I'm still trying ... (Below threshold)

Jewels - I'm still trying to see the problem here.

Kevin - "A" for the work. ;)

Oh, come now! There are at... (Below threshold)

Oh, come now! There are at least four reasons she's famous: the two you've already cited, and those things down below that some men like.

They're called hips, and she's got 'em.






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