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The 10 Spot - Errata Edition

Ten things stories float around cyberspace this morning...

  1. French teenagers mug Santa Claus.

  2. Remember Raphie's mom in A Christmas Story? Remember what she said about the Red Rider BB Gun? She was right.

  3. Christmas shopping made easy.

  4. What did they expect would happen? Girl wearing confederate flag prom dress is denied entrance to prom.

  5. What did they expect would happen (redux)? A blogger testing the limits of 2nd amendment protections in Washington state is surprised when cops don't feel like playing his game and arrest him. [More]

  6. The $10 million dollar arson spree at a new housing development in Maryland may have been gang related, a hate crime, or revenge - authorities aren't certain yet. They are fairly certain that the criminals are not exactly MENSA material, which their web site proves as well.

  7. BitTorrent file-sharing sites are under attack by the MPAA, and the MPAA is winning.

  8. The Associated Press no longer wishes to be associated with college football's Bowl Championship Series.

  9. Beer is good food.

  10. Even if she is pregnant, some find Britney hot, others may not.
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Comments (11)

About #5. I read all of hi... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

About #5. I read all of his blogs and other related blogs and comments and basically what I came away with was this:

The guy drank prison toilet water so that he can walk around a bank with a gun sticking out of his pocket.

My own take on #5 is that, ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

My own take on #5 is that, while I respect the guy's right to bear arms and protect his family, he decided that his right to show his a** to the cops was larger. I would suspect that, had he kept his cool, nothing would have happened about the gun. He might have been admonished to put it away in the trunk (or something.) Instead, he decided to take the path of most resistance. Sadly, whether you think the law is on your side or not, this is rarely the smart thing to do.

Re: #7I'd hardly say... (Below threshold)

Re: #7
I'd hardly say the MPAA is "winning". Suprnova is the most flagrant site there is, they made no effort to keep things quiet at all, just the opposite in fact. Everyone who had an inkling of butt-covering instinct left Suprnova over a year ago, the only people left are those that are asking to get caught.

Saying the MPAA is winning in this context is kind of like saying "The crime in this town is _horrible_, I left my Dodge Viper running overnight with the keys in it and the door open with a thousand dollar bill on the seat and someone stole it!"

Re #2: If a TV actor could ... (Below threshold)

Re #2: If a TV actor could kill himself with a prop gun loaded with blanks, it shouldn't surprise anyone that a BB gun can likewise be misused with fatal, or potentially fatal results.

Unfamiliarity with guns and gun-like items can be downright dangerous.

re: #2did you noti... (Below threshold)

re: #2

did you notice this?

"I don't blame the boy who shot him," Bolger said. "I don't blame Wal-Mart where we bought the gun or the gun manufacturer or the boy's mom. It could've happened anywhere. It could've happened in our house.
"If I blame anyone, I blame me and my husband. We didn't warn him about how dangerous a BB gun could be. We just didn't know."

How many ambulance-chasers do you think these parents have hounding them, trying to convince them that this kind of attitude won't ease their pain and suffering?

#5 He was arrested and take... (Below threshold)

#5 He was arrested and taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. It was not an illegal arrest because of the warrant. Though it is unclear what the warrant was for, it may be related to similar antics of his 6 months earlier. His account is decidedly one sided. He has the cops making statements that from the context are in response to something he said to them -- which he doesn't include in his account. Rule of Thumb: When someone spouts off, "I know my rights!," I guarantee you, they don't.

Re: # 10... Should... (Below threshold)

Re: # 10...

Shouldn't Mrs. Federline wipe the remnants of her facial off before she goes out in public? Or is that acceptable behavior in the trailer park?

Re: #2 - Firearm safety tra... (Below threshold)

Re: #2 - Firearm safety training is so very important, I was taught at the age of 10 how to handle guns and BB guns. The trainer told us, "Never point a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them."
I think that was good advice...

This story is probably rela... (Below threshold)

This story is probably related in some way to one of those ten stories.

Martian rover discovered in Lawton, Oklahoma

"'Apparently, it never left Earth's atmosphere at all, but accidentally touched down in Comanche County, just off [U.S. Highway] 277, around Sneed Acres,' said a NASA spokesman at a hastily arranged press conference."

Having lived in Lawton, OK ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Having lived in Lawton, OK for a total of 4 years, I can attest that it must be similar to living on Mars.

Regarding Stephen's reply o... (Below threshold)

Regarding Stephen's reply on item #2, I heartily agree. I was about 7 when I was taught that *all* guns, whether they shot BB's, suction-cup darts, or bullets were to be treated carefully and with respect. It's a shams those teenagers had to learn it the hard way.






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