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Baby Born On Road Where Couple's Older Child Died

Here's a Christmas story with a happy ending for one North Carolina couple.

GREENVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- Jennifer and Jerry Sneed are celebrating a birth that they call a blessing from God and their son.

It was last year when Dereck Sneed was killed in a traffic accident on U.S. 264. His mother says he was buried as the last snow fell on eastern North Carolina.

Sunday night, the Sneeds were trying to get to Pitt County Memorial Hospital to deliver a baby. Using the same road on which their son died, Jerry Sneed had to drive slowly because of snow.

Jennifer Sneed went into labor early Monday morning. As Jerry Sneed was driving to the hospital from his home in Washington, his wife told him the baby was coming out.

Jerry Sneed called Pitt County 911: "Ah yes, my wife's pregnant and we're trying to get to the hospital, but she's saying the baby's coming out, and I'm on 264."

"Well, stop. We need you to help deliver the baby, then," the operator said.

With snow falling, Sneed delivered Madison Sneed at 1:47 a.m.

"Oh, I couldn't be more thankful for my husband and everyone who helped. I couldn't have been more blessed or more thankful," said Jennifer Sneed. "My little boy was buried (in) the last snowfall of last season. Madison was born the first snowfall of this season. So we say it was a blessing from God and our little boy that she came when she did."


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Comments (5)

A beautiful story indeed.</... (Below threshold)

A beautiful story indeed.

Tearfully cool - but then a... (Below threshold)

Tearfully cool - but then again, I'm a sap.


The baby will have an angel... (Below threshold)

The baby will have an angel watching him.

To (sorta) quote and old fr... (Below threshold)

To (sorta) quote and old friend: "The LORD taketh away, and the LORD giveth: Blessed be the Name of the LORD".

I am the woman, Jennifer Sn... (Below threshold)

I am the woman, Jennifer Sneed, in this story. My son is the biggest lost of our lives. Nothing can replace him or the love he shared in the house. He was a kind boy, quiet, shared, playful, loved to play tag football. He loved his school work and his friends. Now he is gone..gone because a 79 year old male cut across 5 lanes of traffic and hit us head on! Then the answer we get it...they aren't sure what killed him!! Know it issn't a strokeor heart attact. I do truly believe that the government needs to hold senior citizen with some responsibility once they reach a certain age - to hand over their lisences. How many more inncoent families and children will have to suffer becuasue you don't want to hurt the seniors feelings!!! IF YOU CAN'T SEE YOU CAN'T DRIVE.

thank you for hearing me out yall. It is Christmas eve and I miss my son dearly and this was a way to let it go...







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