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Grease 2: Electric Boogalo

A Grease sequel? Who's demanding that?

femalefirst.co,uk - JOHN TRAVOLTA and OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN are reportedly in talks to star in a sequel to their movie GREASE - 26 years after the hit musical debuted.

The pair scored a huge hit with the 1978 movie, which was set in the 1950s with Travolta's character DANNY ZUKO and Newton-John's SANDY OLSSON falling in love while at high school.

In the sequel, which would be set in 1980, their characters meet up again at a Rydell High School reunion and fall back in love.

Technically it would have to be Grease 3, since there has already been an extremely forgettable Grease 2 (notable only for the presence of Michelle Pheifer). Since third installments are usually of the 3-D variety; those twists and tosses in the big dance off (it's not Grease without a dance contest) will literally fall into your lap...

On the plus side, since the movie is to be set in 1980, they could probably work in some break dancing to the dance contest...


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Comments (9)

Count me in! I actually th... (Below threshold)

Count me in! I actually think that this might have a decent chance of being, well, decent.

"Grease" must be the polite... (Below threshold)

"Grease" must be the polite thing to call Ben Gay these days.

Honestly - anyone else think they'll see Olivia Newton-John break her hip trying to dance in this one?

Hey, no trashing "Grease 2!... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hey, no trashing "Grease 2!" It featured that classic seduction song, "Let's Do It For Our Country!" What red-blooded American girl could resist such lyics as these:

"Yeah, let's do it for our country, the red, white, and the blue.
It's Uncle Sam who's asking, so your mother will approve.
Tomorrow I'll be fighting, and I'll win this war for you.
Let's do it for our country, our country wants us to. "


To see John and Olivia doin... (Below threshold)

To see John and Olivia doing the hand jive again - Priceless.

Tell me more, tell me more<... (Below threshold)

Tell me more, tell me more
Has he lost all his hair?
Tell me more, tell me more
Does she have a wheelchair?

Hmmm. Let's see if John Tr... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

Hmmm. Let's see if John Travolta has gone from cool to obscure to cool to obscure again... I am sure it will be better than BattleField Earth, but then again a bowl of soup from the Ukraine sounds better than several of John Travoltas's recent films.

How about a re-make of "The... (Below threshold)

How about a re-make of "The Passion of the Christ"?

Oh gross - I couldn't even ... (Below threshold)

Oh gross - I couldn't even stand the first one - what's the matter with Hollywood? Are they running out of ideas??


Oh and Jay - did the lines ... (Below threshold)

Oh and Jay - did the lines to that song do you any good back in the 80's?

Well, we're in a war now, maybe it'll work now :-)







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