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A White Christmas? In New Orleans?

I'll not 100% sure, but if memory serves, the last White Christmas in New Orleans was back in the 19th century. (I'll look it up later)

Calling what we have today a White Christmas might be over selling it a bit but to us this is simply amazing. We have white solid stuff falling from the sky. A true Christmas Miracle.

I'm off to take pictures.... More later.

Update: I'll be gosh darned-- That's SNOW! It starting as freezing rain/sleet but those are FLAKES!

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It's just not FAIR. You're ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

It's just not FAIR. You're getting snow in New Orleans. Lair is getting snow in Houston. But here in Cow Hampshire, we got bare ground.


Judging from the update, Pa... (Below threshold)

Judging from the update, Paul didn't get lost in the snow. But, where are the promised pictures? (Assuming they were for us.)

What a disappointment to my... (Below threshold)

What a disappointment to my NYC-bred wife, here in San Antonio....snow in Houston and New Orleans, even 12" in Victoria, Texas, but nada here in SA.

I guess <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)

I guess Snow Miser won the bet this year.

Paul, according to my mothe... (Below threshold)

Paul, according to my mother, the last snow in NOLA was in 1954.

Merry Christmas :)

err, snow in NOLA on Christ... (Below threshold)

err, snow in NOLA on Christmas Day, that is...lol :)

I am just amazed at how muc... (Below threshold)

I am just amazed at how much the wholI e weather pattern has changed. All you guys who are getting the snow usually ends up in New England, so since I hate snow and my son just bought himself a skimobile, I had to thank him because we haven't gotten any snow yet. By this time, we already have four feet on the ground but from Texas, Louisiana, the Panhandle and on up to Ohio, etc, is getting it; you can have it. Enjoy- it' might get worse next year. Things are a changing.

hahahahaha It's just damn cold here in NH. I'm like 1/2 hour from Jay and like him I'm totally flabberghasted that we don't have many feet already on the ground but that's fine with me; you can have it. Right now, it's about 15 degrees out - when it snows, it actually has to warm up. I guess if I were to choose between this horrid cold and snow, I'd definitely choose the snow.


Funny, I remember the one t... (Below threshold)

Funny, I remember the one time it actually snowed in Bakersfield, California, and the snow stayed on the ground all day. It was pretty goofy, I was a senior in high school and I got a phone call from my parents who were out of town, they were telling me to get up and I remember hearing on the radio or something about snow and school being canceled (not really clicking in in my head), until my little sister and I looked outside. There was SNOW covering everything! It was only about 1-2 feet, but gosh darnit, it was BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. And to those of you easterners/northerners, everything shut down because it never snows. No one is used to it (no chains on tires, no procedures for salting the roads).

It made the freakin' national weather channel of all things.

(For those who don't know, Bakersfield is situated south-central in the San Joaquin Valley, the central farming valley in California....similar to a desert, extremely dry climate)

a'course it was especially memorable because I had my Eagle Scout Board of Review (meaning they were going over my entire career as a boy scout, asking me questions about my eagle scout project, etc... that very same day. I had to drive in the snow - long story short, I passed my review and I'm an eagle scout)






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