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Ukrainian Election Underway

The third match up between opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych is underway. There are a couple items of note going into the vote:

KIEV (AP) - Ukraine's highest court yesterday threw out some of the election-law changes aimed at battling fraud, handing a possible setback for opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko on the eve of the hotly contested presidential vote.

Yesterday's court decision brought a new twist in the final hours before polls open. The court ruled that amendments allowing people with only certain disabilities to vote at home were unconstitutional, and it ordered that all who were unable to reach polling stations because of a disability or ill health be allowed to vote at home.

The ruling could benefit Mr. Yanukovych, who pushed for the restrictions to be lifted, saying they would deprive millions of their right to vote.

Yushchenko supporters claim that Yanukovych's supporters are planning to use violence to disrupt the polls and forestall a Yanukovych defeat.

Over 12,000 international observers are in place to monitor the election, more than twice the number present during the November election.

Results are expected Sunday evening.

Update: All Exit Polls Give Yushchenko Major Lead. Of course, as we remember from November, it's the votes that count not the polls...

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- The early returns are for... (Below threshold)

- The early returns are forcasting approx. 56% for Yuschenko which will probably vary, but whats more telling is that predictions are showing only 41% for Yanukovych, which if true, gives you a fair idea of the massiveness of the original vote gaming.....

What I want to know is - is... (Below threshold)

What I want to know is - is Yushchenko ever going to look like his old self again or will he continue to look the way he does and suffer all that physical pain he's had?

I know my question is not a political comment.


I think Yushchenko is suffe... (Below threshold)

I think Yushchenko is suffering from chloracne from the dioxin poisoning. His condition should improve over time, but he'll probably have some permanent scarring.






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