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Yes, We Had No Comments Today

For some reason the comment code on the main page at Wizbang suddenly stopped working. Comments are still enabled, but the display count and inline comment view are disabled while I troubleshoot the issue...

Update: The comment code was fine. The comment portion of the Movable Type database was not. MySQL repairs seem to have fixed the problem. Everything is back to normal.

Comments (8)

oh yeah, here's one so ther... (Below threshold)

oh yeah, here's one so there

And here's another one<br /... (Below threshold)

And here's another one

I don't know about everyone... (Below threshold)

I don't know about everyone else but I'm busy watching the rerun of Season Five of The Sopranos on HBO...

But, in the interim (I'm still watching it, so there), here's another comment just to let you know that I'm a happy camper tonight.

My only complaint (well, ab... (Below threshold)

My only complaint (well, about this one area of my attention) is that Season Six will be the last one. Maybe David Chase and James Gandolfini and Michael Imperioli and Edie Falco and Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess and Terence Winter and Tim Van Patten and the rest of this fabulous group of talent will make a feature film, because, just one more Season (Six, to come), well, it'd be a crime to see it all go away.

Damn that Linux. Its compl... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

Damn that Linux. Its complete lack of dependability is clearly why I trust Microsoft. I don't have server outages because I reboot every 6-8 hours. I bet the problem is that the Linux server has been up for like 6 months straight. Clearly no server should be up more than a day or it will have Memory Leaks and Blue Screens. Plus you weren't ***SMART*** enough to pay Bill and Co. $2,000 for the Windows server license, another $2,000 for IIS, and another few thousand for MSSQL. It is your own fault for using stuff other than from M$. I bet you haven't even had to apply 10 CRITICAL security patches each month or risk a nasty worm or virus. {tongue in cheek}

Wow, now I feel like the M$ hack that was bashing FireFox and Mozilla last week. Give me my RH9 box, Apache, MySQL and some CGI's any day over the crap Bill keeps selling. =)

Thanks for everyone letting... (Below threshold)

Thanks for everyone letting me know that new comments are working.

I missed the Soprano's tonight, we watched the 40th aniversary DVD of Mary Poppins.

Kevin: last two Episodes o... (Below threshold)

Kevin: last two Episodes of Season Five will be rebroadcast Monday evening, beginning 5 P.M. EST / 7 P.M. PST.

The whole last two Seasons is still being shown on HBO ON Demand, but that's not available (yet) everywhere (check with your cable provider if you don't find it on your lineup).

Or, just wait for Season Five to publish on DVD...

Not family material, however, so you were wise to watch Mary Poppins instead, no doubt about that.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry, that should be, four... (Below threshold)

Sorry, that should be, four Episodes Monday night, then the last two Episodes -- Season Five -- on Tuesday.






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