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Allah Explains...

The absence of Allah from the blogoshpere has been quite hard on his loyal readers. Today he explains (in veiled terms) his absence. Unfortunately one of the companies that many bloggers rely on for extra income has been working over the deity blogger pretty good (no it's not BlogAds). It's a complicated and somewhat comical story, but one that is best told by Allah. Since he is battling to get the situation resolved, he's decided not to name names. [Hint: Now would be a good time to hit Allah's tip jar.]

Also, Allah is currently hosted on BlogHosts, who are going out of business, so he's moving his site back to it's original BlogSpot site - http://allahakbar.blogspot.com/.


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Comments (13)

Note that Allah chose not t... (Below threshold)

Note that Allah chose not to use his bully pulpit to fight a personal legal issue. How refreshing. But then, Allah has always had alot of class.

Very pleased to read that h... (Below threshold)

Very pleased to read that he is going to persevere. Blogspot is just fine for many, so, very glad that he's changed resources but not missions.

Allah noted allahpundit.com... (Below threshold)
G. Rivera:

Allah noted allahpundit.com is going dark. This would be a shame as such great material would go offline and break all of our links. (Most of it is not available at the old blogspot address.)

And money alone won't help this particular problem either, given the demise of Bloghosts. (This is not a rebuttle to your suggestion to donate, in fact, I second this motion.)

Instead, keeping the site alive will require finding a new host, paying them, and a migrating the site there. Does anyone want to work with Allah on this? Does Allah care to accomplish this (um, as much as me)?

One way to migrate would require a new MT install. But provided support for additional posts isn't required, a simpler way is to just copy STATIC files over. If anyone wants a tarball of the whole site, let me know, since I downloaded it last night (via "wget -r -np -k -w 2 http://www.allahpundit.com/").

Let me stress here that Allah's stuff is really good. It ages well, and the best stuff easily stands on its own. (In fact, if this were compiled into a book, I would buy that book...) Consider this one nugget I stumbled into RANDOMLY last night: http://www.allahpundit.com/archives/000088.html C'mon people, we don't want to lose this, right?

i'd give him a sub-domain.<... (Below threshold)

i'd give him a sub-domain.

I just migrated from blogho... (Below threshold)

I just migrated from bloghosts and it was painless. Allah shouldn't lose anything. All he needs to do is go to cpanel and take a full backup. FTP that backup file to his home PC. Then any number of hosts, in particular those using cpanel, can restore it.

That's what I did and it was seamless. So even if he stays at blogspot for now, he can bring the old site back to life once he gets a new host. Of course, whether he wants to is another issue.

Steve: sounds good. Hope i... (Below threshold)
G. Rivera:

Steve: sounds good. Hope it'll be as easy as it was for you.

BTW, a clarification: Allah owns his site, and my offer about the tarball applies only to someone who has Allah's permission to host. But I would think Steve's plan will work best anyway. Hope Allah agrees.

Gee ultraloser, you find us... (Below threshold)

Gee ultraloser, you find using available resources as being without class? What a dumb notion, in my humble opinion. Considering that most personal legal battles involve individuals against large faceless corporations who care very little for you, the individual consumer, I feel using the "bully" pulpit of a blog is completely justified.

Not everyone has an attorney in the family or can afford to hire an attorney to straighten out this type of mess (and I don't really know what type of mess Allah finds himself in). Most companies feel they can ignore and bully individuals into simply accepting whatever decree they make - however unfair. Not anymore - at least not for those that can hit back in a way that will make these companies sit up and take notice.

Have you ever wondered why only those people with a "bully" pulpit are able to fight back against the unfair practices of some companies? Maybe you should decry the fact that most companies will ignore your protests no matter how unfair you are being treated rather than diminish the fact that a few individuals have found a way to level the playing field.

Sean, yes I find that a per... (Below threshold)

Sean, yes I find that a person who uses his or her public position as leverage for a private cause demonstrates a lack of class. But that's just my opinion.

ultra, you feel that way ab... (Below threshold)

ultra, you feel that way about chairty drives as well?

Same principle. I'm sure lots of folks could come up with dozens of examples of "using his or her public position as leverage for a private cause."

Interesting, if somewhat untenable, point of view you have there.

JimK, I am talking about an... (Below threshold)

JimK, I am talking about an individual using his or her positional power to fight a private battle involving that individual. For example, the Senator who demands special treatment at the airport because his is a Senator.

Or a popular blogger using that positional power in a dispute with his web designer.

I lose respect for people like that.

But this wouldn't be using ... (Below threshold)

But this wouldn't be using his "public" position for a "private" cause. The position is "blogger" and the "cause" is keeping the blog open. If one is public, so is the other and if one is private, so is the other.

Tom, my only point is that ... (Below threshold)

Tom, my only point is that Allah did not use his popular blog to fight his personal legal battle. I respect that.

ultra.. more than likely, A... (Below threshold)

ultra.. more than likely, Allah is being prevented from using his "bully pullpit" because of some type of gag order, or at least simple legal propriety.






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