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Amateur Video Of Tsunami Hitting Beach (updated)

[See all of the Tsunami videos in the Tsunami Video archive.]

That's a tsunami (tidal wave) hitting the beach on Thailand's Phuket Island. More details available in the NBC10 (Philadelphia) story. Here's a direct link to the video.

Thank to Cindy (firstbrokenangel) for the tip.

Wes Roth sends a link to a Norwegian site that features an incredible 12MB amateur video of the tsunami hitting a seaside restaurant. That page is under heavy load, so you're better off getting the video via this Direct Video Link. Right click "Save As" to save the video to your computer.

UPDATE: Via Drudge, this report of a floating mattress that saved the life of a 20-day-old baby.

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Comments (37)

Remarkable photographs, tru... (Below threshold)

Remarkable photographs, truly remarkable. But, I did have the impression, based upon the huge number of lives lost, that the tsunami was, actually, far more intense than what appears in these photos.

Congestion on the beachfront and too many objects in that congested area seem to have set in motion a pulverizing effect upon a concentrated area, causing the greatest loss of life and structural damage...but the few photos of tsunamis in Hawaii and Japan that I've seen from years ago depicted higher waves coming ashore than here.

It's a tragedy of epic proportions, no doubt about that.

It's amazing...with 20/20 h... (Below threshold)

It's amazing...with 20/20 hindsight, I'm wondering just why the hell those people were on the beach after a major earthquake. In fairness, I'd probably have thought the worse was over, as well.

On another note, is Phuket pronounced the way I think it's pronounced, and that is why I've not heard any news anouncer refer to it by name?

I really don't think that a... (Below threshold)

I really don't think that anyone knew that there had been an earthquake. At least not from what I have read.

<a href="http://cf.nbc10.co... (Below threshold)

More video from Sri Lanka.

They were probably on the b... (Below threshold)

They were probably on the beach because a) they weren't warned about the tsunami risk, and b) the tsunami begins with the water actually RECEEDING from the beach. This was probably a huge curiosity that drew people out. Think about it: if you were at the beach, had never seen a tsunami, and the water line slowly receeded a half mile out into the ocean, you might sit there scratching your head, too.

Holy crap. I was in Phuket... (Below threshold)

Holy crap. I was in Phuket a few years ago and these pictures are blowing my mind.

As an aside, LCVRWC, it's pronounced Poo-ket', but is often mispronounced because of the anglicized spelling, much the same as Koh Phi-Phi is pronounced Koh Pee-Pee.

That was terrifying, but not in the explosive way I have always imagined a tsunami to be. I can imagine that people would stick around to see what the heck was going to happen, only to be caught too late and trying to scramble on top of at the last minute. Cripes.

I don't want to sound insen... (Below threshold)

I don't want to sound insensitive ... “I don’t know what to do now. My livelihood depends on tourists staying in the hotels around here and daily visitors. I hope the Government will allow me to continue doing business here,” he added.

I just couldn't believe with how lucky he was that both his kids survived, that he's concerned about this right now. (shrugs)

I know, probably shock of all that is going on. But this would be the least of my worries.

Angie: We weren't made awar... (Below threshold)

Angie: We weren't made aware of everything the poor man said in the interview. More likely than not, it is out of context. And considering the difficulty in making a living in third world countries, it's not so far fetched to worry your family is going to starve to death in the next few months. At the moment, being thankful is probably a luxury this man can't afford. Plus, there is no way he can know the full extent of the disaster.

Now, there are a few western tourists who were inconvienced in getting back to their home countries who are complaining. Feel free to go after them. In fact, I encourage it. :-)

For those who might think t... (Below threshold)

For those who might think that things look odd, or that the tsunami might have been "far more intense than what appears in these photos", you just need to look at these two pictures to understand the power. In the span of about ten seconds, the water went from inches to more than eleven feet. In the first shot you can clearly see the lower balcony. In the second, it's totally submerged. There is no time to run or get away. You are just carried off. You're either going to get battered to death, or you will drown.

krk:I wasn't under... (Below threshold)


I wasn't underemphasizing the terrible destruction of the waves, not at all, just saying that in the videos, from a perspective of being someone viewing these waves through video versus the "I was there" firsthand perspective, the waves don't appear to be as harmful (in the video renditions) as they actually were. That's the only point I was making, that the videos of the waves don't capture the awfulness and destruction that was to follow.

I think that all of these v... (Below threshold)

I think that all of these videos are actually of the SECOND wave coming in. Notice that there was already water & debris on the ground. I'm guessing that the first one was much more destructive.

What has happened in South ... (Below threshold)

What has happened in South East Asia is truly a magnificent event that showed awesome power. Yes, the loss of life is staggering and in many areas, an entire generation has been lost. But if, for a moment, we can look at this event without the human factor involved.

Over 4.5 Billion years ago, dust particles were brought together to make what we now call home... but really, we are just visitors here - and this recent earthquake + tsunami is a blink of the eye showing how our continents have formed over the eons.

Before we had the 7 continents we now divide our countries across and shoot each other over boarders and religion, there was one giant landmass called Pangaea…and while it’s taken a couple hundred million years to get to where we are today, I personally, find this latest earthquake just one little blip in the continuing shaping of our planet... and it truly is fascinating.

Whether you are a person of science or of religion (I, the former), I think that with today’s technology and communications, everyone should take this global event as a reminder of just how small we are and how much more we have to learn... and ultimately, grow.

Jeremy Campbell

Hi Im from Malaysia. We get... (Below threshold)

Hi Im from Malaysia. We get almost daily amateur videos on the local news of the tsunami that hit the Penang shores here. Most showed a very clear and visible line of waves in the horizon, with an unusually white foamy crest. These footages also show people perplexed and curious, only to find out that its too late to run away.

The Tsunami that hit the beach front in Penang came in two distinct stages. The first, left many fish on the beach as the water receded. This drew out the curious - and that's when the second and larger wave came in.

Although Penang is just 5 hours away by ferry from Aceh (we even have an Aceh township in Penang), the Tsunami that breached our shores were comparatively small compared to those that hit India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand - and these countries are much farther away. That's because we were shielded by the Sumateran island. If the epicenter had been just a bit further north in the open ocean, the story would have totally different for us.

All the same, close to 70 people perished here and the survivors' accounts of lost family members and their ordeals during the incident are heart wrenching. Even more severely devastated are families in Kuala Muda, Kedah (a fishing village on the main land). These people are all already very poor, but now they do not have anything other than the clothes on their backs.

I find myself compelled to ... (Below threshold)

I find myself compelled to read and find out all I can about this tragedy. I do not personally know anyone who were in the areas that were hit, but it has affected me in a way I could not have predicted. I live in the NYC area and was similarly affected by the 9/11 tragedy, but I knew people who worked there and I used to be able to see the towers from my home. The lives lost there seemed catastrophic at the time but are only a fraction of the lives lost in SE Asia already, and unfortunately it is certain that the number will increase tremendously as more bodies are found and others lose their lives due to disease. This might sound trivial and silly but for most of my adult life I have suffered frequent reoccuring nightmares of two particular tragedies... one of witnessing a plane crash (though not being in the actual aircraft), and the other of being swept away in a tidal wave (in that recurring dream I was actually swept away). I did witness the 2nd WTC crash personally and that was traumatic enough, but these videos I have been seeing are almost exactly what I've experienced in my tidal wave nightmares. And recently I was researching future trips to Thailand, including Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands to show my daughter another part of the world, so this is shaking me up even more. I could have been there with my 13 year old daughter had our finances not been so poor this year due to a job layoff. I grieve for the parents whose children were swept away and for the children who became orphans on what was supposed to be a carefree holiday. And the honeymooners just beginning their life together in what was supposed to be an idlyllic setting, who wound up torn apart while doing something as simple and romantic as strolling hand in hand on the beach. Not to mention the locals who have lost literally everything... it's just incomprehensible when you try to take it in all at once. I hadn't considered myself a religious person until this week but I have been on my knees every night this week praying that those who are missing children or parents will locate each other in hospitals, or if that is not to be that they will find the strength to survive through the aftermath and all the suffering and grief that is sure to come. My prayers are with all in the affected areas, and those who are searching for their loved ones. It could've been me and my daughter there, and I could not imagine living if I lost my daughter in such a catastrophe. I ache for those who have lost and their pain is mine, whatever nationality or religion, race or creed. It's not much but it's all I can give, but it is from the depths of my heart.

Q: Mr. President, some crit... (Below threshold)

Q: Mr. President, some critics are charging that in addition to coming late, that your administration's monetary commitment to the tsunami disaster's relief has been meager, at best. How do you respond?

THE PRESIDENT: Well I don't care what anyone says. Today I have pledged $35 million in relief assistance, which is around 3% of what I spent on TV commercials bashing John Kerry. So, I mean, let's be realistic here and keep our priorities straight. Those Orientals are already dead. Now if it were possible for an army of drownded zombie Asiatics to win the Democratic nomination, well then I might consider throwing some real coin at this. But until then, what's the point?

I've spent over 6 hours try... (Below threshold)

I've spent over 6 hours trying to

1. download video clip

2. watch video clip

Yes that says 6 hours. 6 hours. I've also spent 3 weeks waiting for an email to be delivered to the person I sent it to. It would seem that if people are sending emails to each other from Thailand that I might be able to

1. download a video
2. watch a clip
3. receive email

Explain again why I'm supposed to send in more money over and beyond what I'm spending on Broadband all ready....because nothing works?

I'm not mentioning the book I ordered off the internet for Christmas that arrived in a severe mold infested state.

Does any of this work ever or is this just working for a few rich people in Maine?

Pansy, that's not fair, but... (Below threshold)

Pansy, that's not fair, but it's hilarious.

thirdyear, you need to get Getright to manage your downloads. It'll resume after a broken connection, let you pause and download overnight, or put a speed limit on the download so you can use your bandwidth for surfing at the same time.

To whoever responded to me:... (Below threshold)

To whoever responded to me:

I don't think a site should win an award if the things it puts up aren't working. I also don't think I should have to get yet another thing to help the thing work. I'm also not sure why President Bush gets to decide the amount of money we're giving away, where we go to war and other things that it seems to me that someone, say like Congress, should be voting on, if in fact this isn't a monarchy. Unless of course Congress has abdicated all their responsibility which I'm beginning to think might be part of a problem, but this idea is just now starting to take hold.

I'm also not sure why peopl... (Below threshold)

I'm also not sure why people can't be cranky and stingy if they want to be but I guess I'll hear about that soon. I don't remember other countries coming to our aid when we have tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Perhaps they do and I'm not aware of it. Also, for those of you who aren't sure, you spell their T H E I R, not T H I E R.

And for those of you who never leave the east coast, we still have poor people in this country too. Maybe they should still be teaching that at Yale and MIT.

And your thing should work if you want people to use your thing.

"Does any of this work ever... (Below threshold)

"Does any of this work ever or is this just working for a few rich people in Maine?" - thirdyearmolar

TYM, it's winter, there aren't any rich people in Maine!

I've got a Mac (OS 9) and a dial-up. With no TV I still haven't seen a video of the wave even though I've wasted a lot more than six hours trying to.

Reuter's uses RealPlayer but they're otherwise dysfunctional.

Quicktime anyone? Why aren't any of these videos in Q-time? PLEASE! ... PRETTY PLEASE!

"Torrents" is for newer operating systems, so yes these images are for "rich people", but you won't be seeing many of those in Maine at the moment.

there is a vid from katc th... (Below threshold)

there is a vid from katc that was filmed in band aceh which kicks ass on anything else I've seen video wise. water had to be thirty feet deep - the town looks as if it is part of a deep churning ocean
durning a storm. There's no way people were swimmin out of that. I've seen the vids from pucket, and other vids form hotels, but they DONT COME CLOSE TO THE VIDEO FROM BAND ACEH. YOU CAN GET IT ON LIMEWIRE - TYPE UNDER VIDS "KATC", OR HOUSE IN THE WAVES , OR BAND ACEH.

Thirdyearmolar; You'll excu... (Below threshold)

Thirdyearmolar; You'll excuse me for saying this, but I think that there is a very big difference between very poor countries losing over 150,000 people already in debt pleading for international help and a very rich country such as America losing perhaps hundreds of people in tornados begging for international help. Every country has poor people in it but I think that if you compared these Asian countries to the western world...well unless we spend a long time over there I don't think we could have any idea of the poverty.

I'm, sorry, I also forgot t... (Below threshold)

I'm, sorry, I also forgot to say that if we finished just for a few days all the little wars that we like to wage and used all our power and money and planes and helicopters and people, we could be doing a lot of good. Good Lord, what does it take? Is there a paper we haven't yet signed to be able to do this?

Randy. I'd love to see the ... (Below threshold)

Randy. I'd love to see the video but unfortunately the video thing isn't working. And Timothy, thanks so much for the reply but yes, there ARE rich people in Maine. There are rich people right now in Maine viewing the videos that Randy described. They are watching the videos because their internet cable people care whether or not they are able to view videos. Why? Because they are rich. (The Maine People.) I am willing to bet there is someone named Rich right now in Maine viewing videos of the tsunami. I, sadly am not. I sit here thinking of the movie Johnny Tsunami and words to a new song I am thinking up titled Tsunami Mommy. Therefore, I am sitting in
my pajamies thinking about Tsunamies, mommies and pajamies. Unfortunately I bought the pajamies at Wal Mart and the pajamies were probably made in Indonesia by a bunch of poor people no one cared about before the Tsunami. I also purchased the pajamies at Wal Mart because I am not rich. I am not rich enough to travel to Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka or one of the islands that India doesn't want anyone to go to. I am not rich enough to take advantage of the beaches off of Phuket or swim around an island that my brother bought on a whim (see report by Washington Post reporter Michael Dobbs.) I am poor enough, however, to live in a state that should have taken care of their Indian population but still hasn't figured out that yet and they're not doing too much better
on the other populations who live here either, unless of course you're the football coach at a
certain University.
Those Indians I refer to would be the descendants of those who we displaced years ago (watch Dances with Wolves)
because we felt like it. I have also heard the argument that what happened to the Indians had something to do with natural selection. I'm assuming that for some reason that idea doesn't apply in this place. Want to see poverty? It still exists in Oklahoma.

I'm assuming that for so... (Below threshold)

I'm assuming that for some reason that idea doesn't apply in this place. Want to see poverty? It still exists in Oklahoma.

When I said place I meant case.

I just wanted to say to tho... (Below threshold)

I just wanted to say to those of you who may have only have lived in typical America or may not have traveled anywhere other than where tourists are supposed to travel, that there are large portions of the the world where vast majorities of the populations live in real misery. It really doesn't register with us as being real, just like the tsunami. You could actually and honestly say they aspire to poverty. It is something they would hope to achieve in their lifetime. And I am not talking about urban rat apartment with no heat or electric poverty, or rural appalachian shack back in the hills with no water or indoor plumbing poverty like we have here in the states. That would be considered working class in the areas I am talkng about. I am talking about I wish I knew I wasn't gonna have to fight someone every day for some flip flops, a mat, a rice ball, some drinking water, and a spot on the sidewalk to sleep. So when even your misery is taken away you have less than nothing. My one hope is that some of these people will be afforded a better opportunity through others losing so much and a disaster support infrastructure being put in place. Also think about donating to an orphanage or adopting a child or two or paying for a teenager or two's education. It will not be very expensive over there and will help secure an older hard to adopt kid's future.

What do you write at a time... (Below threshold)
Rick N Adelaide:

What do you write at a time like this?


In between my families tears and confusion,
We Sincerely Thank all involved for the Aid, Human resources and the tireless dedication of volunteers(bless your souls - good on ya's the Digger spirit burns bright!) - Our family does not know you people, but I am BLOODY PROUD OF YOU!!! it's a real time tribute to what the people of earth can really achieve...

I have restarted this entry four times now, not knowing really what to communicate that would do anything more than get it off of my chest...
I (as with thousands of others) have not had much sleep since boxing day, However, many people are seeing the positive out of this - and there is always something positive that can be born from natural events such as this one. Will it unite a truely global community? (I don't really know)

From one man, to all of you who are alive reading this now, know (if you don't already) that we are all the same, we are a single heart beat no matter how far or how much water separates me from you... you can FEEL IT NOW!
Keep your hearts and minds open to a start of a better situation rather than the end...

We only have one world...lot's of things need to change. As human beings, we have an obligation to our mother - EARTH -

For those souls lost, We love you, we miss you, we shall see you again...

ps, if we make money (ie humans print it)why do we bother worrying about what this is going to cost to rectify when we should collectively understand that LIFE is PRICELESS...how much are you worth do you think?

In closing, May Beautiful Reiki Energy
flow thoughout the affected regions to expedite the physical and emotinal healing process...


Wow.... I feel so horrible ... (Below threshold)

Wow.... I feel so horrible I mean its insane how things like this happen.. People should have done more to warn these victims. And I also learned that part of the reason why people were all over the place was because your depth reception when looking at a wave is in a way shut.... I mean imagine looking at a wave you would not be able to see how high it actually is and how fast it is moving, unless your looking from outer space or the sky. Everyone , there are thousands of lives in need of food etc,.... donate what you have to those in need in Asia. ~~~ American red Cross.com
God Bless ~~~ Ermira Malo

pido a dios por todas aquel... (Below threshold)
sandra p uribe:

pido a dios por todas aquellas personas que lo perdieron todo dios estara con ustedes!!!

desde MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!


I read that some people cou... (Below threshold)

I read that some people couldn't fathom how so many lives were lost. The videos don't seem to convey the actual power of the water I guess. I felt the same way.

Until I saw the video taken by the Norwegian (I believe) tourist, from a hotel restaurant. You can see how quickly people in the pool area are just knocked over by the force of the water. Then, in a matter of seconds, the entire restaurant fills up with water and all the furniture is floating.

We forget that it only takes a few seconds to drown. All those poor people...

What I find hard to believe... (Below threshold)
A Hassiri:

What I find hard to believe is the failure of authorities in the affected countries to react and notify residents and tourists near the coast of imminent danger immediately after the earth quake. What about all the seismologists who study earthquakes. Surely they knew the epicentre of the quake. It took about 2 hours after the quake for the tsunami to reach land. Couldnt they raise the alarm and save 150,000 lives? I hope lessons will be learnt from this so people are given a chance against the forces of nature. Bless the souls of all those who perished.

I will be giving money to '... (Below threshold)

I will be giving money to 'Save the Children'.
After hearing how the sex trade of CHILDREN in Malaysia was an accaptable pratice and a pedophile dream paradice before the tsunami.

Now I hear on the news how children are being raped, kidnaped and SOLD??!! To WHO??
For the child sex slave TRADE??
No soul.. to harm a child.

Hi,I'm Samantha O'Connell,I... (Below threshold)
samantha o'connell:

Hi,I'm Samantha O'Connell,I just wanted to say to all the kids and adults to never lose hope.Just hang i there and alwase remember that god is on your side and that I'm sher he will help you get throu this hard and dificult time.And remember,never ever lose your hope.
Sinsirly.Samantha O'connell,hampton middle school

Why do people feel the need... (Below threshold)

Why do people feel the need to make this tragedy political? The USA has given at least 35 million in aid. But honestly if we would have given 35 billion it still wouldn't be enough. Funny how people call us "bullies" until they need our money.

And as far as leaving "typical" America and visiting other nations that aren't as well off as ours...I have and I can say....with gleaming PRIDE....I am happy to be from America.

My grandparents took me back to their home lands several times and I saw poverty first hand. I saw people waiting in line for bread. I saw houses with no electricity, water and plumbing.

Very tragic indeed.....but America's fault.

I donated money to help the victims and I feel I have done what I can to help.

I don't mind helping any of them...

But I do agree with an earlier poster...about helping us in our time of need. Go down to Florida and see how many people still don't have homes....or visit the families who lost loved ones in tornados.

I know some will say we have the ability to bounce back quicker . Pensacola Beach,FL has about 7 major hotels that will have been closed for almost a year to rebuild. Hotels there have just starting to take tourists. I have read that some of the beach places in Asia have already reopened.

I am in no way comparing tragedies but for all those who say we need to leave and see poverty...have ya been done to Florida? Did you donate to help your fellow American?

Lose of life...is loss of life....no matter the number or geographical area or cause!! The few dozen people that die in hurricanes are just as precious as the victims of the tsumani!!

1-2-3-...or 150,000....they are all still dead....and it is not political...it is a natural disaster that no man or machine could have stopped!!

Anyways....May God Bless the victims their families & all those left to carry on.

You are in my prays and in God's heart.

(and even though I can't donate millions like "HOLLYWOOD" I hope my 50 bucks helps you out...b/c that 50 bucks comes from my heart not my marketing team!!)

Siento mucho lo su... (Below threshold)
Juan Carlos Salcedo:

Siento mucho lo sucedido en Tailandia, pido a Dios que esté con todas esas personas que lo han perdido todo. Regresaré a Tailandia a revivir lo que viví ahí en el verano y contribuiré aunque sea con un granito de arena y así ayudaré a toda esa gente que dependía de nosotros los turistas.

Desde MEXICO...

Thank You Thailand!!!

I’m really sorry about this... (Below threshold)
Daniela de la Garza:

I’m really sorry about this tragedy, it’s hard for me to believe what happened, I’ve been in Thailand and I will be back to that beautiful paradise, tourism its going to be even more important now…. I want to help. I’m praying for all the people who lost their life and the ones that have lost everything, for those beautiful people, people I met there last year… I’m really sorry. I have the best memories from Thailand, one of my best trips…

hey! i'm zuraiha that ever ... (Below threshold)
zuraiha osrin:

hey! i'm zuraiha that ever look the tsnami in malaysia, thailand and india. i was very pity of ur all that get the tsunami, i hopefully i bless to god that u guys are alive. im sorry i didnt noe there tregedy its happen.

thank you...........






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