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This ain't getting any better...

SOS e-mail warns of starvation at ruined Aceh town

Swathes of coast were stripped of life in the isolated west of Indonesia's Aceh with reports of starvation and looting doing little to alleviate fears for areas from where there was only silence.

Witness accounts from aircraft flying over a 240-kilometre [150 mile -ed] stretch of shoreline say absolutely nothing remains of villages and towns in an area left underwater by Sunday's titanic earthquake and waves.

While relief was reaching other parts of Aceh, the region at the northern tip of Sumatra island, there has been no contact with the main western town of Meulaboh, other than an SOS warning that time is running out for survivors.

Vice-President Yusuf Kalla, who made an aerial reconnaisance of the western coastline and outlying islands said he saw no signs of life in Meulaboh, a town with a population of 40,000.

'Horrific' doesn't even cover it.


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Comments (18)

I recently read, and I admi... (Below threshold)

I recently read, and I admit the thought also crossed my mind, that maybe some of these terrorist strongholds were also hit hard by this disaster.

Great, Julie, yes, we shoul... (Below threshold)

Great, Julie, yes, we should be greatful for the tsunami as it is our ally in the "war on terror." If it means killing 40,000 people to get at a handful of "terrorists," who cares. Let's hope we get tsunamis to hit Falluja or Mosul.


In fairness to Julie, Indon... (Below threshold)

In fairness to Julie, Indonesia is Islamoterror central... But it is an odd way to look for a silver lining.

I agree with Joe. Let's not... (Below threshold)
Marc Cantor:

I agree with Joe. Let's not lose our humanity in all this. 40000 is unbelievable. May God bless their souls.

Talking about strange things. Check this out:

Mary Kate and Ashley are evil

Paul, isn't Saudi Arabia "... (Below threshold)

Paul, isn't Saudi Arabia "islamoterror central"? Jemaah Islamiyah has never been a threat to the US. They have engaged in some pretty disgusting bombings within Indonesia, but nothing outside of the region; while the Saudi's made up most of the 9/11 hi-jackers. Maybe we can have a Tsunami hit the Arabian Sea, to get the evildoers.

People were killed. I can h... (Below threshold)

People were killed. I can hope as many as possible of those who died were the terrorists.

Joe: Only an idiot would th... (Below threshold)

Joe: Only an idiot would think we caused this disaster. Yet, you keep implying we have the ability to do so. Maybe, it's time for you to have your meds adjusted?

Get down to brass tacks - e... (Below threshold)

Get down to brass tacks - entire villages and towns were wiped off the map. The death toll will continue climbing and no amount of wishful thinking that some of those who perished may have been terrorists will change the bottom line - that this was a huge calamity for millions living in the Indian Ocean basin, most of whom had nothing to do with terror and didn't know what was going to hit them.

that this was a huge cal... (Below threshold)

that this was a huge calamity for millions living in the Indian Ocean basin, most of whom had nothing to do with terror and didn't know what was going to hit them.

Thank you. I was unaware of that until you pointed it out to me. [Okay, my eyes have stopped rolling.] Regardless, I still prefer as many victims as possible be the terrorists rather than children or people who have never entertained the thought of cutting someone's head off or hijacking and blowing up airplanes.

You would think that the th... (Below threshold)

You would think that the thought of 40,000+ people dying in a natural disaster would distract some people from "The War pn Terror!!!".

Personally, just knowing that some of you obsess with "The War on Terror!!!" helps me to sleep better at night.

"The War on Terror!!!"
"The War on Terror!!!"
"The War on Terror!!!"

There...now you get your daily fix. sheesh

Obviously, Brian, nor any o... (Below threshold)

Obviously, Brian, nor any of his family and friends, have never starred in one of *those blunt knife videos*.

Hey Moonbat Brian, some of ... (Below threshold)

Hey Moonbat Brian, some of us are able to think more than one thought at a time. Sorry, you are unable to do the same.

Aceh independance fighters ... (Below threshold)

Aceh independance fighters (GAM) are not
terrorists, nor terriers. The Jakarta govt has killed
12,000 people in Aceh, mainly civilians.
Julie evidently went to school in USA & watches Fox.
She probably thinks Fallujah is now a "free city".

Gio, baby! Obviously, one w... (Below threshold)

Gio, baby! Obviously, one woman's terrorist organization is another man's freedom fighters. Better be careful about comparing them to dogs, though. They may have no hesitation sawing your empty little head off for doing so.

So, are you also lending your support to the al-Qaeda linked terrorists who bombed the nightclub in Bali? Since, most of those poor people burned to death, admit it -- for you it's schadenfreude! Or how about those terrorists who set the car bomb off outside the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta last summer? Those your “people,” too? They killed some working stiff locals and aussie tourists. Hey, you don't have it in for the aussies, do you? God forbid! You love the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the Phillippines? Jemaah Islamiyah, your boys? Are there any terrorists you don't love????

And, yes, I was lucky enough to attend school in the US. I assume by your comment you weren't so lucky. And yes, occasionally I watch Fox, though I have very little time to watch television at all these days. Where do you get your news? Let me guess: Al Jazeera!

ps: For the Iraqis who were found chained and tortured in Fallujah, yeah, it's free. Disappointed? I guess you and Al Jazeera will have to find another source for snuff films.

With all the souls that hav... (Below threshold)

With all the souls that have been lost I'm personally embarrassed that anyone in our country is talking about connecting this to how it might help us deal with terrorists. Getting down to the point Julie, there is NO silver lining to this. God help us for being so self centered.

Hey Julie, you are a terror... (Below threshold)

Hey Julie, you are a terrorist. Our devil leader has stolen that term and remade its newspeak definition to now be anyone who might stand in the way of his grand plan to eliminate all life on Earth. The greatest terrorist of all time. His current body count is on par with the tsunami's, but he's got all the short future of humanity to beat that. You are just another of his brainwashed storm trooper cheerleaders. I hope you enjoy the fruits you will reap. Thanks for helping to sow the end of us all. I'll see you in hell.

This site and sites and oth... (Below threshold)

This site and sites and other sites alike are bringing a lot to the people around the world. Thanks to the cyber world, that world communities can join hands to bring solace to suffering masses.

shame on u all,u r not huma... (Below threshold)

shame on u all,u r not human being






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