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Merchant of Death

Over at isfullofcrap.com, Lair Simon's running his annual Dead Pool contest. I've already got my roster in and I've offered two bonus prizes of my own, and I've already got 'em ready to go.

Plus, this year Lair is holding a referral contest. So far, Michele of A Small Victory is leading with four referrals. I'm stuck in an eight-way tie for second, with two. So I'm begging here -- go over, enter, and list me as your referral.

I swear, if it comes down to it, I'll take away my own referral to Meryl Yourish and reclaim it for myself if that pushes me over that Meat Loaf - hating Michele.

So go over and play. It's a wonderfully cathartic experience, and you can win crappy prizes too.



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Comments (8)

It always comes down to Mea... (Below threshold)

It always comes down to Meatloaf with you, doesn't it? You have issues, man. And just for that, I'm going to put Meatloaf on my dead pool roster.

I will beat you in that referral contest. Like a bat out of hell, baby!

His name is Pobert Paulson,... (Below threshold)

His name is Pobert Paulson, dammit!

Bad move Michele, the guy l... (Below threshold)

Bad move Michele, the guy looks looks good. Saw him on VHI 1 classics and he's lost at least 75 pounds, plus another 5 pounds of hair. As for referals, since I learned of the deadpool both here and at ASV at almost the same time, I'm torn. Neither one of you has me on your blogroll however, and I'm eager to lose my "Flappy Bird" status.

How do you go about doing t... (Below threshold)

How do you go about doing this?


Cindy-Go to the si... (Below threshold)


Go to the site, read the basic instructions on the top of the site, and then click o nthe link for 2005 Rules at the end of the top section if you want the picky dettails.

If that makes sense, welcome aboard. If it doesn't, well, take a year to comprehend the information and we'll see you in 2006.

Thanks Lawrence, but I don'... (Below threshold)

Thanks Lawrence, but I don't have a site and it seems like I need one to vote. Not fair, I'm just a commenter in lots of places but I'll try reading it again. Or I'm too tired to comprehend today and might have to wait till 2006. heh


Jay- It's days like these w... (Below threshold)

Jay- It's days like these where I wish I hadn't stopped sniffing glue.

Cindy, you don't need a sit... (Below threshold)

Cindy, you don't need a site. You just need to bribe the site proprietor:

"Exceptions to the blogger-only rule will be made for those regular readers willing to bribe the judge contribute to the prize pool or participate on the site as a contributing author."

Oh, I mean contribute to the prize pool.






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