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More Tsunami Videos - Part II

[See all of the Tsunami videos in the Tsunami Video archive.]

The crush of traffic for videos from dealing with the tsunami has mostly overwhelmed blogs attempting to provide them to the public. Some big name companies are hopefully stepping up to the plate to help meet the crushing demand. Jordan at Cheese and Crackers is doing yeoman's work keeping the links and mirrors up to date.

In the mean time here's some newer videos.


Simply the most amazing video of the tsunami I've yet seen (11MB AVI). It's a miracle the cameraman (or woman) is alive. Filmed in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Since Reuters has been collecting videos and has the infrastructure in place to stream them to millions of viewers, here's two newer videos, I've not seen elsewhere.

Police CCTV Video Of Tsunami Hitting Thai Tourist Beach (Phuket)

AMATEUR VIDEO Hitting Thailand's Phuket Island

Higher bandwidth sites are stepping up to host these videos. Archive.org the kind folks at UnitedEmailSystems are mirroring all of the videos.

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Comments (34)

trouble with WVX file....</... (Below threshold)

trouble with WVX file....

any more ideas?

I don't think that video wo... (Below threshold)

I don't think that video works anymore

It works for me, but not th... (Below threshold)

It works for me, but not the wvx, try the other one

Links to Reuters don't seem... (Below threshold)

Links to Reuters don't seem to work. Reuters responds with page not found

I have had better luck link... (Below threshold)

I have had better luck linking to Reuters UK


For the WVX file, try going... (Below threshold)

For the WVX file, try going to tools, then options, the click on the format tab, look for windows media audio/video file and check/tick the box next to it. After this if it does not work, save target as blah blah and yadda yadda and try to wait for the file to buffer completely, even if it says 0:00 at first it changes when it buffers to 1:01 (the time) if that still doesnt work UPDATE your windows media player.

Just as a reference:<... (Below threshold)

Just as a reference:

The link to the .wvx file it just a pointer-file to this link: http://stream.pol.dk/pol/video/3537.WMV

These and the .asf have the real url to the clip in it's text... so you can save the .asx/.wvx file (also .ram files work this way) and open it within a text editor and find/copy/paste the link into your browser/player to open it or create a simple html document with the good link, then rt-click and 'save-file-as' ... so you can save it to your system.

Hope this may help. ;)

John B.
Pandelirium Studio Works
Moderator/Owner of numerous IRC channels on 'irc.freenode.net' for NASA/JPL and others ::

#MaximumPCMag, #SpaceShipOne, #xprize, #cassini, #maestro, #NASA, #messenger, #space, #mars, #pandelirium, #stormalert, #hnsky, #celestia, and others

I have some collection of t... (Below threshold)

I have some collection of the impact on Tsunami.

The website is at http://www.tsunamiquake.org

Pls tell me more photos to collects.

Reuters video crashes out R... (Below threshold)

Reuters video crashes out Realplayer 10 Gold on Linux. Anyone got file captures to those videos for downloading instead?

With no TV and only Mac OS ... (Below threshold)

With no TV and only Mac OS 9 I've yet to see a single video of the wave. Though I can use RealPlayer, Reuters doesn't work for me either.

IF ONLY some of these videos came in Quicktime! Are there any? Can they be identified beforehand?

With my dial-up modem it takes 40 minutes before I find out that each video is in a format I can't download.

All you have to do is hover... (Below threshold)

All you have to do is hover over the video file then do a save command to save the video to your pc. When you do this a box should open up with the name of the file that you are about to save. The file type will be revealed in the extension. Another way is by hovering your mouse over the link. The URL (which contains the file name) will show at the bottom of the browser.

Can anyone suggest a place ... (Below threshold)

Can anyone suggest a place to see the the tsunami at Koh Lanta online? The avi file, which the link at www.archive.org at top leads to, is unwatchable after it's downloaded, at least for me. Thanks

Yes, I can't view the Koh L... (Below threshold)

Yes, I can't view the Koh Lanta video either. I can get sound but no picture. I'm on Mac either OS 9 or X. Any suggestions are welcome.

Having trouble looking at t... (Below threshold)

Having trouble looking at the video, try the VideoLan player: www.videolan.org

Here's a link to collected technical information on the earthquake and tsunami, including a power point slideshow from the National Remote Sensing Agency.


Thanks Manson. I can see I ... (Below threshold)

Thanks Manson. I can see I need an AVI translator of some kind (and maybe so do you Patty) but I've downloaded three today and none of them are sufficient - "missing segments" or some such nonsense.

Most AVI things are for MAC OS X anyway, such as "VideoLan".

I also checked out your blogspot netmeister, but a 13mg download will take at least 1.5 hours. I've spent about 5 hours on this today. I have to give up.

Except for some stills I have no idea what this wave looked like! I'm a surfer too. Aargh! Double argh!!

I've NEVER had any trouble viewing a QuickTime file before this week. Why is it that suddenly anything to do with this tsunami is unviewable? What sort of progress does this kind of exclusion represent?

Thanks, everyone, for your help.

this is the saddest thing s... (Below threshold)

this is the saddest thing since sept 11 and the world is eceeding most pplz expectation and digging deep......good on ya..hopefully this is another step towards world peace and every1 working together...

Timothy, what kind of compu... (Below threshold)

Timothy, what kind of computer and operating system are you using?

I solved most of my viewing... (Below threshold)

I solved most of my viewing problems yesterday, so here are some suggestions for those on a Mac with system 9 or earlier: I'm watching the videos with the "wmv" suffix on an older Windows Media Player 7, which is pre-MacOSX. For the video(s) with an "avi" suffix, look on a search machine for DivX Doctor II, which converts "avi" files to "mov" files, which can be viewed on the Quicktime Player.

Good luck.

Netmeister, I decided to tr... (Below threshold)

Netmeister, I decided to try your - for me - massive download, and eventually viewed your Blogspot acrobat files. The other files were too large to be opened by my Simpletext (Mac Powerbook, OS 9).

Dale, your suggestion sounds right to me. I'll try your approach today .

At this rate I could see spending my middle years trying to see images of this wave in motion! (I'd still be a lot better off than anyone who saw it in person.)

Thanks all.

Tim, I would be glad to mai... (Below threshold)

Tim, I would be glad to mail you a copy of all the files (including all of the videos I've collected) on CD.

Thanks for suggestions - I ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for suggestions - I managed to download the bittorrent stuff on my OS X machine and view them fine. I have a fascination with huge waves (love surfing movies) and always wanted to witness one but this disaster has cured me of that. My heart goes out to the victims. The horror is unspeakable.

This video can be seen at<b... (Below threshold)
For those with a *very* str... (Below threshold)

For those with a *very* strong stomach:


Keep the kiddies away...

Hi, More videos can be watc... (Below threshold)

Hi, More videos can be watch in http://www.brturbo.com/noticias/videos_tsunami.htm

All videos in Windows Media Streaming, open in mac .


Can't you guys take your bu... (Below threshold)

Can't you guys take your bullshit someplace else? IM each other instead of torturing the rest of the group with your childish games!

The wise speak when they have something to say, the fools speak when they have to say something.

Cor Blimey!At first ... (Below threshold)

Cor Blimey!
At first it all looks really hilarious. Like a ride at Euro Disney. But then all the death kind of gets you down. And all the water is brownish and dirty-looking. Not a good ride at all, really. Glad I was in the Pub when this happened. At least the brown water there tastes good.

Eu sou brasileira, e acompa... (Below threshold)

Eu sou brasileira, e acompanhei o sofrimento deste povo pelos telejornais. Sinto muito e desejo a todos muita luz e sabedoria neste momento de dor... Acho que a humanidade está muito sem Deus... Que o acontecido sirva de reflexão para todos nós do mundo inteiro... que deixemos de ser mesquinhos, que lutemos mais pela paz mundial... Não importa em qual pais vivemos...somos todos da mesma espécie... vamos nos preservar... Não é possível que diante de tamanho sofrimento as pessoas ainda não entendam o poder e a magnitude de Deus...
Tantos inocentes perderam suas vidas enquanto tantos maldosos estão gozando das suas safadezas... Temos que fazer uma corrente de Paz mundial.

Here's another link:... (Below threshold)
y dont you take videos of p... (Below threshold)

y dont you take videos of people helping the victims rather than taking pic and videos of people being slashed by waves and things like that. that would be more pleasing to the people since for the fact that we already knew and realized how our fellow brothers and sisters there stuggled just for survival. so please! feature something good and pleasing to the eye!

Are you familiar with Pillo... (Below threshold)

Are you familiar with Pillock Ravanelli? i am. he is a thicky

i like cheese and sometimes... (Below threshold)

i like cheese and sometimes my tapeworms don't like what i feed them so they revolt and cause me to have cramps. why can't everything like these videos be all happy and cheerful, just like the real-world we are in...couldn't all of this be seen through a cheerful medicated malaise rather than the stark realization of the power and majesty of Madre Mundo, and the knowledge that we are just as the ants on this globe, subject to every whim of the groanings and movements of our lifeforce, our blood-giver, the Earth? but unlike ants we take far more and destroy far more than we ever give? if i carved a big 50 ton block of lard long enough with a dremel, chainsaw and a butter knive i bet i could carve the millenium falcoln. eatpeople.

not sure if you guys saw th... (Below threshold)

not sure if you guys saw this yet, but here are more videos: goodatlife.blogspot.com

More tourist and amateur vi... (Below threshold)

More tourist and amateur videos of the Tsunami are available at:

I read this topic. I think ... (Below threshold)

I read this topic. I think may be more optimistic opinion...






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