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What would life be without DU?

Every big news story gives us a few Democratic Underground chuckles... In random order.

Since we know that the atmosphere has become contaminated by all the atomic testing, space stuff, electronic stuff, earth pollutants, etc., is it logical to wonder if:

Perhaps the "bones" of our earth where this earthquake spawned have also been affected?

You know, we've exploded many millions of tons of ordinance upon this poor planet. All that "shock and awe" stuff we've just dumped onto the Asian part of this earth [Iraq is in Asia? ed] -- could we have fractured something? Perhaps the earth was just reacting to something that man has done to injure it. The earth is organic, you know. It can be hurt. #


And I started to bold part of this one but I couldn't decide which parts so I'll bold it all....

All of the injuries done to our planet are interrelated, see this Reuters report linking pollution, tsunami's, and global warming. Those Right-wing Republican religious nuts with three or four children in an SUV are killing people daily. All of the pollution eventually sinks into the ground, & rots away the "bones" holding our planet together, and causes earthquakes.

They are happening after Xmas, when the pollution from the fever of driving around in SUV's to buy presents and burning extra energy in Xmas displays for crass commercial (Republican) propaganda is at its worst. See this article about the December 26, 2003 Bam earthquake. The Sumatra earthquake that happened December 26, 2004 is related to the tsunami and must be related to destroying the earth.

None of this would have happened if Al Gore had been elected in 2000, as the USA would have implemented the Kyoto Treaty.

That one might be my favorite.

And then there's the thread where many DU'ers think Bush should be impeached because he is in Texas.

or this:

Are the Corporations going to steal the Tsunami aid? Ever heard of "Oil for Food?" Didn't think so.

And you'll be glad to hear this

Of course the answer is "Why would America disrupt its own CORPORATE investment in those countries who've been hit hard?" -- Can you say whack job? Sure you can.

Get out the tin foil hats:

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy?

Now I dont claim to be an expert on seismic activity, but there has been a series of events which led up to the 9.0 earthquake of the coast of Indonesia which can not be ignored. This all could be an enormous coincidence, but one must look at the information and choose for themselves whether there is anything to it.

On November 28th, one month ago, Reuters reported that during a 3 day span 169 whales and dolphins beached themselves in Tasmania, an island of the southern coast of mainland Australia. The cause for these beachings is not known, but Bob Brown, a senator in the Australian parliament, said "sound bombing" or seismic tests of ocean floors to test for oil and gas had been carried out near the sites of the Tasmanian beachings recently. ...

A great deal of interest and seismic testing has been taking place in this area, as the government of Australia has given great tax breaks to encourage the oil exploration.

Still got that tin-foil hat? Good you'll need it:
A majority of quakes could be manmade

What planet do these people live on:
Dead bodies in natural disasters do not pose a health risk

Or this

No Suprise Here: US Making money off of Tsunami Tragedy Apparently the U.S. charges for passport photos and that is a horrible thing... go figure.

And from the "Not understanding Physics" department,
"Mangroves can act as a shield against tsunami" 150 foot high walls of water moving at over half the speed of sound will bow to the simple mangrove plant. Sheesh!

Melting Ice-Caps Should Create World-Wide Earthquakes

LOL This thread got locked! If you think a 9.0 quake was human-induced, you are a dumbass. Not Surprising.

There are many, many more... Including multiple threads about "lumber being found on Mars"... But my brain is starting to hurt.


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So... does the repeated ref... (Below threshold)
David C:

So... does the repeated reference to a notion that our planet has a friggin' *skeleton* mean that this has become a common moonbat theory about Mother Gaia's anatomy?

Geez louise! Christmas out... (Below threshold)

Geez louise! Christmas outdoor lights went on sale in early December and we loaded up on them!!!! Never had outdoor lights before. Never had a tsunami before. Must be a link. IT IS US TERRIBLE CONSUMER REPUBLICANS! Oh no. If only we had just sipped lattes and stuck to sushi bars, this never would have happened. Blame the baby Jesus!
So do I whip out my "I'm sorry" sign now???

cruel, Paul, just plain cru... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

cruel, Paul, just plain cruel. tease me into wanting to know why, WHY Bush being in Texas would have the moonbats flapping for impeachment [other than the simple fact that any reason will do] and leaving me with Hobson's choice. Paul! I cannot bear it! I cannot go into the dark, hellish pit that is DU! for the love of all that is holy, bring back an excerpt when you return from Satan's lair! or at least leave the holy water and silver crucifix on the table where anyone can use it...

Rightie troll posts rarely ... (Below threshold)

Rightie troll posts rarely come with reason or factual support. Usually rightie troll posts are nothing but gratuitous insult.

If you spend time cruising both sides of the blogosphere, IMO there is a marked difference in overall tone between right and left. But generally, leftie bloggers post about current events and explain (with reason and factual support) what the blogger likes or does not like about said events. And generally, rightie bloggers just spew out hate.

The bald truth is that to be a Bush supporter means that you are (a) ignorant of what's going on; (b) suffering massive cognitive dissonance; or (c) are a soulless sociopathic bastard.

Read more here:

At least the Yahoo message ... (Below threshold)

At least the Yahoo message boards/comments sections offer a mixture of some humor among the craziness, but compared to Yahoo message boards, DU is something from far below that standard (and, referring to Yahoo message boards as a "standard" is very difficult for me, no doubt about that).

I used to wonder if but what there were some people who used DU as a sort of writers' forum, a place to create characters and launch characters' dialogue, but, then I realized that that was just wishful thinking and that I had to accept the fact that there are many human beings walking around upright with grave problems: upright but not at all alright.

I'd say that the people who fancy themselves as dragons and those who think that they are cats are next up the evolutionary range from DU, just beneath the Yahoo message board standard, such as that is.

Argh, Gaia. Argh, "fist of nature!". Argh, it's insanity.

The "bones" of our planet??... (Below threshold)

The "bones" of our planet?????


Does that mean it was a bonequake?

And, right on cue...... (Below threshold)

And, right on cue...

(^^ Not in reference to sha... (Below threshold)

(^^ Not in reference to shark.)

Apparently, *some people* a... (Below threshold)

Apparently, *some people* actually consider themselves as having the power to perceive "soulless" bodies. And right there before them! What WILL they think of next?!?!

The first question to ask w... (Below threshold)

The first question to ask when thousands upon thousands of people die is "Who benefits?"

Since the largest death toll is expected to be the rebellious Island of Aceh, the answer is quite simple: the Muslim Indonesian rulers.

Let's hear the DU form their own conspiracy theories about how Jakarta built their "nuclear earthquake bomb" to pacify Aceh. After all, Indonesia wanted a permanent UNSC seat, being so large and worthy and all. And we all know what permanent seats there mean: you got nukes.

Pardon me while I return to reality and leave the DU behind in Conspiracyland.

As for Jakarta stonewalling relief efforts to kill of the rest of the Aceh residents, well, just wait for the reports to start tricking in.

I guess I'm a soulless soci... (Below threshold)

I guess I'm a soulless sociopathic bastard.

I can live with that.

The two hardest hit areas (Aceh, Sumatra and eastern Sri Lanka) were terrorist sanctuaries. I bet you won't hear about that on NPR.

And I'll poach this comment I made at LGF and repost it here:

Yes, 200,000 people or more will be probably dead from it when all is said and done. It is a great tragedy, without question, and for that I am sorry.

But where was all this newfound sympathy when Bangladesh lost an even greater number (275,000) in the 1991 cyclone? When 800,000 Rwandans were murdered and the world sat by, and did nothing? Where is the sympathy for the 100,000 that have been killed so far and a million displaced in Darfur in an on-going genocide? Where is the outrage there?

I’ll pray for those who died and those who lost family, all the while knowing that many of them would just as soon see me dead for praying to God instead of Allah. But don’t expect me to shed tears.

I can only take so much hypocrisy.

Stick that in your liberal bong and smoke it.

I think perhaps AmeriKKK is... (Below threshold)

I think perhaps AmeriKKK is dyslexic. Got right and left confused?

I can't believe how sick th... (Below threshold)
Phil Carter:

I can't believe how sick these people are. When this happened I said that it would not be too long before the idiots would somehow bring politics in to it or blame Bush. Voila. I wonder how many of them have made a donation or, God forbid, gotten on a plane to volunteer.

These people have to be stopped. Free speech is one thing but this is akin to shouting fire in a crowded theater!

Did you see the reason the ... (Below threshold)

Did you see the reason the thread was locked? "Please feel free to repost without the inflammatory subject line."

Makes me want to restart it with the subject line, "If you htink a 9.0 quake was human-induced, you are a stupid shit."

Maybe they were all watchin... (Below threshold)
Oh, James!:

Maybe they were all watching "A View to a Kill" last night and got a little confused. Are any DUers claiming that Christopher Walken was spotted vacationing in Thailand?

Geez, Paul, you gave me gri... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Geez, Paul, you gave me grief for taking a certain Resolutely Clueless troll attention, then you go "fishing" through DU? At least I let them come to me, I don't go looking for them...


Hey Paul, if Iraq isn't in ... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul, if Iraq isn't in Asia, where the hell is it? Europe?

Yeah. Iraq is in Southwest... (Below threshold)

Yeah. Iraq is in Southwest Asia.

The orders for my last two ... (Below threshold)

The orders for my last two deployments to that region included "SW Asia Theater of Operations".

See, this is what I meant b... (Below threshold)

See, this is what I meant by convicting the left through what the DO say, rather than what they don't.

Outstanding job, though I can still smell the DU on ya Paul.

AmeriKKKan Evil claims that... (Below threshold)

AmeriKKKan Evil claims that "rightie bloggers" only spew out hate...

In the past, the left has asked "us" to try and perceive why Bin Laden's terrrorist network would hate us, and then address those problems as a solution to the GWOT.

So my commie friend, why don't you sit and reflect on why I hate you so much....

I was LOL to read: "..generally, leftie bloggers post about current events and explain (with reason and factual support) what the blogger likes or does not like about said events."

Where was the reason and factual support? I love it when these guys contradict themselves merely a few sentences apart.

Who needs Ipecac when you g... (Below threshold)

Who needs Ipecac when you got DU. :-)

I do so love liberals. Wit... (Below threshold)

I do so love liberals. Without them life would be so bland and we would not have the opportunity to see what true hate and ignorance of the facts looks like.

I have watched the posts at places like democraticunderground.com and americablog.blogspot.com and have seen not much more than an all out attempt to see who can hate this country the most, and who can make the most outrageous charges against the president.

AmeriKKKan Evil has taken delusion to a new level here.

Heres what I find interesti... (Below threshold)

Heres what I find interesting:

Christians believe in an 'Earth created in seven days' creation theory and they are people to be laughed and scoffed at.

Leftists believe the Earth is a living organism with a skeleton that is being leached away by pollution, and the crickets can't chirp any louder.


God hates the world because... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

God hates the world because we elected Bush two times in a row! If only Al or JFK had won this would never have happened! Blame it on America, seems I've heard this a few times the last five decades. It is starting to wear thin.
Rod Stanton

tee bee, I laughed so hard ... (Below threshold)

tee bee, I laughed so hard at that one, I had a tear in my eye. thanks


Traditionally Boyd, Iraq is... (Below threshold)

Traditionally Boyd, Iraq is considered part of the middle-east.

They do have maps in Texas right?

HAHAHAHA your brain is star... (Below threshold)

HAHAHAHA your brain is starting to hurt? hahaha that's hysterical. Putting this all together like this would make anyone's brain hurt - it just goes to show you how many people are STUUUUUUUUPID!!
Didn't you know it was George Bush's fault for those hurricane's in Florida and that's why he won that state? The rest of this garbage you found is priceless and glad you did it even if it made your brain hurt but no one was to blame for natural disasters. Anyone who thinks so is an asshat.


Aren't a great number of th... (Below threshold)

Aren't a great number of the victims Muslim? What are the islamofacists donating? What's Osama's contributing? Arafat's widow? No moolah from the Mullahs? Nothing??

Amerikkkan Evil posted the ... (Below threshold)

Amerikkkan Evil posted the same exact comment on Ace of Spades HQ. Exact. Down to the last comma.

Think someone's looking for traffic? I do...

you're the brave one, Paul,... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

you're the brave one, Paul, peering into the vast darkness filled with glittering eyes. since there's no update about Texas, the water and cross must be on the table.

it's good to know and just laugh at how unhinged some folks are, but I get spooked by going into caves full of them. fortunately this is only the digital reflection of the wasteland; as the kluxer after me demonstrated, sometimes they follow you back with torches and pitchforks.

For those interested in geo... (Below threshold)

For those interested in geography check out the link below. It's free, it's fun and it's educational. Basically, the Middle East refers to a region and Asia is a continent. Iraq is both in the Middle East and part of Asia.


Here's the relevant Ace thr... (Below threshold)

Here's the relevant Ace thread:

Trolls have no shame or, it seems, originality. Have you ever visited the Mahablog? *Shudder*

Whenever I drop by the DU t... (Below threshold)
Allan Yackey:

Whenever I drop by the DU this line runs through my mind.

If I dream I am a butterfly am I a man dreaming he is a butterfly? Or a butterfly dreaming he is a man dreaming he is a butterfly?

Are the posts on the DU for real? Or is the site actually part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy where Right Wingers fabricate outrageous posts as Left Wingers just to make Left Wingers look bad?

Has anybody ever actually seen a DU Moonbat?

Jeeze!! I ain't going over ... (Below threshold)

Jeeze!! I ain't going over to DU, no matter how much you tease! :)
So we're all hate mongers, being stalked by a link whore!
Paul, is that a tear in your eye, or a tear in your eye? ;0)

I can't wear my tinfoil hat today, I've got a headache.

Oh yes, and since we're wat... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, and since we're watching the left blame the right for all of the earthquakes (bonequakes?), who is to blame for them before we humans walked the earth?

Apparently too, these folks have never heard of volcanos.

It's incredible how vast th... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

It's incredible how vast the ocean of stupidity is and how high the tsunami of surly, arrogant pricks can be when the "magnitude dial" is turned up to 9 and the earthquake button is activated on W's bicycle.

Makes you wonder how these people manage to turn on their PCs at all. It's one think to be critical of everything that your President does, but there's no excuse for being utterly, utterly stupid. There's a million online courses out there that can help these people - but perhaps even education can't instill logic into people who do trendy things like refer to room in their houses or apartments as "space" just because everyone else does. I'll chalk it up as another outlet for people without common sense and/or identities to identify with one another.

By the way, very nice work Evil, commenting about reason and factual support with a complete lack of either and a link that's not linked is nothing less than remarkable.

I think I'll get in my SUV and start next year's Xmas shopping, preceded by the biggest burnout that I've done in the last two hours. That'll show Earth who's boss!

Well one point to your snee... (Below threshold)

Well one point to your sneering "editor", the DU dummy is correct, Iraq IS in Asia, what did he suppose it was in, Europe? Africa? Asia is a big continent and goes all the way to the Urals and the Bosperus, I do believe. Even Turkey is in Asia, along with Israel, Iran, all the Middle-East.

so if they're all Asians no... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

so if they're all Asians now, does that mean they will score higher on SATs?

wonder who was to blame for... (Below threshold)

wonder who was to blame for the 1960 earthquake in Chile, or the massive '64 quake in Alaska, both of which were bigger (and generated tsunamis) than the Sumatra quake. In fact, the '64 Alaska quake generated a tsunami with measured wave height of 67 meters, that's roughly a wave 220 feet in height.

I was under the impression ... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

I was under the impression that tsunami's don't travel across the ocean on top of the water, unlike the slightly less-than-accurate Gilligan's Island episode that we've all seen where the dude rides one hundreds of miles back to Hawaii.

So, not to say that proper warning was or wasn't given, but wouldn't it be as difficult if not more to predict the aftereffects of the quake than the quake itself? A few days ago, a very large quake struck somewhere in the Antarctic and didn't cause such aftermath.

actually you are correct. A... (Below threshold)

actually you are correct. A wave is not a moving band of water, but rather a moving band of energy. As it reaches shallow water it basically bunches up against the floor and drags the water immediately in front of it up and voila, a wave is formed.

Another thing you will notice from watching the videos of these waves is that a massive amount of water was pulled back from the shoreline ahead of the tsunami, which then got massed up to form not a wave but rather a wall of water. It's a pretty amazing thing to see (from videos, not on the ground to be sure!).

The DU thread titled "Melting Ice-Caps Should Create World-Wide Earthquakes" has a very interesting (and reasonable I might add) scientific discussion about some of the forces behind plate tectonics. Read the comments by dinoboy titled "Not possible"

also, not all undersea eart... (Below threshold)

also, not all undersea earthquakes will cause tsunamis, which are very rare while undersear earthquakes are a daily occurance.

From my unscientific understanding of this earthquake is that a massive piece of the of the oceans bottom sheared off and dropped as much as 100 feet, which then created the conditions to generate the enormous energy required to have tsunami.

Well, one indicator of whet... (Below threshold)

Well, one indicator of whether it is going to generate a tsunami is the magnitute of the quake. Having a 9 on the Richter scale is pretty rare. If they called an alert, and no tsunami was generated, where's the harm? It would be called off in a short period of time.

From a different thread at ... (Below threshold)

From a different thread at DU:

"Does he even realize how much beach erosion has taken place because of this earthquake? It's an environmental nightmare, and he sits there doing nothing."

Please, won't somebody think of the beaches?

Thanks for the laughs, it i... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the laughs, it is amazing to see how idotic the DUers are...actually it is funny, and sad, really really sad that they are living in the same country as me....still I got a good laugh reading there posts, and all the comments here.

WOW...i cannot even venture... (Below threshold)

WOW...i cannot even venture to that sight without feeling sad for them yet at the same time quite angry at how they just blatantly attack the president for the most idiotic things. One person ventured the ridiculous question of "what would you have him (president) do?" Needless to say he didn't get any kind of answer besides he's a stupid chimp etc etc....are they really that full of hate? Jeez..

I'm just trying to be diffi... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

I'm just trying to be difficult here, julie, but where exactly do you send out the alert to? Which areas? Some areas weren't impacted because of coral breaks for example.

In hindsight, obviously, it's very easy to tell what should have been done, however at the time the weather in most of the areas hit was calm and beautiful. If warnings had been given, how many folks would have heeded them?

Most of the people killed were children from what I'm reading, so it's safe to say that even if they had heard the warning "tidal wave", and few if any having experienced such a thing before very likely would have thought it was bogus because of the lack of rising swells or a visible wall of water.

It is really tragic, and it's fun to harass the people who automatically try to assess blame to one country or even one person, but it should be a reminder of how small we really are.

I notice a lot of deleted m... (Below threshold)

I notice a lot of deleted messages on the DU threads... and I wonder just exactly how bad, how stupid, how much b*d language a post has to have before it's deleted?

Or... are is Karl Rove deleting the reasonable ones?

Sheesh. Only ten minutes there on one thread and my IQ is already lower.

Apparently, the USGS issued... (Below threshold)

Apparently, the USGS issued an earthquake alert for a 9.0 earthquake some 3 hours before most of the devastation occurred. Those on the e-mail list, including at least one French blogger, got the message and did nothing.
It seems no one knows that when an earthquake occurs that it is a good idea to flee the shoreline, as the water likes to slosh about for a time. Sort of like the way water moves around a swimming pool when you jump in.
The blogs are alive with information that given this lack of common sense, the United States government didn't step in to imperialistically impose an evacuation of the shorelines of these countries. Instead, the Darwinian selection process was left to it's own ends.

Weird. I can't ping the tr... (Below threshold)

Weird. I can't ping the trackback for this entry. All I get is a long message that ends with the phrase "You are pinging trackbacks too quickly. Please try again later." It's through HaloScan, which has never caused me any problems before. Anyone have any ideas?

where exactly do you sen... (Below threshold)

where exactly do you send out the alert to? Which areas?

Even though there is a lag time as it hits different coasts, there is no time to spare. So, I would warn any and all coastal areas. I have no idea if there are computer models that could predict the direction, but with an earthquake that size and so close to Indonesia, the chances a tsunami would generate was pretty high. As soon as it hit Indonesia, it was apparent that all other areas were at danger and the alert could be heightened – if there was time. If there is no danger, it will be known within hours.

In hindsight, obviously, it's very easy to tell what should have been done, however at the time the weather in most of the areas hit was calm and beautiful. If warnings had been given, how many folks would have heeded them?

We already had hindsight to teach us. This isn't the first documented tsunami. I would expect officials to be educated and there to be trained civil defense workers to aid in evacuation. You have your high level officials go on television and radio and issue warnings. There will always be people who will ignore the warnings. But that is no excuse to not issue warnings to the people who will heed them.

Most of the people killed were children from what I'm reading, so it's safe to say that even if they had heard the warning "tidal wave", and few if any having experienced such a thing before very likely would have thought it was bogus because of the lack of rising swells or a visible wall of water.

You save who and as many people as you can, even if it is only yourself. As I already said, I'm not even sure if there is high ground to go to in some of these areas. But you try. And remember, there are plenty of lives to be saved after the water has receded.

but it should be a reminder of how small we really are.

Yeah, well it doesn't, nor should it, stop there. People need to learn what they can do to save themselves and others. It's the least people can expect from themselves and their own governments.

For the record, I'm the person you want around in emergencies. I'm very good in life and death situations. Any other time, however, I suck. :-)

Fair enough, well said juli... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Fair enough, well said julie...

Perhaps the earth was ju... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the earth was just reacting to something that man has done to injure it.

Dude, just imagine what the dinosaurs must have done to deserve the Rockies. They must have elected a Republican by at least 60% !!

Apparently all the attentio... (Below threshold)

Apparently all the attention is a little overwhelming for them.

"You may have noticed that some features of Democratic Underground are currently not working. This is intentional and a result of the website experiencing an unusually high level of traffic currently."


Gee. I ain't as well versed... (Below threshold)

Gee. I ain't as well versed as y'all, but seems to me they's a purty good reeson us hicks from the Red States jest don't quite git it. Ya see, when yur raysed on mtv an such, an listen to them commie tv newsfolks, an beleve ever madeup wurd rooters prints, yur bownd to have a screwedup vishun of the gaya, er erth or what y'all said afore. Axially, cause I read ma Bible, this here round thang we're all sittin' on, I call it erth, has bin deestroyed more 'n oncet. An I hate, all to beejeebus, to tell them bat fellers y'all talk about, the poles ain't always bin ice cause the stuff under the ice was growed there bfor. So I hate to beejeebus to talk all hi an mity to sech edukated folks at du (is that dezershun unit?) but I thank yur filoso, filopos, oh pshaw, yur idee is plum rong.

I visit DU pretty regularly... (Below threshold)

I visit DU pretty regularly for comic relief. I simply can't believe that many of those people are serious. They're mostly trolls, right? RIGHT???

Julie and Drew. Since I liv... (Below threshold)

Julie and Drew. Since I live in Hawaii I can give some perspective of how we handle Tsunami warnings. In reality, you can't track a tsunami. They travel too fast, and too deep to be able to actually follow. They can be caused by earthqueakes, or landslides in the ocean. Whenever there is an earthquake around the pacific oceam facing us, we get a tsunami warning. Luckily we have some time to get ready (usually a few hours as we are in the middle of the ocean). Schools near water are canceled and others are set up as shelters. It inconviences the islands for a day. Every tsunami warnign ive been thorugh here has resulted in 4-8 inch tsunamis. But stories of ealrier tsunamis happening, along with pictures, and knowledge of what happens when you mess with mother nature, saves lives. A simple light post with a siren on it, and radio warnings could have saved thousands. But like everyone says, hindsight is 20/20. Now, all we can do is send help, money, and pray (OMG he said pray)

So, if the lefties a... (Below threshold)

So, if the lefties are correct and they know that man-made
conditions are the cause, shouldn't their logical conclusion be
to Abandon ALL Blue States Immediately!
Given what they know, anything less would be irresponsible, no?

I'd say this post was desig... (Below threshold)

I'd say this post was designed to distract from the neo-fascists who wrote to USA Today. There's really no comparison is there?


Peter Kessler: “And as for the good war, WW II, the lefties were four-square for that one. Yes sir, they were saving the USSR, Stalin and Communism. It's sad we didn't join Hitler until he wiped out the USSR. Alger Hiss and the Uptown Daily Worker (The New York Times) be damned. I see you've joined the club. Well, you're probably a founding member.”

Joe McBride, Fort Dodge, Iowa: “Mr. Neuharth, thanks to you and your ignorance the terrorists are probably booking their flights to the U.S. now! If we pull out of Iraq with the job unfinished the terrorists will be bombing McDonalds, and blowing up malls and schools here, killing our innocent men, women and children.”

Craig Wood, Waianae, Hawaii: “Today's press undermines our troops and supports our enemies. They convince parents that supporting your President is dangerous. They concentrate their ire on any fight that involves the United States and ignore all others. Like the sex scandal in the Congo with United Nations forces…. But, let some Army private put panties on an Iraqi's head and all hell brakes loose….I hope that the people of the United States will ignore or, at least, recognize the agenda of those that choose our enemies over our fine military.”

Duggan Flanakin, Austin, Texas: “Neuharth should be tried for treason along with a lot of other blowhards who should be spending their energies condemning the barbarism of our enemies, the same people who destroyed the Twin Towers. Evidence is pouring in that Saddam financed Al Qaeda with Oil for Food money, and that puts Kofe Annan into the line of fire as well for blame for September 11th. “

Boots Harvey, Brentwood, CA: “One must recall that Churchill had to put up with the likes of Lord Haw-Haw, William Joyce, and his propaganda during WWII. In the end William Joyce was executed for giving aid and comfort to the enemy during war time. Would that the same fate befall Al Neuharth!”

Mel Gibbs: “The Patriot Act will put both of you (Al Neuharth and Greg Mitchell) on trial for treason and convict and execute both of you as traitors for running these stories in a time of war and it should be done on TV for other communist traitors like you two to know we mean business. This is war and you should be put in prison NOW for talking like this. Who the hell do you people think you are? You give aid and comfort to our enemies and aid them in murdering our proud soldiers. You people are a disgrace to America. Your families should be put in prison with you, then be made to leave and move to the Middle East ...You two guys are evil bastards…This is a great Christian nation and god wants us to lead the world out of darkness with great leaders like President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Communists like Al and Greg will soon be in prison and on death row for your ugly papers. We won the election and now you are mad. We own America and all the rights, you people are trash, go back to Russia and Africa and take your friends with before we put you on death row after a fair trial.”

Ah, red state voters. Somehow calling them fascists doesn't sound so extreme anymore.

I'd say this post was de... (Below threshold)

I'd say this post was designed to distract from the neo-fascists who wrote to USA Today. There's really no comparison is there?

Correct, there really is no comparison. What kind of nut would think there is a need to distract from month old letters to the editor in a newspaper most people here don't read? That nut would be you, of course!

p.s. Is your post meant to distract us from the fact that you promised us you were leaving for-evah?

I couldn't possibly leave n... (Below threshold)

I couldn't possibly leave now. My hits are way up!

As proof that Mangroove tre... (Below threshold)

As proof that Mangroove trees will not stop Tsunamis.


Hits solely due to people w... (Below threshold)

Hits solely due to people wanting to know "who is that a-hole, Blogesota?" is nothing to crow about.

It is a dumb idea to have a... (Below threshold)
right wing wacko:

It is a dumb idea to have a warning system which gives you 20 minutes notice for something that happens only every 300 years. And then you have all the false alarms, so the warnings become total noise and always ignored.

The DUmmies love even deris... (Below threshold)
digital brownshirt:

The DUmmies love even derisional mentions of them in the MSM, thinking it will bring them more visitors. What they don't get is that these "visitors" are something akin to motorists slowing down to gawk at a car wreck.

Blogasoter...so, in your mi... (Below threshold)
Pat Rand:

Blogasoter...so, in your mind, some angry right-wingers balance the obviously unbalanced Gaia's-bones-worshipping nutjobs?

Mr. Neuharth's treachery is a topic lending to reasonable debate. The "Gaia's Bones Theory" lends itself to psychiatric incarceration.

Take this test. You're about to get on a plane. You have the choice of flying with a pilot who thinks Al Neuharth is a traitor or one who thinks Gaia has SUV-induced arthritis. Which one do you choose?

What if Gaia were just a bitch with PMS and a hard-on for people living in the tropics?

Note to self:Don't... (Below threshold)

Note to self:

Don't mess with Pat.

Ooh, the Kyoto Treaty. Ther... (Below threshold)
Cato the Elder:

Ooh, the Kyoto Treaty. There we have it, folks. The difference between the survival of the planet and its imminent demise is a piece of paper that the Yurpeens and Asians are busily not implementing.

Behold Leftthink in all its logical glory!

Fun stuff. Apparently you h... (Below threshold)

Fun stuff. Apparently you have never wandered over to Free Republic to chat about the Clintons murdering people left and right and Saddam being responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing.

I'm a libertarian, but I am most definitely an urban, espresso-drinking, sushi-eating minimalist, and I definitely look down on the fat asses in the breadland and their giant cars -- (and reserve my libertarian right to) and the biggest conspiracy theory of all: some constructed Mammon Jesus who teaches us to have a moral compass that stops at the American border, and teaches us that the best way to make society better is to tell children that the Earth was created in six days. Now that's funnier than any tsunami post on DU.

Gee Crystal, I hope all tha... (Below threshold)
digital brownshirt:

Gee Crystal, I hope all that aid to the tsunami victims doesn't get lost at sea because the deliverers left their "moral compass" at the border.

For starters, this disaster... (Below threshold)
Left Winger:

For starters, this disaster has demonstrated the need for an early warning system for the Indian Ocean region. Instead of last minute phone calls made to US Embassies in countries that were threatened like Madagascar and Mauritius, a predetermined network of contacts should exist with emergency evacuation plans to do "whatever we can." There is no doubt it is a disaster that was not planned, and even with perfect foresight and planning, there was not enough time to save every inch of beach, piece of coral, or tragically every man, woman and child. Not even Al Gore would have been able to advert this disaster (though I would still rather see him in a leadership role since I believe he would be better at cooperating with other nations in the relief effort, but again, that is little more than speculation).

Secondly, not all liberals are stupid, irrational, or blame Dubyah for this event. Trust me, if I could blame him for this in a logical manner, I would be the first in line, but most people on both sides of the political spectrum are smart enough to see this disaster for what it is, a natural event in earth's history that was devastating for human life on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Remember that. Not all conservatives are close-minded, fat, old white guys that drive SUVs...and not all liberals are Gaia worshipping, green tea drinking vegetarians that participate in seances and can't spell. There are smart educated people on both sides. Let's be realistic here. Disaster strikes. We need to find solutions to help the victims and prevent something like this from catching the world unaware next time.

Thank you for tellin... (Below threshold)

Thank you for telling me where to find all these brilliant and thought-provoking comments and article links on how man's activity on the planet might actually be adding to natural processes to cause or worsen environmental disasters.

I'll be adding it to my UFO conspiracy theories and all my David Icke and Jim Marrs books!

(You right-wing idiots!!)

I love the "Gaia's bones" t... (Below threshold)

I love the "Gaia's bones" theory! It's very poetic! All right-wing nutjobs on here must be totally without poetry not at least to perceive the strength of the metaphor.

Tolkien would have liked it, I think. (Catholic or not; the number of really strong female archetypes in his fiction, especially the goddess-like High Elves, outnumber the males!)

Well that describes modern American right-wing nutjobs for ya: either a) boring born-again whitebread Christians, who are so unpoetic as to promote Creationism literally

b) equally boring, usually urban, libertarians, who think they are more educated and "scientific" than the Christian fundie kind, and therefore "feel free to look down on them", as one poster here has said - while supporting their policies!

Such a coalition of the literal-minded and the moronic of both "religious" and "materialist" types can never stand indefinitely.






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