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America Cares

Chuck Simmins has been counting American donations to the victims and survivors of the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunamis. He hasn't been counting our government's contributions, but individuals and companies. So far he's found over $127 million dollars in non-governmental donations.

Stingy indeed...


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Comments (32)

I don't think a single pers... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I don't think a single person said the American people were stingy. I don't think anybody actually said the United States itself was stingy, but that is at least open for discussion.

Jan Egeland said Europe and... (Below threshold)

Jan Egeland said Europe and the US were stingy because the percent of charitable as compared to GNP was too low for his tastes. I'd have to look deeper but I thought he was using composite public/private numbers which would (in round about fashion) be calling the citizens of those countries stingy too.

Chuck's numbers prove, and I'm sure you'd agree, that it's not all about what Uncle Sam is giving.

I do agree that American ci... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I do agree that American citizens are givers. This is a prime example of taking a quote and applying it to a bigger picture than it was intended. Though Egeland did not say the US exactly (I believe he said Western/Rich nations), his point was obviously directed at the United States. That being said, he in no way implied that the American citizens were cheap or stingy.

Be proud that we are giving so much, don't color it with snarky quotes.

As for Egelands comments, they were out of line, but not totally without merit. Pfizer did give the same amount as the US initially.

Bill, any money that the US... (Below threshold)

Bill, any money that the US government gives is ours anyway. The only way the government gets money is to take it from the successful individuals and companies working or doing business in the United States. I'm proud our government is giving so little money. I'm also proud that our Air Force, our Marines and our Navy are there, providing things that my dollars donated to the Red Cross cannot.

There's that word again... ... (Below threshold)

There's that word again... "initially."

In the case of the US, it pretty much always means just that. The first payment of many. For some weird reason, though, a lot of silly folks decided to pretend that was all we were going to give.

One little side note: when the European countries talk about what they give, they use one scale - the amount given in international aid in *one subset* of that category, by government sources. It just happens to be the smallest category, proportionally, of the amount of aid the US actually gives, while most foreign countries use it as their major category of donations.

They also never seem to measure donations in kind, like the food aid we give year after year (something like 80% of the world's physical food donations for famine relief, billions and billions of dollars).

When you compare all international aid, government and private, the US accounts for about half of all of the total worldwide.

"I don't think a single per... (Below threshold)

"I don't think a single person said the American people were stingy."

What's your excuse for not knowing Egeland's comments? They were *EVERYWHERE*. I'm curious as to how one can pretend to be informed, commenting on a blog (which you are obsessed with) that referenced said comments, and be completely ignorant of said comments.

All one has to do to see dozens, and by following links hundreds, of people who said that exact thing is look over Wizbang's posts from 12/28 to current.

So...how'd you miss all those people, Bill? I'm really truly curious as to how someone who takes such great pleasure in nitpicking the Wizbangers to death could miss something that prevalent.

Jim,I really don't... (Below threshold)
Jim K:


I really don't find pleasure in nitpicking, and if you notice I don't usually even post comments if the post isn't an underhanded slap at the left instead of a praise of the right. In this situation, the post would have been more than fine if not for the stingy comment... that is neither here nor there though.

I am well aware of egeland's comments, and if you actually go to the link you put up, you will notice that nowhere in his comments does he (1) say the US (though that is obviously what he meant) or (2) Mention anything about citizens or taxpayers, but the fact that they want to give MORE. So, with my initial comment, all I was trying to say was that nobody has said the American PEOPLE are stingy. I stand by that, and if you can find a quote from an important person (not DU or something like that) then I will retract.

Egeland's comments don't fit the bill. Read them again, for the first time.

Jim,No idea why I ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:


No idea why I typed Jim K as the poster. Last post is from Bill K.


Uh, which Jim K is the real... (Below threshold)

Uh, which Jim K is the real Jim K. I'm confused =-(

Bill K,You need to... (Below threshold)
Jim Hall:

Bill K,

You need to do some reading. Jan Egeland with the UN has said so. The steaming piles of moonbat poo at democraticunderground.com and americablog.blogspot.com have said MUCH WORSE.

Oh...oops... (Below threshold)


Jim H. Seriously, just go ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Jim H. Seriously, just go read what Egeland actually said instead of assuming you know. Seriously.

Bill K,I watched t... (Below threshold)
Jim Hall:

Bill K,

I watched the moron say it live so I know exactly what he said.

There is some disgusting partisan activity going on with regard to the generosity of this great country and it needs to stop.

His commentary clearly excoriates the "west" and we all know who the UN and its lapdogs mean when they pontificate about the "west."

The loony left has taken that commentary and gone nuts with it as if it were true. YOU go check out the commentary at Democratic Underground or AmericaBlog.

There is a concerted effort to use this tragedy for political purposes in an effort to make an issue with which to damage the president.

Open your eyes man!

He said Europe and the west... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

He said Europe and the west (or rich nations) and he didn't mention the actual people of the countries. Actually, I take that back, he did mention the people and how they were in favor of giving more aid.

As for your other stuff, I am not DU or AmericaBlog, and I wasn't making it political. I was condeming this post for taking a nice story (Americans giving $127 million) and putting a snarky political spin on it.

I did not see the UN and pa... (Below threshold)

I did not see the UN and particularly that Jan Egeland idiot, handing out the cash to the people that were hit by the four hurricanes down there in Florida.Not even the idiots in the MSM griped about that one.Of course when Lurch and Lurchette went down to Florida, during the campaign, they gave out a token palety sum to look good in the press. George Soros did not donate one red cent to the people of florida either.

What does that have to do w... (Below threshold)
Bill k:

What does that have to do with anything?

This is absurd! I am sick a... (Below threshold)

This is absurd! I am sick and tired of this F'n pissing contest with the World to see who pays more to what disaster, relief, aids, etc. I have never seen anything like this in my 48 years here on Earth. It is the most ridiculous argument we could be having, but it is going on all over the World.
More ridiculous would be handing the UN a couple of hundred million dollars to skim from. I am all for the four Nation coalition, but lets keep this petty I gave more argument out of the relief effort. I doubt the victims could give a rat's ass who gave more.

That being said, he in n... (Below threshold)

That being said, he in no way implied that the American citizens were cheap or stingy.

Of course he did, in the sense that as a representative democracy, the spending policies of the United States government have given tacit approval by its people.

Still, let's say for the sake of argument that he did indeed intend to differentiate between the U.S. people and its government. It still reflects the socialist perspective from which he comes, one in which the only internationally legitimate source of aid and charity is the one extracted forcibly from people by its government and redistributed. He apparently does not consider it legitimate that we prefer to keep more of our money to distribute ourselves---as we are doing in truly tremendous amounts right now through organizations like the Red Cross, World Vision, and so forth.

It also completely omits any value placed on military aid we provide, in terms of manpower, machinery, and money. Even if we ignore the conflicts like Iraq which the U.N. does not recognize as legitimate, there remain a whole host of U.N.-sanctoned and readily legitimized uses of miltary force where we are the sole or primary provider. Not only should the dollar expenditures count, but I dare say that our blood ought to count for something.

Bill K., are you actually t... (Below threshold)

Bill K., are you actually trying to say that the following is not directed at the U.S.?

""It is beyond me why we are so stingy. Really. Christmas time should remind many Western countries at least, how rich we have become," he said.

"There are several donors who are less generous than before in a growing world economy."

"If, actually, the foreign assistance of many countries now is 0.1 or 0.2 percent of the gross national income, I think that is stingy, really," he said. "I don't think that is very generous." "

If that is your position...then you are nothing more than a contrarian for the sake of being contrary. In short, a frigging troll. Anyone with half the sense of a flea can see who Egeland' was directing his ire.

You disappoint, Bill. I expected at least a smidgen of intellectual honesty.

Jim, honestly, look back at... (Below threshold)
Bill k:

Jim, honestly, look back at my comments. I say he never said the US explicitly, but that it is obviously about them.

If you would like quotes from me, here:

"Though Egeland did not say the US exactly (I believe he said Western/Rich nations), his point was obviously directed at the United States."

"you will notice that nowhere in his comments does he (1) say the US (though that is obviously what he meant) or"

Those quotes were followed by these:

"That being said, he in no way implied that the American citizens were cheap or stingy"

"(2) Mention anything about citizens or taxpayers, but the fact that they want to give MORE. So, with my initial comment, all I was trying to say was that nobody has said the American PEOPLE are stingy."

Regardless of what you say, there is a difference between the American people and the American government. In my first post I said two things:

(1) Egeland never actually said the US
(2) Nobody said the American PEOPLE were stingy

So, let's do some fact checking... did Egeland ever say the US? No. Did I mention numerous times that that is what he meant? YES.

Did Egeland ever mention that individual taxpayers of the countries being alluded to were stingy? No. What did he say? That taxpayers actually wanted to give more - - that they were more generous than the government gave them credit for: ""believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much, and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more""

So, instead of blindly arguing points (as you mentioned is the definition of a troll) read what I actually was saying and try to attack my exact points.

Bush waited long enough to ... (Below threshold)
Steve Moore:

Bush waited long enough to offer what, 35million.
He missed an opportunity to do the right thing...
The republicans will spend more than that on the pricks innaguration party. Now he's trying to control the aid effort between 4 countries and the United Nations. I suppose he wants his business buddies to profiteer similar to his war for oil and vengance. Steve Moore Houston, TX.

Yeah, he "waited" until the... (Below threshold)

Yeah, he "waited" until the US offered $15 million in right-now cash (when everyone else was offering a lot less, or none at all), then he "waited" to offer the next $20 million (when everyone was starting to bump up their money after the first US infusion), but you seem to have missed the tens of millions of dollars worth of military and other types of aid that were already on the way while most of the rest of the world was making press releases. We had people on the ground in Sri Lanka and Thailand while most of the rest of the planet was still trying to find their checkbooks.

The US military effort alone will most likely dwarf everyone else's total contributions, when you look at actual results. Hell, the USAF will most likely deliver the vast majority of the donated supplies and medicine. The US government is talking about total contributions in the BILLION dollar range, instead of the piddly hundred million amounts under discussion by most countries.

The $15 million was what we had in the immediate-release disaster funds (cash), the $20 million was a short-term line of credit, and we just needed to find out what the real needs were before putting out any grand piles of cash (someone has to figure out what account to pull it from, you know).

In real-world terms, the US has already put tens of millions of dollars *on the ground* where it needs to be, not sitting in a bank in the EU waiting for some UN bureaucrat to decide which relative gets to skim off of the top.

Steve Moore:I don'... (Below threshold)

Steve Moore:

I don't at all agree with the filtered information you write there (^^), but, as an aside here, I haven't seen any big ole' Democrat appear on the scene with millions of dollars o' cash to dispense, or even dispensing same.

I was curious about all those millions that Kerry still has left over 'from the people' and things of that nature.

So, compared to anyone else, President Bush acted quite quickly and responsibly. Compared to Democrats, Bush has -- in the very least -- acted. I still haven't seen what Democrats are even considering doing, much less have in their pipes.

The U.N., as does France, u... (Below threshold)

The U.N., as does France, uses that line of taunt to try to elicit more money from the United States (and others). It's like a car salesman tactic, suggesting the customer is faulty, anticipating the customer being a bit more needy and determined in their retort. Insult someone, offend someone, into them giving away their assets.

I mean, in reality, it's very insulting, particularly given the huge array of resources that the U.S. makes available worldwide even without disasters, much less in response to them, as during these times.

At this point, the U.N. has already made it clear that they aren't entirely trustworthy with money, particularly millions/billions/trillions. It'd be irresponsible and reckless for the U.S. (or anyone) to simply throw money at the U.N. whenever they issued some resentful statement about 'giving'. And, at this point, it seems that it's an indication of even MORE EFFECTIVE AID AND GIVING to try to channel aid through other sources, and not allow the U.N. as it exists now to be some stopgap in the aid process.

In all due respect.

I will say Americans are st... (Below threshold)

I will say Americans are stingy. The $127mil is mostly corporate or Christian funds (which were not raised in lieu of this disaster but were accumulated and saved over time).
Real honest private donations do not seem to have surpassed $50mil yet. This is less than $0.15 per person.
Even a long-term $1bln equates at merely the price of a McDonalds meal for each person (about $3.40).

I am not saying other nations aren't stingy too. We all are.

Also about the US military:
You guys declare war on any asian country that starts to build up any army. You fill the Pacific and Indian oceans up with your naval fleets. You are paying the troops whether they sit on deck and smoke all day, or if they actually do some good for the first time in their lives.

PS: France and Australia were the first two countries to get physical supplies to Indonesia.

PPS: if giving aid is turned into national pride. Then US competitiveness means you guys will eventually win. What's the harm?
A few egos are bruised, but a lot of lives are saved/bettered. Surely a positive trade-off.

I heard a number of people ... (Below threshold)

I heard a number of people on TV saying the US was stingy including the Washington Post's Cece Connelly. When there's an opportunity to denigrate the USA, the Liberal-Left minions push to the front of the line. Even looney Monjo was able to use the tragedy to take a swipe at the US military.

Before we start throwing millions of dollars at some of these nations affected by the Tsunami, let's first make certain the victims will be the recipients. We don't want new Swiss bank accounts being opened by the thugs who rule these countries.

the money that I gave can p... (Below threshold)

the money that I gave can piss farther than yours

i just found this site whil... (Below threshold)
Arthur C. Cochin:

i just found this site while looking for vids on the SEA tsunami and happened to stumble upon this conversation.

"There is some disgusting partisan activity going on with regard to the generosity of this great country and it needs to stop."

i think this is absolutely right, America is one of the greatest contributers to causes around the world. be it the red cross, the government, church organizations or the people; we have donated massive amounts of money, food, clothing and other essentials to causes around the world. i seriously want to know why everyone seems to be ragging on America and its citezens, can someone e-mail me some good reasons why we deserve such brutal toungue lashings?

Arthur C. Cochin
P.S - i want knowledge, not an e-mail world warIII, if you really have some understandable problems with the way America is doing things i expect you to act your age and be civilized.

thank you

Who cares who gives the mos... (Below threshold)

Who cares who gives the most money.150,000 people are dead and millions more have been displaced.I live in the UK and so far the British people have given more than the government.If anyone deserves to be pilloried it's Tony"fuckwit"Blair.He can't even be arsed to come back from sunning himself on holiday to make a statement!The point is nearly everybody can afford £1 or $2.Fuck the Governments,this isn't a political competition.The UN reckon $100 will rebuild two family homes.Look down the back of your car seats, empty your penny jars,stop whining at each other and give what you can.

The US actually has one of ... (Below threshold)

The US actually has one of the worst records for giving aid in the world. Usually the only aid is tied to some kind of political/economic bargaining. Considering the billions of dollars spent on the Iraq war, and destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands in that country (don't even get onto the rest of the world: Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe.....) I think giving a measly hundred million is a crying shame. Instead I would like to see the US paying for all the damage they have done worldwide, and using its almighty power to help solve some of the world's problems

in response to mione<... (Below threshold)
Arthur C. Cochin:

in response to mione

i dont know what you are talking about, how has america made life horrible for iraqis? did you not see the overjoyed faces ripping down the statue of saddam hussein? did you not see them kiss the soldiers? the only targets we have hit in iraq are confirmed alquaida sites. and if you want to whine aobut civillian casualties, look at all the other wars in history. you cant fight a war and not have accidents.

now, for donations and this 'stingy america thing'

you say we dont do anything for africa? we tried to in the nineties but our genius of a president pulled us out at the first sign of tension. and even now, you know oprah has adopted an entire african village? you know how much bill gates give to all sorts of causes around the world? dont even start forming the words stingy! the LDS church, the money they get from tithes goes to two things, the church and relief donations.

now, about the all mighty power thing:

we try to help the world, what do you think we are doing in iraq and afghanistan? i wanna know what will satisfy the world. we give money and get called stingy, we send in troops to take out a wicked dictator (not only to help but to defend oursleves) and the known world goes into an american hating uproar.

There's a pretty obvious re... (Below threshold)

There's a pretty obvious reason why the Bush Administration pledged only $35 million (the revised figure only came because of the resulting outcry, sorry but that's the truth). Stuck in a megabillion-dollar quagmire in Irag up to his shins (and rising), there simply aren't the resources to save and rebuild lives in SE Asia.

Jeez, man, we have to have priorities here!

"did you not see the overjoyed faces ripping down the statue of saddam hussein?"

Did you not see the long shots of that scene? The one that showed a skeleton crew of Iraqis? I watched it live. That was laughable.

"the only targets we have hit were confirmed alquaida sites. confirmed alquaida sites. and if you want to whine aobut civillian casualties, look at other wars..."

Yeah, right...those "other wars" RELEASED civilian casualty figures, unlike the veil of secrecy around this one.

"we try to help the world, what do you think we are doing in iraq and afghanistan?"

Funny how that has changed. I thought what we were doing in Iraq was to root out the people who blew up the WTC and to stop SH from developing WMDs. It pays to keep bringing that up, so that the utter folly of Bush's Iraq adventure keeps staying clear.







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