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NY Times Editorial Writers Getting Ideas From Kos?

At the height of the Rathergate controversy, CBS went digging thru Kevin Drum's comments section looking for an "expert" to pull their tails out the fire. In reality they just dug themselves deeper when it was learned the commenter was hardly an "expert."

Now it looks like the editorial writers at the New York Times have been getting their ideas from reading Kos and his Kosmonuts. Consider all these links to Kos:

# Now the Chimp will dole out a little miserly aid, and he would not deign to cut down the pomp of his coronation to aid others

# I read that his coronation was going to cost us $35-40 MILLION (!) dollars. We are, so far, anteing up about $15 to aid victims. What a travesty.

# would it be too much to hope for that Bush downsize his coronation and directed the money to the relief efforts

# It sets up another interesting perspective when you think about the amount of money (~40 mil) the wingnuts are going to spend on the recoronation of the king.

# Bush's upcoming Coronation is scheduled to cost $30-40 million. Why not send that to aid victims instead of having a one night party of the rich and deluded?

# Bush's coronation is breaking all the records, as far as expense goes.

# We can't expect Bush to act out of compassion or his supporters to want to spend more on foreign, heathen victims of a catastrophe than will be spent on the coronation of the divinely chosen one in DC in January

# Do the "Christian", altruistic thing and pare down the "coronation" to a simple $1 million or so swearing in ceremony

# Giving less to the crucial initial allotment of aid than will be spent on Bush's coronation is theirs

# So Mr. Magnanimous in Texas has responded to a calamity with up to 100,000 dead by offering a measly $35 million. That is less than Bush will spend on his coronation.

Those were all from yesterday... In today's NY Times we get this....

...Mr. Egeland was right on target. We hope Secretary of State Colin Powell was privately embarrassed when, two days into a catastrophic disaster that hit 12 of the world's poorer countries and will cost billions of dollars to meliorate, he held a press conference to say that America, the world's richest nation, would contribute $15 million. That's less than half of what Republicans plan to spend on the Bush inaugural festivities.

Other than the fact they dropped the "coronation" invective, it is the same thing that dozens of Kosmunuts posted yesterday. (each thinking they were original and witty no doubt.)

It is my sincere hope that in the New Year, the Times will write their own material rather than swiping it from lefty blogs.


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Comments (18)

Paul, frankly, any credibil... (Below threshold)
Liberal Christian:

Paul, frankly, any credibility you ever had has been completely ruined by your absurd post about how right-wing blogs "care" more about tsunami victims. I repeat again the words of our savior:

"Beware of practicing your piety before men in order to be seen by them; for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven." - MATTHEW 6:1

You shall answer to another for your attempt to show your own piety to men and gain political points for it. Perhaps you should look inward at yourself, rather than spew hatred.

Lord. Spare me please. You ... (Below threshold)

Lord. Spare me please. You might want to start preaching towards people on the left while you're at it. They do a lot more "spewing" you know. As for Paul's credibility, he was just making a point. His credibility is still intact.

"any credibility you ever h... (Below threshold)

"any credibility you ever had" Credibility is in the eye of the beholder, numbnuts. So speak for yourself, jackass.

Presumptous puppy.

Spew hatred?<p... (Below threshold)
Mark Flacy:

Spew hatred?

"Liberal Christian", do you have any idea what spewed hatred looks like?

Paul, frankly, any credi... (Below threshold)

Paul, frankly, any credibility you ever had has been completely ruined by your absurd post

Oh? Did I misquote someone?

No? OH you're just a jackass, I get it.

I love when jackasses like ... (Below threshold)

I love when jackasses like you make comments like that... It mean the truth is getting to you.

"Liberal Christian", do ... (Below threshold)

"Liberal Christian", do you have any idea what spewed hatred looks like?

Oh! I do! I do! It's kind of reddish-black and chunky.

"Liberal Christian", do ... (Below threshold)

"Liberal Christian", do you have any idea what spewed hatred looks like?

Oh! I do! I do! It's kind of reddish-black and chunky.

You mean it's Oliver Willis?

Anyway... You just gotta l... (Below threshold)

Anyway... You just gotta love the mindlessly repeated vernacular, don't ya? "King [George II]." "Coronation." Too funny!

wonder if there is still $1... (Below threshold)

wonder if there is still $15 million remaining in the Kerry presidential campaign fund

VERY good question Peg. Let... (Below threshold)

VERY good question Peg. Let's see how quick he is to donate some money.

L.C.:'course, that... (Below threshold)


'course, that $15mil *doesn't* include the two naval groups heading over to provide relief. And Bush, unlike, oh, say, the PM of France, isn't grabbing for media exposure on this - he's just working quietly to get aid to those who need it.

And, you feel the need to drag *your* "piety" out in front of us because why?? (cf. Matt 6:1).

OK... I'm closing the bag o' troll chow.

Oh pul-eaze! Clint... (Below threshold)

Oh pul-eaze!

Clinton spent $29.6 million on his "coronation." AND it wasn't even covered completely by donations, like W's is. He had to dip into his previous inaugural purse to cover the difference.

Wow, the NY Times wrote an ... (Below threshold)

Wow, the NY Times wrote an article on wasteful spending in the face human disaster just like the Daily Kos? Unbelievable! You probably also subscribe to the Bible Code theory too. Just get real will you?

4Truths: I have no d... (Below threshold)

I have no doubt the NYT spends comprable amounts of bucks on their own lavish parties and perks. Therefore, they are in no position to criticize anyone about wasteful spending.

Um, "Liberal Christian," tr... (Below threshold)

Um, "Liberal Christian," try to apply that quote from scripture to your, um, USER I.D.

You're making a great deal of "publicity" as to yourself as author based upon a rather pious presentation of author i.d., is my point. Which, to my read as a Christian, qualifies you as among those you attempt to chastise. Which also qualifies you as being, well, a tad self righteous and hypocritical.

Remember the beam in your own eye, donchyaknow, and perhaps think about whattheheck your user I.D. was written to establish and why. A lot of people are Christians (among other religions) and in my experience on the internet, the people who create user I.D.'s that advertise themselves via that affiliation are a bit contradictory, particularly when they try to reprimand others about similar issues. Vanity, you know.

Ha, I see "leelu" made the ... (Below threshold)

Ha, I see "leelu" made the point, earlier. And well.

Who listens to Kos on the b... (Below threshold)

Who listens to Kos on the blogosphere? Then why in hell would the NY Times rely on him?

Maybe it's because he writes what they want to hear - everything is Bush's fault!








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