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"Call Your Mother"

In case you were thinking that the tsunamis and the earthquake weren't having a direct effect on America...

CNN - Dec 29, 2004 - The U.S. State Department is working to find thousands of Americans unaccounted for days after powerful tsunamis struck countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

No exact numbers are available, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said, but "we're working at any given moment 2,000 to 3,000 names now that we're looking for."

"We shouldn't assume the worst. ... There are often Americans who are outside of the regions that directly suffered who might not have gotten in touch."

...Boucher offered advice for Americans who may be traveling in southern Asia, even if they are far away from sites where the tsunamis struck:

"Call your mother. This is a time where people who know they're hundreds of miles away from ... where the disaster might have occurred need to call home and tell their relatives, who know it's only a quarter-inch on the map."

This disaster is truly global in scale. Hopefully Boucher is right and most of those 2,000 to 3,000 unaccounted for Americans are found alive and well.

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Phone numbers and general i... (Below threshold)

Phone numbers and general information available here: World Wide MARA






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