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Found On Phi Phi Island, Thailand

I was asked to host some photos taken from a camera (and bag) found by survivors of the tsunami in Thailand. The women in the pictures below presumably are the owners of the camera and bag it came from. Here's the message I received, explaining the circumstances:

My friend was caught in the tidal wave while sunbathing on Phi Phi Island in Thailand on Sunday. She and her dad survived and are back in the States in good shape. However after the water receded she found a bag with a camera in it and was able to take some photos of the devastation.

My concern is posting these photos of the young ladies prior to the tsunami who probably own the camera so that concerned people might know the last location of these women in the pictures. I sure would be great to be able to return the camera to the owner.

Click the images to view the 640x480 version of the photos.

If you know these women, their families, or their fate, please direct them here and send me an e-mail so I can arrange for the return of their belongings. Hopefully their is a happy ending to this story...

Update: Due to the volume of traffic Wizbang receives the conversation in the comment section has wandered off topic. This post is not the sum total of Wizbang's tsunami coverage, it's merely an attempt to find a few of the thousands of missing persons. If you want to see Wizbang's tsunami video coverage, click here.


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Comments (226)

gotta give it to you Kev- Y... (Below threshold)

gotta give it to you Kev- You even find pictures of babes in public service announcements.

From the looks of the last pic, the camera was last AFTER the tsunami.

Paul writes;From t... (Below threshold)

Paul writes;

From the looks of the last pic, the camera was last AFTER the tsunami.

F-wit card to you Paul. If you took the time to read the story instead of looking at the pictures, you would have read that the finder of the property took the pictures.

Hey- I was distracted. LOL<... (Below threshold)

Hey- I was distracted. LOL

good catch

The stories are all heartbr... (Below threshold)

The stories are all heartbreaking...Some good ones yes but overall...
You look at the smiles of these two women and you wonder..will there be memories for them to share or will their families never know. It saddens me deeply.
thank you for keeping us grounded.

wow, thousands of people ar... (Below threshold)

wow, thousands of people are coming up dead in asia and u want to return a fucking camera to its owners or family, wow ur retarded

Wow, what is wrong with att... (Below threshold)

Wow, what is wrong with attempting to return somone's displaced property? what are YOU doing about the tsunami?

Brad,Just ignore t... (Below threshold)


Just ignore those f-wits. That's how they get their kicks; knowing that they've annoyed you gives them pleasure.

Um...greg? If the camera i... (Below threshold)

Um...greg? If the camera is able to be returned to these people doesn't that mean they are ALIVE??? Isn't that a GOOD thing???

ur the dum one, dude.

Maybe I'm wrong, but this a... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm wrong, but this at least looks less than kosher. If your source is known, Kevin, my apologies. But I can't help mentioning a few points. First, two dates are distinguishable - 12-28-94 and 1-6-95. At 600x the date on the top photo is still not visible and a pixel examination at least leaves the door open for its having been modified to hide it. If the dates were added at a develppment house, it's unlikely they'd be so off.

Second - What kind of electronic date recording camera works "after the waters recede" from a flood the camera was presumably in?

Third - Assuming you found a camera under these circumstances - no body, no person - how likely would you be to pose so smilingly snapping away with it like it's just another day on vacation?

Maybe I'm wrong - but I hope you'll admit, these are at least some interesting questions.

Sorry about the statement r... (Below threshold)

Sorry about the statement regarding taking pics on vacation. I forgot the first two were supposed to have been taken before the storm. I still can't get past the date and working camera issues though.

Even if the camera was out of sync, not enough days have passed to go from 12/28 to 1/6.

DanIt was obviously ... (Below threshold)

It was obviously a camera belonging to a woman.
How many women do you know who can set the date on a digital camera. How many women do you know who can set a digital clock for that matter.

It is nice of you to publis... (Below threshold)

It is nice of you to publish this and we hope that owners find this site and make a claim.
It is always nice to know that someone survived.

Could have been a guys came... (Below threshold)

Could have been a guys camera. Who is behind the camara? maybe a playa' taken his women on a vacation?

Hmmmm, tropical island , lots of women....

....Anyway, I hope it all turns out ok, must have been a good camera/bag to stay dry.

Ok I'm not sure if anyone e... (Below threshold)

Ok I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but, the only person that is in all 3 pictures is the woman on the left in the first 2. The other 2 women are not the same. This leads me to believe that the woman on the left was the owner of the camera along with possibly her husband taking the photos. Also seeming as she is also the person in the last photo (taken what seems to ba after the tsunami), this leaves me to believe that this is a hoax and not a real story. If I am wrong on the other hand.... I do hope the people pictured are still alive and well and everything turns out happy.

Meu coração está entristec... (Below threshold)
Ana Paula:

Meu coração está entristecido com esta tragédia, agradeço a Deus pelos sobreviventes por que são abençoados pois somente o poder Divino livra as almas do mal. Deus,cuida dessas famílias e protege os necessitados, consola nossos corações e provê as necessidades de cada um. Senhor te inclina a ouvir o clamor desse povo. Amém

In response to Ed's comment... (Below threshold)

In response to Ed's comment wayyyy near the top:

It said the finder of the camera took SOME pictures... not THESE pictures.

Hi, to whome ever presumed ... (Below threshold)
A capable woman(you fwit!):

Hi, to whome ever presumed that a woman cannot program a digital camera date (or digital clock for that matter) I am the one in my house to figure out and use ALL the electronic equipment around here. My EX husband was the moronic idiot who was a useless pussbag when it came to anything electronic. All he could do was play retarded video games and that is about as usless as tits on a boar. So.... I kicked his arse to the curb while I kept all the awsome digital equipment for myself. And if you are lucky enough to have tricked some poor woman into being with you DAN2 I hope she gets wind of what you said and crushes your balls and leaves you behind while taking all your electronic equip for herself and her lesbian lover on vacation somewhere that you will never get to go. You suck dickweed. Furthermore, who gives a ripe [email protected] about the date on the camera, perhaps when it got wet it reset itself? My son dropped my camera in our pool once and it still worked but the date and time were screwed up for a month after until we took it to be repaired. I just hope those chicks survived the second waves etc.

Ok for those who seem confu... (Below threshold)
The Optimist:

Ok for those who seem confused by this. A nice person found the camera. On the camera were the first two pics (probably the owner). The third pic was taken by the nice person who found the camera, after the tsunami.

Now let's all stay focused, hope the owner is OK and thank the nice person who took the time to try to give some comfort to others of this tragedy.

(Unbelievable; the number of moronic people who wrote in...).

Take care,

The Optimist

I see nothing to suggest a ... (Below threshold)

I see nothing to suggest a hoax. The top two pics are supposedly taken by the owner of the camera, the bottom pic supposedly taken by the finder of the camera. If the finder is in the US now, the bottom pic was probably taken on the 27th or 28th. That would make the middle picture taken around the 18th. The date imprinted on the top picture looks like it might say the 27th, meaning it would have been taken around the 17th.

The question of the camera working after it was found is a valid one, but there was nothing in the message to suggest the bag had been under water.

Other observations:

The top to pictures seem to be indeed from Phi Phi.

This kind of date imprint is only done by film cameras. So if the story is true, the film from the camera was developed/had digitized by the finder.

IMO, the women in the top two photos look Australian, and the woman in the bottom photo looks American.

Since the women had been there at least a week, they may have planned to return from their vacation on the Sunday of the tsunami, explaining why they may have been forced to abandon their non-under-water bag (and presumably other belongings).

My opinion is that it's most likely real.

Thanks for the amusing read... (Below threshold)
Canada Rob:

Thanks for the amusing reading,I think you are doing a good thing. Good luck to all in SE Asia

To a capable woman, it sond... (Below threshold)

To a capable woman, it sonds like you have been jilted badly and nedd a good hard pumping, and i would like to be the one givin it to ya.

Why does this remind me of ... (Below threshold)
Non Believer:

Why does this remind me of the hoax where shortly after 9/11 someone found a camera in the rubble of the World Trade Center. When they developed the film they were shocked to find a picture of a man standing on the observation deck with an airplane approaching in the background.

With all that has happened I'm puzzled why someone would be putting in any effort to return a camera and a few personal effects to a tourist.

Someone mentioned a digital camera, I suspect it was a film camera, don't know of any digital cameras that put the date on the image. That info and much more are normally embedded in a meta tag in the file. The date on the first picture also appears to have been partially removed where as it's clearly visible in the other two.

Sorry Just don't buy it.

Such a horrible tragedy...y... (Below threshold)

Such a horrible tragedy...yet I am highly entertained by all these hilarious posts you people put up! How boring the world would be without people advertising their stupidity to entertain us intelligent ones.

The first photo (with boat ... (Below threshold)

The first photo (with boat in background) was taken at Lodalum Bay.

People, the reason we put t... (Below threshold)

People, the reason we put this up is so that if the people in the camera (god forbid) died in the Tsunami, their relatives can at least have SOMETHING to remember them by. God how morbid it is to write this, but it's true.

My DIGITAL CAMERA will impr... (Below threshold)

My DIGITAL CAMERA will imprint the date on the bottom right. It is a Minolta Dimage Z1. Although the imprint does look as though it is from a standard film camera. God bless everyone involved in this horrible tragedy.

"SOMETHING to remember them... (Below threshold)
Don't get it:

"SOMETHING to remember them by." If god forbid they didn't survive I'm sure their relatives would have SOMETHING to remember them by, such as a lifetime of memories. I'm sure that their relatives would appreciate the pictures but you act like there would be NOTHING to remember them by without them.

I think thou are taking thy pictures to seriously.

Why is it such a bad thing ... (Below threshold)
do get it:

Why is it such a bad thing to try to give relatives of people who are probably gone, some pictures of their last happy days.
Why do so many seem to have trouble with this?
Good job making the efforts - there is little that most of us can do other than donate money, and if you're not even doing that, then quit critcizing!

---->This is for "Dan2. He ... (Below threshold)

---->This is for "Dan2. He says, and I quote "How many women do you know who can set the date on a digital camera. How many women do you know who can set a digital clock for that matter."

I work for an extremely large (over 8,000) company and I am the e-mail administrator of all of them. That would be duel network of Microsoft Active Directory and Novell's GroupWise systems combined. So, DICKHEAD, not only do I do that, but I can go home to my 200 year old house -that I maintain and remodel, I am an excellent cook - very clean, and know how to maintain my car. I have great sex with my man, ride a crotch rocket and love animals. I've worked in IT for the last 15 years, but I really Really REALLY try to figure out how to set the date on my digital camera and clock. You freakin MORON... YOU.

The exercise appears to be ... (Below threshold)

The exercise appears to be a valid attempt to assist someone and whether or not such is actually a hoax seems harmless enough to me. It deserves no over-analysis IMHO.

I am present in this discussion only 'cause 12 of my last 100 readers came straight from this link. I musta been on the top of blogroll.

Everyone's passion is so en... (Below threshold)

Everyone's passion is so entertaining. The main point; this camera could provide solice to loved ones of this tragedy so knock off the cynicism. I don't believe this is a single's hook up site either. Bless those who have lost someone.

Shawn has a point. In addi... (Below threshold)

Shawn has a point. In addition, I think I see a reflection of Oliver Stone in one pic. This is an obvious hoax.

I'm so saddened by how self... (Below threshold)

I'm so saddened by how selfish this world is that our concerns seem to focus on accusations and judgements during such a severe and devestating tragedy. Thousands of people are dead. Thousands of poor babies and children are left homeless and without parents. Not a single person in SE Asia is not effected by this event, and yet somehow, not many people I speak to seem to feel effected at all. Make a donation, say a prayer, adopt a child, but MY GOD, please try to learn to focus on the real matter at hand...these poor people's lives are ruined, and you are accusing somebody who simply tried to place a camera with its correct owner of a scam. Who cares...who cares? Leave your accusations and do what you can to help, whatever it may be.

I am responsible for the po... (Below threshold)
Steve Buckley:

I am responsible for the posting of these young ladies photos. My friend found the camera on an upper floor of her hotel while looking for dry shoes and dry clothing. It was in a bag and it was a film camera. We had the film developed and put on a CD after it arrived in So. Florida. Put your suspicions to rest or perhaps imagine that these young ladies might be one of your loved ones.

New Year Wishes During Tsun... (Below threshold)
Northern Belle:

New Year Wishes During Tsunami Crisis
It's a tragic time, this New Years Eve. People are still coming to terms with the disaster, while others are trying to get on with their lives.

Please consider the profound grief that humanity is experiencing at this moment and respect the endless sorrow of people who are mourning.

This is an invitation to keep a moderate tone to all celebrations tonight, and spend a minute in silence in commemoration around midnight.

Peace to all

This is to Janis.... YOU GO... (Below threshold)

This is to Janis.... YOU GO GIRL!!! I bet right now mr. Dan2 is about to crap his drawers because he can't handle the truth of him being the PERFECT Moron dude, and what's funny is he probably sits on his couch eating chips and watching the Jerry Springer show because he has no job and can't even figure out how to wind his watch (that doesn't need winding) hmmmmmmm! He just can't handle the truth that women, yes I said women can and are alot smarter that "MAN".
God speed to all those affected by this horrific

Those chics are probably al... (Below threshold)

Those chics are probably all dead. Just about everybody's dead over there.

What kind of Camera was it?... (Below threshold)
Uncle Julio:

What kind of Camera was it?

To me this is a great advert for this camera : the camera survived a tsunami and still took great pics

Well well, truly amazing! ... (Below threshold)

Well well, truly amazing! Have a safe New Year to all you survivors!

Have a vision not clouded by fear. The wise speak when they have something to say, the fools speak when they have to say something.

Thanks Steve Buckley for cl... (Below threshold)
Read b4 Commenting:

Thanks Steve Buckley for clarifying the background to the story. According to Steve, the camera was found out of water, in an apartment - dry.

[joe], I'm not sure how you pick an Australian. However, the girl common to the first two photos looks more polynesian to me - possibly New-Zealander.

[tammy/janis/capable woman/dan2], please take your sexist/chauvinist comments elsewhere. You are all as bad as each other. Being a chauvinist - regardless of your gender (male or female) - is destructive and is not appropriate for this thread, nor any thread that I would bother to read.

Well, maybe this was also d... (Below threshold)

Well, maybe this was also done but if it hasn't been done, contact with the right embassy can be made by phone, quote from link below. "If you have specific information regarding an American citizen who is missing or who was killed in the disaster, please call the American Embassy in Bangkok immediately at 02-205-4049."

Regarding the dates.... (Below threshold)
Regarding the dates:

Regarding the dates.
If the camera date is malfunctioning due to tsunami, then photos prior to tsunami should not have the malfunction. Assuming that it's a film camera that imprints the date when the exposure is made.

If it were a digital camera with malfunciton, seems very unlikely that data corruption would result in viewable images and incorrect dates.

The final possiblity is that the date was incorrect prior to tsunami, then malfunctioned post tsunami. This seems moderately unlikely. An examination of the camera and film negatives would resolve.

My gut says hoax.

Yo - "Regarding Dates" and ... (Below threshold)

Yo - "Regarding Dates" and "Non-Believer" - you are both complete morons! WHAT could possibly be the hoax here? There's no real-time tsunami in the background similar to the airliner in the fake 9/11 pics! What would these people possibly be pretending or staging? Idiots. Let this guy try to return the camera to the owners, or to the family, if need be. And go back to watching your Jerry Springer.

All of you jerks who posted... (Below threshold)

All of you jerks who posted message criticizing anyone on this thread - you need to get a life and just keep your smart alecky opinions to yourself. We are not interested in them. And furthermore - I know alot of women who can program alot of electronic equipment - me being one of them. If you can't say anything nice, then just shut up! Kevin-Thank you for posting these pictures and information - it very well could be important to the owner of the camera or a relative or close friend. NAB

I would like to add my $.02... (Below threshold)

I would like to add my $.02. (USD). The camera date can be erroneous if the batteries were low or the date was never set in the first place. Also, I don't know how many of you have had a camera with film in it and not developed it for a long time (I personally developed film 1 year after the photos were taken - we forgot about it). It was stated it was a film camera and the friend brought it back to FL for developing and then posting.

The women were probably travelling as a threesome having a great time As there is one common woman in the top two, why cannot there be three friends all travelling together and posing alternately.

Regardless if this is a hoax or real, the damage in SE asia is and was real and we are looking at one of the largest natural disasters to hit in our lifetimes and probably generations to come. Bickering over the camera, dates, film etc is miniscule when compared to the loss of life and the future losses that will happen.

Remember, it is summer, hot humid and very dank and I pray for all those that have survived so that they may return to some normalcy. I also pray that the women in the photos will be remembered or found. Good job! and my God be with all the victims in this time of despair.


Please look on the pictures... (Below threshold)

Please look on the pictures of missing people in NYTIMES..there are two women there that looks like them. Click Asia Deadly Waves--->Photo response--->Thailand

I can't read the whole phone number a hand was covering it when the pic was taken.

How much for the camera?</p... (Below threshold)

How much for the camera?

<a href="http://carnivorous... (Below threshold)

Here is a list of US victims in Thailand, with a link to the entire list by country.

Typepad is acting up, just ... (Below threshold)

Typepad is acting up, just go to my home page if you want to see the list. It's on top.

To me the greateset disaste... (Below threshold)

To me the greateset disaster of 2004 was not the Indonesian tsunami but the continuing conflict in Iraq, the bloody endgame of the 9/11 disaster. The upper estimate of deaths in Iraq, 100,000, is eerily similar to that for the tsunami. While the one disaster rates as an act of God and the other an act of man, to whit the President of the US, to the hapless Iraqis the difference must seem notional. They must feel as impotent in the face of falling bombs and the continuing tidal wave of destruction. The bodies of their loved ones must seem just as dead.
The point of the blame culture is to make us wiser, to teach lessons. The lessons of 2004 should in theory leave us better prepared for the next earthquake or the next terrorist incident. With each disaster, we should know better how to avoid Diamond's terrible warning against societies that "choose to fail". We should be better adjusted to the equilibrium of survival. I wonder.
Certainly 2005 is starting impressively. The world is joing together to help the victims of a cataclysm. The outpouring of sympathy and charity is real. Because the prime cause was a natural disaster, there is no one directly to blame and a sense of common cause is easier to generate.
Yet we should remember that the Iraq disaster began in much the same way. The last time the world was similarly united in horror and sympathy was in the second week of September 2001. The attack on the twin towers in New York and elsewhere seemed an event so awful that only the most impassioned response was appropriate. Then as now, many hoped that some good might flow from such evil. The entire world, including almost all Muslim nations, condemned the attack and pledged to help to catch the culprits. nothing like it must ever be allowed to happen again. Even Yassir Arafat gave blood for the people of New York.
History may yet see the dissipation of that sympathy and support in America's attacks on and occupation of Islamic states as the last great folly of the 20th century. What might have become a global coalition against terror has been turned instead into a widespread and fanatical anti-Americanism. America and Britain's over-reaction to 9/11 and the reduction of Iraq to anarchy are classics of what Diamond calls a society recklessly "choosing to fail".
Unlike the tsunami, in the case of Iraq we at least know whom to blame. The war is being waged by two democracies, Britain and America. For its out-come they have only themselves to blame.

Great post, Solid - eloquen... (Below threshold)

Great post, Solid - eloquent yet stoopid is so hard to achieve!

I really dont know what all... (Below threshold)

I really dont know what all the negative comments are about. What happen the otherday was very tragic. All of us here today posting messages in this thread should be very greatful that we are here. My heart goes out to the families, friends, and close ones of anyone who was apart of this tsunami. What they are trying to do here with the camera and photo is solve what appears to be a problem. The camera and photos may be a big concern to the families or owner (if alive) as well as it may not be such big of a deal. Hey we cant determine because we arent the owner nor the families or friends of the ppl in the photo. He was ask to find out what up with the ppl of the camera, and thats whats being done right now.

LADIES, if they think you cant set the date on a camera or a digital clock and you know fully well you are capable of doing it plus more, Hey who are you to even be given them the time and day. I DONT LIFE MY LIFE FOR OTHERS, it might not be the way others see it but if you think i am something or someone that I know am not, WELL SUCKS BE TO YOU. Let them say what they have to say, really and truly this isnt the time and place for it. HOW WILL ALL OF YOU FEEL (DOES OF YOU WITH A HEART), God forbid, IF THIS WAS FAMILIES OR FRIENDS OF YOU. Wouldnt you like to know.

Lets help one another and stop with all the critism and negativity. SEE, ITS A STATEMENT LIKE WAHT DAN2 SAID THAT COULD CREATE ANOTHER WORLD WAR. Am just trying to say that, its that simple to make anyone your enemy.

Happy New Year, and may you all life to see many more. JUST THANK GOD FOR LIFE and at the same time ENJOY LIFE because you never know what the future holds for you.



Solid, You're post w... (Below threshold)

You're post was anything but "solid". You are an unadulterated imbecile. This posting forum isn't for pro-fascist, anti-American, islamic fanatical rantings...please drop off the face of the map.


I just got back to Sweden f... (Below threshold)
Peter Andersson:

I just got back to Sweden from Thailand. I´ve
lost eight friends and a brother. So to u all
that haven´t been there, but that have so much
to comment: go f**k yourself!!!

Has anyone noticed that the... (Below threshold)

Has anyone noticed that the tide is way down behind them? Could this photo have been taken just before the tsunami hit?

well said peter. i can't be... (Below threshold)

well said peter. i can't believe i am reading such inane nonsense when so many people are injured and lost and so many families accross the world are grieving for their loved ones.
Grow up and think about the reality of this whole thing whilst you sit in your nerdy bedrooms all safe and fucking warm!

Why should´nt it be possibl... (Below threshold)

Why should´nt it be possible that the girls lost the camera after the Tsunami? I think that there was a lot of trouble and horrible!

I hope that they are okay and the only thing they have lost in the Tsunami is the camera!!!!!!

I wish you all the best!The poor persons which comments are more than sad, too!

From Germany,

Quit your whining Peter, th... (Below threshold)

Quit your whining Peter, things are tough all over. People lose other people all the time in disasters and there are others that have lost a lot more than you. Because you have lost someone does not give you the right to curse others down.

would you all just shutup?<... (Below threshold)

would you all just shutup?

If no one claims the camera... (Below threshold)

If no one claims the camera ... could i have it?

For all of you lousy intern... (Below threshold)

For all of you lousy internet-detectives you could always do a search here: for who you might think it is.
I would post a picture of the woman that I think the one on the left is, but I dont want to gross anyone out or waste the hospitals bandwidth linking offsite photos.
Just search female, phi phi, and click enter.

I'd like to see a picture o... (Below threshold)

I'd like to see a picture of this guy with the huge tsunami in the background, with the date/time on the photo.

Find some way to add the big-cat guy photo too.


Is there any more photos in... (Below threshold)

Is there any more photos in the camera that could identify the hotel they stayed at? If the hotel didnt get wiped out I'm sure they will have an email address.

why can't we all just get a... (Below threshold)

why can't we all just get along???

i was just thinking.......(i know, it's not something i do often...but)...if we didn't have all of these troops around the world fighting in pointless, wrong, illegal wars, then maybe these people could get the help they need NOW!....
armys can be powerfull things...but more powerfull when used to help, not destroy..


Hey Dellmaster, WTC Guy str... (Below threshold)

Hey Dellmaster, WTC Guy strikes again:


To all who suffer fom this ... (Below threshold)
Brendan McAuley:

To all who suffer fom this enormous tragedy I am deeply hurting for you. Pardon my attempts to derail reality by somehow invovling myself in this debate thread- I guess its human nature.

I think Dan is right this seems like a hoax to me. Just my gut. There is too much going on with the camera for this to be for real.

To the chicks offended by the comments about the digi camera- this is not the place to defedfn the femal epersuasions abilities with digital cameras-
that poster makes a good point actually. It is right for example, to assuem that men do not have the ability to change a childs diaper as well or cook too.


How sad it is to comment ab... (Below threshold)

How sad it is to comment about people and their lifestyle. (Pictures say a thousand words, but yet it remains silent to there were abouts for their love ones.) And some are cracking jokes about them. What if they were your loved ones wuld you be make jokes then??? HMMMM.... maybe not.... or you don't have any feelings.
May prayers and hope go out to those in need.

Hello all,It's ama... (Below threshold)

Hello all,

It's amazing how many people talk shit about the person who put these photo's on the net. I just saw a lot of pictures and videos on the disaster and all my prayers go out to the families in Asia and to those who survived. It's horrible too think about the things these survivors saw, and most of all who they lost. It's something no one should go through. All you morons who dare to accuse the persons of a hoax are just sick, if you ask me.

Lets just hope that Asia gets the help they need so bad as soon as possible.



The dates on the camera wer... (Below threshold)

The dates on the camera were probably not set ever. Most people I know could care less about the date. More importantly, there is a time lapse of 24 days from when the first pictures were taken and the last picture post Tsunami. That's 24 days or more than 3 weeks apart. The first pics could have been taken anywhere else in the world.

To Everyone,Some of... (Below threshold)

To Everyone,
Some of you people make me sick. Why on earth would you say such horrible things about people who, God forbid, might not even be alive?? I'm totally dumbfounded at how disgusting some of you are. I go to high school and I hear some bad stuff, but people saying, "Look at bulldyke. They make my skin crawl." That's so messed up. I'm not here to tell you how to live your lives, but don't be so damn tactless. What if those people's families read that? What if someone said that about somebody in your family who died? Some of you are so immature. Don't be so small-minded, and if you think it's a hoax, and you absolutely have to say something, don't be so damned rude about it. This nice guy's just trying to help. You should really try to think about somebody besides yourselves. You could really hurt someone's feelings.
To all the kind people who posted here, God bless you. I don't even want to know where the world would be without you. My heart goes out to the people in SE Asia and their loved ones.

Greetings;First of a... (Below threshold)

First of all....May I suggest that the third photo could well be prior to the tsunami. Maybe the home owner was just a messy housekeeper. You people would not believe how messy my wife keeps our place. Heck...That place looks O.K. to me.

Second...Everyone is taking this camera far too seriously. I praise the finder for trying to locate the rightful owner...I am sure that this small act is an absolute good.

As for the rest of ya...As George W. Bush once said..."Ya cannot take the world too seriously. For if we all took the world seriously....we would all be Feminists !!"

And remember....There, but for the grace of God...

i can't believe how rude, c... (Below threshold)

i can't believe how rude, crude and generally stupid SO MANY of the comments on this thread are. Grow up.. you sound like you all desperately need a girlfriend.

It's not that I'm taking th... (Below threshold)

It's not that I'm taking the camera that seriously, it just bothers me that a person could be so rude. Even if they were just joking, it's not funny. It's hurtful. I'm not a saint. I've said some pretty messed up things, but I've never talked crap about someone who might have died a horrible death. I think that's evil, but that's just my lame opinion.

***Our army is sending in c... (Below threshold)

***Our army is sending in crates of fairy liquid to help with the high demand of people washing up on the beach!***

"Everyone has the right to be stupid, your just abusing it!"

You bunch of stupid america... (Below threshold)

You bunch of stupid americans. How can you make fun at such a time of tragedy? May you all suffer miserable overweight non existent lives. You poor miserable sons and daughters of bitches.

Maybe these are just two la... (Below threshold)
Dan Quayle:

Maybe these are just two ladies out for a day at the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. Remember, we can get cameras in the U.S. that take really good pictures. I think that the third photo looks like someone's apartment the morning after a fraternity party. Maybe these pictures were taken in Tallahassee?

That is DEFINITLY NOT Fort ... (Below threshold)

That is DEFINITLY NOT Fort Lauderdale.

Was I the only one who note... (Below threshold)

Was I the only one who noted that the dates actually say '94 12 28 and '95 1 6? These date would lead one to believe that the camera dates were either never set (meaning the dates couldn't be trusted in any case) or that the dates were set but not the year...not making any sense because you do that all at the same time.

If the dates are right, these pictures are 10 years old.
If the dates are right but the year is wrong the pictures COULD be pre and post tsunami. (unlikely because nobody sets just the date if they take the time to set it at all)

Refer to Achems-razor...the simplest solution is usually the best answer.

I can see why Bush got re-e... (Below threshold)

I can see why Bush got re-elected, you people are just plain stupid!

The bird on the left should... (Below threshold)
Lenny Henry:

The bird on the left should lose weight...
Bet she won't have a chance now...

who worships the right god?... (Below threshold)

who worships the right god? not them i guess.

funny how the whole world h... (Below threshold)

funny how the whole world hates us till they need us... f- the world if were gonna spend money , american tax dollars , i say we give our troops in iraq the armor they need.

Its your kind of blind arro... (Below threshold)

Its your kind of blind arrogance, which makes "the whold world" hate your country and its people, Keith.

Johnny, Every coun... (Below threshold)


Every country has people like Keith. If he truly represented the US, do you think we would be providing money? No. Feel free to check the facts. The US has provided more relief money and effort than anyone else in the world over the last 50 years. And we have again provided in this case. 350 million and thousands of relief workers have already been sent. That's just from the government. There is also incredible amounts of money being donated privately to organizations. The majority of us are very compassionate and caring people, just as the majority of good people in the rest of the world.

If I were to take internet posts as representative of the rest of the world, I would think they were mostly hatefull, selfish morons. Read US newspapers and magazines, especially editorials and letters to the editors, to get a better gauge on feelings in the US.

<a href="http://202.129.16.... (Below threshold)

I checked the recommended search tool and unfortunately it seems that the woman on the left is indeed a victim (photoof the deceased in link).
Same hairline, same cheekbones, same eyebrows.
Strange that the photo's dated 29-11-2004 but that confirms the accuracy of ANY date shown on
a photo.

OMG!!!!First.... how... (Below threshold)

First.... how can you say that those two photos (Chicago)are of the same person?!
Second... WTF is wrong with some of you? Grow up, look in the mirror, and for some of you... do us all a favor and tie up any loose ends you might have and then.... shoot yourself in the head... thanks

To those of you truly hurt by this many good people are helping and going to help you anyway they can and our thoughts are with you.

Right on Keith. If you wan... (Below threshold)

Right on Keith. If you want our money little Johnny............come and get it, u fuc^($# asshole.
Ya know the tsunami could have been a real disaster..........I could have been there.

You are right I am an asshole and I have absolutely no feelings of pain for any one who was caught in the disaster who was not a citizen of the area where it happened. Free your mind and your ass will follow.

So....how will this story o... (Below threshold)

So....how will this story of entrigue end? Will the unidentifiable people be discovered? Will the USA keep increasing it's $$$ amount in aid to top all countries? Will this discussion thread turn into personal and political warfare? What may become of the camera....ebay perhaps? Tune in next time folks for another addition of.....
"People who should be working.....that AREN'T!!"

Note: the last "TV" postin... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

Note: the last "TV" posting was put up by someone other than the original kevin who started this thread....I wish to be known as Kevin W.

Thanks folks, and keep watching!

if the last picture has an ... (Below threshold)

if the last picture has an accurate date stamp (with the wrong year), we are looking at a picture from the future. today is only jan. 4th, but the third picture is date stamped for jan. 6th.

The interesteing thing is i... (Below threshold)

The interesteing thing is in the 2nd photo: the water is EXTREMELY far away - note the boat in the foreground on wet sand. The photos could have been taken when the water had been sucked-out prior to the tsunami...
Hopefully the owner is in photo # 3

Might I humbly suggest that... (Below threshold)

Might I humbly suggest that humour is the way that many people deal with that which is beyond normal comprehention, experience, and emotion. It is not a bad thing, just a way of coming to grips with terrible reality.

That is why we should "lighten up".

I have been to Phuket, Thailand, and plan to return at my earliest opportunity in order:

A) To have a great time at a reasonable price, and
B) To help the local people and businesses recover through honest work and profit rather than charity. I truly believe that it is what they would want.

(Has anyone considered that the camera may belong to someone quite alive, and at the scene, who just set it down for a minute to have a whiz, and returned to find it "stolen" ????)

great thread guys, this blo... (Below threshold)

great thread guys, this blog thingie is really catchin on...

Here is a site to search fo... (Below threshold)

Here is a site to search for victims. May God Bless Us All. http://www.tsunamithailand.com

After reading most of the c... (Below threshold)

After reading most of the comments on this page, I am now in need of some Excedrin. I can think of any number of plausible scenarios for the dates on the pictures being screwed up, but apparently the only reason the naysayers can come up with is 'HOAX!'. While the possibility exists that this is, indeed, a hoax, the possibility also exists that the camera just has ISSUES! I've got a digital camera, which I love, but it does have this rather annoying habit of resetting the date all by it's widdle self every so often. If I don't catch it in time, I end up with the occasional pic dated somewhere near the pleistocene era. My previous camera, a regular cam, not digital, also had this habit. I'm beginning to think it's a pheromone I put off or something. Anyway, I have pictures from a year and a half ago that I got developed only to discover they were dated for NINETEEN NINETY FOUR. Nooooooooot quite right. No one who came forward with these pictures has asked for money that I've seen, so even if it WERE a hoax, they're not attempting to commit fraud or profit from it. I think, sometimes, I prefer to hope for the best instead of assuming the worst. Some here apparently like the flip side...

I think those girls are now... (Below threshold)

I think those girls are now happier than they ever were because now they are in the hands of god. Forever my sympathy for the families of the wonderful people who lost their lives to this horrible tradgedy.

'Happier than they ever wer... (Below threshold)

'Happier than they ever were'? Do you have an inside line to the precise amount of their happiness PREtsunami? Was that measured standard or metric? I mean, they looked pretty damned happy beforehand, didn't they? And what if they were Buddhist, or Atheist, or... you get the picture. Still sticking with that hands of god theory?

And if you sincerely believe that they're happier now, then wouldn't that render it NOT a tragedy that they're gone? If they're sitting somewhere up in a supposed heaven with a Pina Colada and cancerless tanning, shouldn't we all be HAPPY for them?

If I lost my husband in a car wreck and someone came up to me and told me he was now 'happier than he'd ever been' while he was here with me, I'd be forced to redefine 'assault'. I think it's a perfectly horrible thing to say so close on the heels of the loss of a loved one, barring situations of long suffering illness, which one can imagine, in that circumstance, death being a release from pain.

Sorry. The whiff of religion there went to my head. And I've got PMS. My hormones made me do it.

I have read an awful lot on... (Below threshold)

I have read an awful lot on the impact the 'tsunami' disasters have made on the world. I have seen pictures of curiosity and grotesque morbidity. I have seen the headlines of millions asking "WHY GOD?" I am saddened by the loss of human life, though I can say without much shame, not anywhere near what anyone who lost someone might feel. I know many are looking for an answer to why such a huge disaster could take place in this day and age.
But remember, we have only been on this world as an ADVANCED species for several hundred years. Yes I know, egyptians in 4000 bc and all, but only in the last few hundred years has the WHOLE world been able to know what happens else where. We live on a LIVE PLANET. One that changes constantly, much to the dismay of we supreme humans, and ALWAYS in a violent upheaval. The tsunami was the cause of an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, which was caused my the powerful movement of tectonic plates on whick we mortals ride. This is a process that has happened for hundreds of millions, nay a couple of billion years. We seem to think of our violent geological past as something to look back on and say, "Whew, Im glad THATS over with!" So we continue to live in areas that flood, or near volcanoes that MIGHT and do become active again, or in hurricane infested waters...and when the DISTASTER strikes we cry out "WHY?! Why us GOD, why NOW?!!" Then we clean up and move RIGHT BACK in to a spot we just saw devastated by mother nature and say, "WHEW, Im glad THATS over with." Warnings can save some lives. One world together can save more. But remember, the dinosaurs were wiped from the face of the earth by nature. They ruled the earth for millions of years. Do you think they ever asked God WHY? This may seem idiotic to many of those who believe in God, but I believe the WHY is...just because. When we walk thru this world with our heads up our ass and fight each other over whose invisible deity is right and spend millions on houses and cars we never use and sit and watch others suffer (even in our own streets), we need to be reminded that we are NOT a chosen species, we are just lucky, and if you are somewhere when disaster strikes, its just because.

I am not a blogger and can'... (Below threshold)
George C:

I am not a blogger and can't believe I read this whole thing. I thought what a waste of time reading this but like a gawker at a car wreck I kept reading. You see the spectrum - the commentors who make sense, the commentors who antagonize, the ones who see only a platform for their ideologies, the earnest, the sincere, the maudlin, the doubters, the believers - why I am looking at life and all its faces without societal constraints or etiquette. Almost as a collective expression of the Freudian ID of the world.
But then I go back to the picture and the story about it. I take Kevin at his word. It looks and feels all to real to me. The girls have that 'I think I know her' look to me and I feel sad. I don't believe this could be a hoax, to clumsy to be fake and for what reason. I feel, also, unfortunately they are most assuredly dead. This is tragic of course. But the tragedy is without qualification. Whether they were wonderful people or more likely just like us and all the 100s of thousands of others with mixed failures and greatness all potential in their lives. That is the tragedy, the tragedy itself. Lives cut short with no attribution of blame possibly attached and we all shudder in fear and remorse, knowing it could have been anyone of us. I hope I am wrong about these women at least and they are alive. We all need that hope in our psyche.

To George C and all like hi... (Below threshold)
Scott S:

To George C and all like him,
Ahmen brother

Another Amen to George C. ... (Below threshold)

Another Amen to George C. My sentiments exactly! The whole time I was reading I kept wondering WHY I continued to read this nonsense (excluding the posts by well meaning, respectful people saddened by this event), but of course I continued to read anyway.

God bless those directly affected by this and the people who are trying to do anything they can to help out! At the very least this will help bring humanity together for a common good cause, however briefly.

"The US has provided more r... (Below threshold)

"The US has provided more relief money and effort than anyone else in the world over the last 50 years."
Let me laugh: the US is using ONLY 0,15% of its BNP on 'relief' and development aid, the lowest of all.


Take the time to read on...
When asked what percentage of the federal budget they think goes to foreign aid, Americans' median estimate is 25% of the budget, more than 30 times the actual level.[/quote]

So where is America??? This kind of ignorance and arrogance is making the world go mad at the USA.

I have a question...why did... (Below threshold)

I have a question...why did those who "found" the camera use it to take pictures for themselves anyway?

Why does everything have to... (Below threshold)

Why does everything have to be a hoax? Why can't someone just be doing something good? Let's not forget that these women may have lost their lives and I'm glad that someone is trying to help.

my god, 155.0000 dead and w... (Below threshold)

my god, 155.0000 dead and we are talking about a camera.....

Postin this thread fo peopl... (Below threshold)

Postin this thread fo peoples loved ones are great. For ya people that are stupid and selfish take your problems else where. How would you feel if it was a person apart of yo family? My point sayed expressed. You people should really think before speakin. If you knew wat half of ya sound like trust me you would. Be considerate of anothas feelins.

To any an all out there tha... (Below threshold)

To any an all out there that say bad things about America, Just about every country on this planet needed our help at one time or another and we stepped up and gave everything we had to them. Look at our solders barried in France that we send to free that country and what do we get from them....We get shit on. Look at all the other countries that needed our help and we gave it. I say fuck the rest of the world, cut off our borders and to hell with the rest of you. Im so glad i dont live in any of your countries because I wouldnt want to be so damn ignorant.

This is just someone wantin... (Below threshold)

This is just someone wanting to return a camera to the owners, or the family of the owners...leave it at that. Bless to whoever wants to return the camera....and everyone affected by this horrible disatser. Our prayers are with you.

Back at ya Scott S and Stev... (Below threshold)
George C:

Back at ya Scott S and Steve D.

It is good to see at least 2 could relate before the diatribes started again.

Is it Ahmen, Amen or perhaps Allmen! ;-}

People are whack.If you fak... (Below threshold)

People are whack.If you faked this whole deal YOU'RE Whacked! If you are skeptical YOU'RE whacked!
If you read all the way to the bottom of these post, YOU'RE WHACKED!
Dear God,
Please help the people in Asia. The families of those who lost loved ones. Comfort the children and mommies and daddies. Especially Lord, help the whacks!


Oh yah, I forgot to mention... (Below threshold)

Oh yah, I forgot to mention. My digital camera prints the date. :oP~~

I pray these women are safe... (Below threshold)

I pray these women are safe and well. All we need to be doing is praying for all the victims and donating $ or time to help. All you negative people ned to just be quiet, your not helping. Thanks Kevin for setting this up. America is truely a great nation who helps other and I am proud to be an Ameican with a great president. Peace

As I sift through some of t... (Below threshold)

As I sift through some of the debris that are the responses to the pictures and the questions they pose, it occured to me. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!!
Kevin posted these picture to spur some type of activity, be it a hoax or otherwise, the purpose was to get some type of ACTION. DO SOMETHING. HELP. GIVE MONEY, GIVE TIME.GET AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER.
GOODBYE. I have work to do.

Oh my goodness! All those p... (Below threshold)

Oh my goodness! All those poor poor people. I have been so saddened by this whole tragedy. I truly hope those women are alive. I looked at the link posted earlier and cried. I do not think like chicago said that it is that woman. Actually i think the woman victim on the left next to her looks closer to the woman in the picture. Were these the only photos in the camera? Was there one of the women at their own hotel? I think that would narrow it down for anyone looking for them. I truly hope they are found and never read this whole thread as there are some nasty things said in it and anyone who lost someone to this would be horrified to read some people posts on this. God bless and keep all the people affected by this and God find the people so horrid about this.

If you're reading this and ... (Below threshold)
Stop Sign:

If you're reading this and you get to the bottom where it asks you to post a comment, "Stop the fingers and end the madness so other's don't have to waste a half hour of their time.

this is my first time readi... (Below threshold)

this is my first time reading or writing on something like this. I read and laughed. I cannot believe how short our attention spans are. you guys are a hoot.

bless us all!

this is my first time readi... (Below threshold)

this is my first time reading or writing on something like this. I read and laughed. I cannot believe how short our attention spans are. you guys are a hoot.

bless us all!

Why does everyone keep refe... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

Why does everyone keep referring to GOD in their postings? Do you as human beings really think you have the mental capacity to fully understand what GOD actually is? You people do realize that science keeps delving deeper and deeper into the realm and nature of our universe, and finds nothing except the true nature of our universe don't you? As shameful and un-likable as it is to say, this is just another very small act of nature in the schematics of ecology. If the people who use god in their postings truely had reverance for him, they would also respect all life on this planet and others, but you don't see anyone raising their arms in the 'travesty that humans would produce such a product as RAID no do you? Live life, and enjoy it.....quit worrying so much.

Oh yeah, and one more thing... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

Oh yeah, and one more thing for you 'religious free thinkers' out there. Don't you dare ask the same being to bless us, who is the one that created or allowed this travesty to occur....making statements like "god bless us all" after a catastrophe like this one, is placing one at the very root of HYPOCRACY!!!!

What ever happened to peopl... (Below threshold)

What ever happened to people doing nice things for one another no matter how small it seems to someone else? Does that mean they should be belittled over a simple nicety? And then people wonder why nobody wants to help others in todays society, look what happens when you do try to help. Get a grip people, this man was trying to be nice and you berate him over it. And those who keep dogging the US....your countries would be less than what they already are if it werent for the US helping you. If i was president i would take every comment i hear against america and deduct a set amount of money every time i heard one. Wouldnt be talking shit then would ya? Some help is better than none and i can confidently bet that if WE were the ones who needed help for a disaster none of u would help us one bit. Be glad there is help being offered and those poor people arent left to fend by themselves. God bless those who are in crisis due to the tragedy.

My my , bring up God and pe... (Below threshold)

My my , bring up God and people get hostile. Listen, Kevin, I have a different experience and relationship concerning my Jesus then you. That's ok with me.As history has shown many times again and again the bible is the top selling book af all times ,and is embraced as a historical piece of lit. Nature has no power that wasn't giving to it by The Creator. I would challange you to just ask Him to make himself known to you. And if He doesn't exsite you will carry on as always. No sweat. But if you dare to do this.. be ready for the ride of your life! Your friend,,, D'Lynn

Isn't it funny how we got e... (Below threshold)

Isn't it funny how we got everything get's off track and unbalanced? People let's keep it on Tsunami information. Please!!!!

DLynn..... Shut the F*&^ up... (Below threshold)

DLynn..... Shut the F*&^ up. Go pray to your "JESUS" and thank him for sparing your life. Then thank him for taking away 150,000+ people who would only get in your righteous ass way..... You F-ing JACKASS..... You can thank your "JC" all you want, for your the one living in your comfortable white, suburban middle class neighborhood with your 5 various convenient grocery stores and your drive through burger joints, while half of the worlds population lives in poverty and has nothing more than a few meager possesions.

"Be ready for the ride of your liefe" - Was that a joke about the folks that had to ride the tsunami? or were you just being a F^&$ head?

Daaaamn !!! U all are a bun... (Below threshold)

Daaaamn !!! U all are a bunch of assholes!!! don't you think that at this time, at this hour, the owner would've already asked for his/her camera, so that means, they were washed away !! they took a nice shower with sand and everything !!

D'Lynn, I appreciate... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

I appreciate and respect your devotion, I truly do. I devote myself to many aspects of my life. However, I do not devote myself to wishful thinking, as many religions require. I do not pray. If I want to better the lives of the ones around me, I act upon it. Now you may argue that praying is an action...but be serious for a moment. I will never bow down to anything/anyone/any being that creates this sort of havoc. I will study it though....it's a little religion called quantum physics.

And as for your best selling book sales remark....well, 90% of those sold bibles are collecting dust in pughs that nobody inhabits.

Religion... one of only two... (Below threshold)

Religion... one of only two topics I know of that's sure to garner a huge, and often violent, response. Wheeeee!

I personally think that it's small minded and rather hateful to dismiss the sheer MASS of money and manpower the United States is donating for aid to the areas hit by the tsunami because one doesn't think it's a high enough percentage of our resources. The fact is that $350,000,000, not counting private donations and volunteer efforts, is a HUGE amount of aid, percentages be damned. There are other prosperous countries that aren't worried a fig about the percentage of their resources they're giving, and no one's giving them a fraction of the bullshit that is being heaped on the U.S. Considering the U.S. is giving more than almost anyone else on the planet, you'd think there'd be some kudos, not scathing condemnation. Oh, wait... that would be FAIR! What was I thinking?

i think thatthis s a hoax..... (Below threshold)

i think thatthis s a hoax.......because the two first photos are 4 totaly dirfferent women
i felt so bad after first looking at photos but after looking at thne over and over all persons are different...........i feal sorry if wrong... hope good fortune to all...woody

GOOOOOOOOOOOO D'Lynn!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

GOOOOOOOOOOOO D'Lynn!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Kevin W..... I have new... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin W..... I have news for you. Your knee WILL bow, to the "creator" of quantum physics. Just stay where you are, he'll get to you eventually....

By the way Kevin W. get you... (Below threshold)

By the way Kevin W. get your story straight. If there is no God, what harm could there be in us asking Him to bless you? So my questuon is this. If there is no God, us asking him to bless you hurts you HOW? For heavenss sake, grow up. You don't see us foaming at the mouth when one of you speaks. Good grief, get a grip on yourself.............

So many people so concerned... (Below threshold)

So many people so concerned with getting poor Kevin to bow down... must be a slow week on Lifetime.

Quantum's such a cool word, and has so many uses. Quantum Physics... Quantum Mechanics... Quantum Theory... Quantum LEAP! Love that show. Oh, boy. *hums the opening tune*

You know, all this speculation on the camera/pictures, and the validity of the story thereof, and the fact is we'll most likely never be able to prove anything about any of it one way or the other. So why not just hope it's legitimate, wish someone well on finding the owner of said camera, and go on? If it IS indeed a hoax, what have you lost by this? Doesn't cost a thing, and might earn a few karma points. The worst thing that happens is you find out the whole thing was a pointless scam for attention *not money, might I point out* which harmed no one, was merely in poor taste.

I hope there's a happy ending in this somewhere, personally, for the people involved. If it's a wasted good wish, well, I have plenty to spare, don't I?

It seems that it is my came... (Below threshold)

It seems that it is my camera, I have those pictures long time ago and was stolen in that place. So please return it to me. Thanks for your being kind hearted.

You stole it, right?... (Below threshold)

You stole it, right?

so what? thousands of bagga... (Below threshold)

so what? thousands of baggage and lots of money lost and your talking about 1 single fucken camera.. you all ass shit.

The grammar and spelling in... (Below threshold)

The grammar and spelling in some of these posts truly boggles the mind. *pops a couple more excedrin*

All of you get a life befor... (Below threshold)

All of you get a life before I take it away

nola, so you are. what is t... (Below threshold)

nola, so you are. what is the matter of you? f...ng sh.t. have you heard sonofagun? thats what you are.

*dies laughing*I'd... (Below threshold)

*dies laughing*

I'd respond to that in some way if I could decipher it... *breaks out a decoder ring*

Its sad i read this whole t... (Below threshold)

Its sad i read this whole thing, but its just like watching jerry springer or reality TV, you cant turn it off even though its so pathetic.... the best part is seeing how the same people keep coming back to comment again and again. I hope at least some of you reread what you wrote and can crack a smile like i did.

RIP to all victims of the tsunami

Kathleen,I never sai... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

I never said there is NO god. However, IF there is one, why would you ask him to bless you after he did this to all these undeserving people. live your life, not his. As you may guess, i am a scientist, and through studying science i have found that if there is a god...he is sitting up on his perch just laughing away at all he has created. you know, it must be really funny to him. what with the suffering, war, etc....AND PEOPLE LOVE HIM FOR IT!!!!!

get a mind of your own, not one your pastor has implanted in you.

I have been reading the abo... (Below threshold)

I have been reading the above with amusement. You all are such hoots!

I suggest the administrator remove the pictures for once and all so this pathetic, senseless bickering can stop. The person who asked for help to find the owner of those pictures probably should contact the newspaper agencies such as ABCNews, CNN, USAToday, BBC, Bild, etc. Or contact all state departments. I think those pictures will be well received rather than here.

Have a good day, mate!
Auf weidersehen und guten tag!
Au revior!

Greetings;I am watch... (Below threshold)

I am watching this search for the owner of a camera degenerate into a discussion of why G_d is loved, notwithstandng his imposition of disasters upon us.

I therefore suggest (irreverently) the following image:

Have you ever kept tropical fish, in a tank?
Do you love them....Probably not. You most likely just find them interesting. How do you think the fish regard you?

I used to keep salt water fish, and they were very aware of me. When they noticed that I had picked up a small dip net (in which their daily meal of goldfish was delivered), they got positively and obviously excited.

Could they have possibly seen me as a god, delivering the necessities of life?

From time to time, a disaster would happen in the tank...the temperature would drop, or the nitrate levels would rise, usually caused by equipment malfunction. Some fish would die as a result. Sometimes, I would panic and try to correct the problem immediately. But sometimes, I would just watch to see what would happen. It was interesting to see the changes in their world. Not that I think that I am cruel...It was a learning experience.

Has it ever occurred to anyone, that G_d could be like the big fishkeeper....not really concerned about individuals, but just keeping the system going out of interest in watching the interactions, and being amused by us all.

When the fish ceased to entertain me...they were done !

I know that this philosophy may seem, to some, as heretical, but on reflection, does it not make a little sense ?? Does it not put all the disasters and inhumaities in perspective ?

Therefore...lets live, drink and be merry...for tomorrow we shall die, and everything will mean nothing.

Have a great New Year,

Not a subscriber. I was lo... (Below threshold)

Not a subscriber. I was looking for video clips on the web, and found this. Loads of fun. A few things to say:

1. Camera owners: deceased.
2. Never judge a photo by the date. I ran a camera store for several years. Very few camera users understand the date feature operation.
3. Those of us in non-tropical countries reading this page are alive because we lack the funds or free-time for a luxurious vacation to the tropics.
4. I live on credit card debt and cannot afford to fly to the rescue or send money.
5. Looking for god? You saw "it" on the 26th, cleaning house. Darwin is smiling.
6. Why is Thailand and surrounding area suddenly the hot vacation spot this week? I was told to subdue my New Year's celebrating in honor of the tragedy, while thousands were buying vacation packages. Is there even any food to eat? And, if so, shouldn't it be given to stranded natives?

Thank Buddha, hypocrisy is alive in us ALL. Ain't it fun being an earthling?

Dan3,I couldn't agre... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

I couldn't agree more...:)

FUCK !!! This is nonsense, ... (Below threshold)

FUCK !!! This is nonsense, pointless bullshit !!! Some assholes argue about Physics and dusty bibles, some other bunch of assholes argue about chicks being assholes when setting dates on digital cameras (true), some other bunch of shit heads brag about how many "millions" is the US "donating",more shitheads laugh and say "yyeeeaahhhh this is like Jerry Springers" some others talk like philosophers, y'all know what they do right!??! they talk a lot of shit . . . with style !!! and the not so insane just say this is a hoax or not !! but y'all don't do shit about HELP ! So y'all should just stick your keyboard up your ass, and donate just one motherfucking dollar!! That'd be a lot of help!! I already did it !!! . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . the donation of the dollar of course . .. . . . . .

Dan3Do you have pr... (Below threshold)


Do you have proof that the owner(s) is/are deceased? Where did you get information?

Dan3 - Do you mean to sugge... (Below threshold)

Dan3 - Do you mean to suggest that the random elimination of hundreds of thousands of is somehow natural selection at work ? If you'd bothered to do your homework, then you'd know that natural selection operates on the principle of preferential survival and reproduction of those that are better adapted to their environment. Do you really think the vast majority of the people, primarily Asian and poorer than you and your credit card can possibly imagine, affected by this tragedy are somehow less biologically well equipped than you or any other priviliged westerner to deal with a TSUNAMI ? No, I didn't think so. Their only mistake was to be born in a part of the world susceptible to earthquakes but without the money to afford a decent warning system. Your 'darwin is smiling' statement betrays a quite contemptible regard for the less priviliged of the world - as if their lack of material wealth somehow reflects biological inferiority. I hardly need point out where that sort of armchair racism leads to. Think before you post.

As Billy Gates once said...... (Below threshold)

As Billy Gates once said....

"There is only one thing in life that money won't buy....POVERTY !"

Have a great New Year,

dan4 - cant anyone r... (Below threshold)

dan4 -
cant anyone read? -
he (dan3) found that on another website - not his words....so I seriously doubt that he comtemplated the actual notion of natual selection when right-clicking and pasting the article.

Hey Pepe...I am over... (Below threshold)

Hey Pepe...
I am overwhelmed by your kind and selfless generosity. A whole buck....Can ya afford it ??

On the subject of donations...
I have about 100 very slightly used adult soccer uniforms (T shirts, shorts and socks) clean, and in excellent condition which I have been trying to donate. (They would be perfectly suitable for a tropical country). However, I can find no agency willing to take anything but money. Clothes would be so much more difficult to "misappropriate", yet only money is wanted. Wierd eh?

Does anyone know of any agency in Canada interested in clothing??

Happy New Year,

Actually, the way I read th... (Below threshold)

Actually, the way I read that is that it IS Dan's words, but I don't find anything wrong with them, personally. Darwin WAS laughing at the people who sat there, through NINE MINUTES of a strong earthquake, then watched the the tide recede rapidly for, by most accounts, AN HOUR... and what did the people do? Did they maybe, oh, get away from the beach? No, they went out to the now exposed ocean floor and chased FISH and took PICTURES. Sure, there are many people that didn't see this coming and had limited options, but there were many who placed themselves in danger because they weren't paying attention to what was going on around them. I'm no expert, but if I were on an island or in a coastal community when a substantial earthquake hit, you wouldn't see me but for dust as I took off for high ground. But that's just me...

Dan4 - after all that philo... (Below threshold)

Dan4 - after all that philosophy stuff, you make a good point, 'cause not only poor asian ppl died, you can include the "more privileged" americans, germans, swedish, etc etc that died there !!

Sorry Nola - obviously I wa... (Below threshold)

Sorry Nola - obviously I wasn't referring to people who can 'sense' an earthquake and resulting tsunami in plenty of time to escape. Unfortunately, not everybody is trained in the art earthquake prediction. Like those crazy Japanese eh ? Spending millions on tsunami prediction when they could have just hired you to tell them when to run.

Pepe - I said the 'vast maj... (Below threshold)

Pepe - I said the 'vast majority ... of people affected by this tragedy' were Asian and poor - by some estimates 150000 dead, maybe 10000 foreigners. I think that constitutes a majority, no ?

Eddy, of course i can affor... (Below threshold)

Eddy, of course i can afford it!! and more, but i'm not going to spend aaalll my money on that!! As you can see, I'm just trying to help . .. and not looking for an opportunity to get rid of some lousy great-soccer-player-wannabe uniforms!! capish?!?!

Dan3,4,and all the other Da... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

Dan3,4,and all the other Dans out there...
If you are going to use C.Darwin in your statements, please realize that Darwin relates natural selection of species (and traits forthwith) in accordance with their environment, including selective pressures being allopatric or sympatric. As horrible as it may be to read this following statement, read it with an open mind none-the-less.

These people were poor due to lack of resources in their environment, and due to their lack of ability to manipulate their resources to their benefit (as americans and other industrialized countries do). Now, this lack of ability to find benefits from their environment may come from many different effects. lack of mental capability, physical capabilites, etc,etc,etc.... But that is a whole different argument all together. In addition, natural selection affects the "higher" eschelon of a species as well as the lower. However, it is the frequency of displacement (death) that is important to note. Though the mass death consisted of the poor , it did include few rich...as in nature, the strong do not always survive....but they have better chances.

I can't believe what i'm... (Below threshold)

I can't believe what i'm reading...Bunch of idoits.Too bad it wasn't you guys out there instead of 'lifelovin travellers' and the little indo-thai-indi-sri kid who never had anything and lost everything.Who cares about the camera ?? The guy had a few minutes to report a lost camera.So what??Hope you guys get a life...( Of course this message doesn't apply to everybody.....)

<a href="http://www.icmc.ne... (Below threshold)


Humm. Makes one think if we should really rush in and re-build.

First time i visit this pla... (Below threshold)

First time i visit this place. Never come back. Too unpleasant.

Oh Kev,,,, One thing. One d... (Below threshold)

Oh Kev,,,, One thing. One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Chrsit is Lord. Romans 14:11 With all due respect,it won't matter if you believe or not Kevin. God and His Word are not subject to what you think. It is the begining of all truth. I'm wondering if you are aware of the conflict in Iraq and the history behind it? If not you can turn to your dusty bible and read all about it. Funny thing is that all this is playing out exactly as the Bible said it would. Mine isn't dusty. It's either all inspired and true, or all a lie. Kevin, don;t worrie about everyone elses bibles and the dust on them. Dont worry about the hypocracy you see in Christians. The Word of God address that as well. Thank you for the respect. Please know that if I did not respect you and care about your eternal soul I wouldn't bother writing back. :)
Your friend, D'Lynn

hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm hehehehehe!... (Below threshold)

hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm hehehehehe!!! . . . . .. . dusty ass . . . . . . . . . hehehahahahaa !!! . . . . . . . you know, scientists sit most of the day doing their fuckin experiments to figure everything out, so your ass must be reeeeaaaallly dusty kevin !! as your don't-be-such-an-asshole part of your brain!

It amazes me that Brian Wil... (Below threshold)

It amazes me that Brian Williams on the Nightly News recommended this websight on his telecast. He must not have taken the time to read the postings!

D'Lynn,I've read the... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

I've read the bible, the koran, the torah, and multiple others. They are all fascinating books, revolving around (specifics aside) a wholistic central theme. That, of which, is generally to be a good person to yourself and to others. I believe that we both agree on, and live by this principle.

However, my mother asked me a question a little while ago. She asked: "since you're a geneticist, why haven't you gone into the medical field with your studies to try and cure some sort of disease?" To which I replied: I believe the human population has inflicted immesurable damage to the earth, and its other species. All of which I believe to have the same inherent right to life. I use my work (coastal restoration) to help correct the invasiveness and destructiveness that people have burdened nature with. This is the central thought process I have behind my attitude toward natural disaters. Do I wish nature's havoc on anybody?...No. Do I feel sympathy for vitims of which?...Yes. Conversely, if the human population would not of sprawled across the globe as it has, we would not be talking about this travesty at all.

Pepe, Grow up. Spea... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

Grow up. Speak in a more mature manner, and you might be able to sqeak out a little respect from someone. Postings like yours (constant criticisms with nothing to offer) are just plain stupid.

Sure Kevin the scientist an... (Below threshold)

Sure Kevin the scientist and philosopher !!! You must be really smart with the quantum physics stuff and shit, but let me ask ya somethin' . . .what part of DON'T-BE-SUCH-AN-ASSHOLE didn't you understand!?!?! should I draw it to you!?!?! Stop wasting your time and take your NERD topic to an adequate channel, don't try to explain your Einstein stuff in a place where another asshole says :"My concern is posting these photos of the young ladies prior to the tsunami who probably own the camera so that concerned people might know the last location of these women in the pictures. " . . . . .. . . get the point!?!?! or should i make a drawing ?!?!

would you all just shut-up?... (Below threshold)

would you all just shut-up?

dan4, if you were paying ev... (Below threshold)

dan4, if you were paying even the tiniest bit of attention you would have read that I was not in any way talking about someone 'sensing' or predicting an impending earthquake or tsunami, I was talking about people who sat through an extended and very noticeable bit of seismic activity, then observed an alarming tidal reaction immediately afterwards, and instead of doing something sensible, they went out and played in the sand and whipped out their Kodaks. I don't think your remarks about warning systems were in any way addressing what I was saying.

Kevin,,, I recycle! :)<br /... (Below threshold)

Kevin,,, I recycle! :)
Pepe... be nicer. OK?
Terri, Im shuting up now! :o)

I'm not feeling the love here.


none of you yanks or brits ... (Below threshold)

none of you yanks or brits cared for all the innocent civilians you killed during the bombing raids in irak/afghanistan/vietnam/korea/ and so on, why only now???

Good point JensBut... (Below threshold)

Good point Jens

But do not forget a glass might be half empty or half full, depending on how you see it.

Then again, do you think that the whole world would be so moved, if the disaster would kill only natives?

Tsunami Photos here (THOUSA... (Below threshold)

Tsunami Photos here (THOUSANDS OF THEM)

i promised myself not to wr... (Below threshold)

i promised myself not to write anything back to a such a bunch(Not all)of thoughtless people. yes it is nice to know someone is looking for a survivor but say yes i know the women or no i dont, i can't believe some of the thing i have read concidering over 150,000 are dead(and some of you are saying women can't set a timer on a camera) donate what you can and live your life as if it were your last-trust me
best wishes

excactly doyoucare,i've bee... (Below threshold)

excactly doyoucare,i've been reading also some comments here and i must say this is not a forum where everybody can chat a little with eachother.and then the things everybody is talking about.thats not normal.its terrible what happend there.i can only hope that alot of people who have relatives or friends in those countries still hear from them soon.

In the context of Gaia, the... (Below threshold)

In the context of Gaia, the Earth is just using the tsunami like a flea dip, ridding itself of pests. On a more serious note, as a geologist I am amused by the fact that people living in a volcanic archepelago have no sense of the dangers they might encounter. To wit, when the sea withdraws abnormally from the beach, YOU DON"T GO TO INVESTIGATE. A moron should know that the water is going to come back in FAST. Then again there might not be any collective memory of such things and their governments see no need to educate or protect their people, just wait for a disaster and then wait for the West to pay for everything. I have no doubt that the US will end up paying the bulk of the cost for the Indian Ocean Tsunami warning system. Where are all the Moslem countries aid? Why hasn't Saudi Arabia ponied up hundreds of millions? Kuwait? The Emirates? Now we really see Islamic solidarity in action!!!

what's the matter pepe? is... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

what's the matter pepe? is that wal-mart job not fulfilling your lifelong dreams? or, are you still pissed that you got fired from taco bell?

Again you can see another a... (Below threshold)

Again you can see another asshole (Keith) bragging about how many "millions" the US is going to spend in aid, I think that is the least the US can do after WASTING millions in wars, invasions, and getting their nose where it doesn't belong.
But Nola, there's something wrong with your "A tsunami is coming, lets take some pictures" point of view:
If there were so many deaths, one factor is the distance, in Indonesia the closest to the earthquake point we have 90.000+ deaths, why!?!? because they suffered the earthquake hit and 5 minutes or less after they were hit by the tsunami. What happened in India Sri lanka and the other countries, they are so f#@+ing far away from the epicenter of the earthquake that it was felt by only a few people or was not sensible at all, so they didn't imagine about the tsunami and the lack of a warning system made things worse. You see, in my country when there's an earthquake of middle magnitude you just don't say: "Ok its over" and keep doing what u r doin. First you check on your family to see they r in good shape and then you check your house and your stuff, thing that nobody did there because. . . .. . . nobody noticed the quake. .... . ... capish?!?!

Sorry Kevin, we don't have ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Kevin, we don't have wal-marts or taco bells over here but i think that preparing burritos at taco bell or even cleaning toilets are better jobs than your "Fish Recovery Service".. ;-)

I swear, if I see a mangled... (Below threshold)

I swear, if I see a mangled spelling for 'Capiche' one more time, I just might scream.

Pay ATTENTION. I was talking SPECIFICALLY about the people who DID have time to get away, people where the earthquake was felt, then the tide went out, etc. I never said every single person in the area affected had no common sense or ignored warning signals, I repeatedly said I was referring to those AT THE BEACH where the tremors were strong and the tide going out TOOK TIME.

Man, I'm spending time talking to someone who just doesn't get it. My bad.

Greetings;Hey Jens..... (Below threshold)

Hey Jens....How do ya spell Iraq ??

But Kieth makes a good point...
There are many Muslim victims, yet where is the Muslim money?

The leaders of Saudi Arabia, Kuait, and the U.A.E. are far too interested in purchasing Manhattan real estate, Rolls Royces and funding terrorism than helping the "peons" who were victims of Allah.

Maybe in their minds, their god only cares for the rich, and ignores the poor ? It sure seems to be how they are reacting.

These feudal princes havelots of cash, and they are keeping it. Screw the suffering !

Have a great New Year,

Sorry Nola, but the one tha... (Below threshold)

Sorry Nola, but the one that doesn't get it is you!! How the hell (for example so you will understand) are you going to be on vacation, sunbathing, then you feel a big 9.0 richter scale earthquake and then say: "Ok it's over, bring me a Piña Colada" NNOOOO!!!! that doesn't make sense!! so if these people died was because of 2 reasons: 1- They where complete idiots and did what you explained!! or
2- They just. . . .didn't feel the earthquake, didnt know about it, didn't imagine the following tsunami. . . . .. . . I mean the people that was really far from indonesia . . . . . . . . . .. . or should i make a drawing !?!?!?!?!
one last thing.... over here is Capish !!!

Capish ?!?! ;-)

i wish i could die in parad... (Below threshold)

i wish i could die in paradise!

RachaelThe web sit... (Below threshold)


The web site you referred to has one of the pictures shown above (two ladies kneeling on the sand with the sea in the background). It appears to me that someone stole this picture and posted at the web site you referred.

You are right peggy but i t... (Below threshold)

You are right peggy but i think the other way, somebody stole those pictures and posted them here, making this a big hoax and this discussion (like I said before) "physically" nonsense and pointless right Kev?!?
GODDAAAAMMMNNN !!!!check out the dead ppl !!!

You americans are the most ... (Below threshold)

You americans are the most ignorant and selfish people in the world!!!

Thanks Pepe. Does that mea... (Below threshold)

Thanks Pepe. Does that mean the owner of this blog (Kev?) is guilty of posting stolen pictures?

I wish those pictures would be posted elsewhere where they can be easily and immediately recognized. I don't think anything is being done here.

Martine, although I am an American, I agree with you.

Well Peggy, actually Kevin ... (Below threshold)

Well Peggy, actually Kevin W is just the scientist philosopher who makes "true-but-not-adequate-for-this-webpage" statements, and I don't know but Kevin must be the guilty one about the pictures, I don't know if they both are the same asshole!

See ya !

*WARNING*This listin... (Below threshold)

This listing will not support a base for those who continue to use foul language, commit personal references including racial, ethinc, and sexist remarks on this blog will be blocked from further postings.

Peg & Pep,I assure y... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

Peg & Pep,
I assure you that the kevin who started this blog, and myself are NOT one in the same.

Martine, making statements that americans are ignorant isn't very just of you to say. I am an american, and I know several other americans that are very aware, and down to earth people. In addition, I know many people from different countries, and it seems to hold true that each and every country houses both ignorance and competence.

Ed, you brought up a very interesting point. kudos & cheers.

See what you all have done?... (Below threshold)

See what you all have done?!!!! Now monitor is mad at us !!! But I also agree Kevin . ... . . Ed has a nice point !! Why are not other countries like those donating money ?!?! I already donated a dollar !! ;-)

I've been trying to unsubcr... (Below threshold)

I've been trying to unsubcribe from this silliness for days but apparently the MT management system isn't working in this case. I read the last post as it said "monitor." Could you please remove me from this forwarding. I'd very much appreciate it. Thank you.

Greetings;I may have... (Below threshold)

I may have to eat my words about Muslim countries not helping.

The Toronto Star today published a letter which stated that Saudi Arabia gave $30 million, Quatar gave $25 million, U.A.E. gave $20 million, Kuwait gave $10 million and a Saudi telethon brought in $131 million !

This may only be two days' oil production, but it is not nothing.

How much did the Vatican give ??

Happy New Year

Ed, thanks for the posting ... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

Ed, thanks for the posting with the current info.

Quantum theory is just that... (Below threshold)

Quantum theory is just that, a THEORY. And it's accepted as an INCOMPLETE theory. It is only about 75 years old and does not even come close to explaining anything on a macro scale. Even if it DID, it would only be a representation of the world as God created it thousands of years ago. It does not DETERMINE what happens, but EXPLAINS a VERY LITTLE of what happens.

The camera was claimed to be found in an upper room of a hotel, so it was not susceptible to any damage, it would appear. The date was probably never set properly. The fact that it is so close in month and day (but not year) could just be a coincidence. Wouldn't anyone creating a hoax try to make sure that even the most BASIC and OBVIOUS of details made sense?

And I don't think anybody has said anything disparaging about the young ladies in the photo. They weren't claiming that THEY put up a hoax.

Finally, thinking you understand God's plan will leave you with a headache and no closer to Him. TRYING to get closer to God is, in many ways, the meaning of life. It is spelled out pretty well in the Bible. And despite what one poster said about a few religious books (including the Bible), the Bible does not say that doing good works is what we were put on this earth for; we are to worship God as our Creator and recognize His love for us, shown so deeply when He allowed Jesus to die for our sins.

Recognizing this love is part of trying to understand (as much as we can) God's plan; this leads us to worship Him and follow His Word (the Bible) where he tells us to give of ourselves and love each other as ourselves. But this is done out of our love for Him, which is a response to His love for us. It is NOT done to make God love us anymore or get us to Heaven. He cannot love us more than He already does and the only way to Heaven is through recognizing Jesus as the Christ.

God has given us free will. We have, for the most part, rejected His Message and chosen lives of sin. And we are subject to the negative consequences of disobeying Him; He had our best interests in mind when He gave us His Word and we experience pain when we reject it.

However, it is not easy to see how a tsunami is a negative consequence of disobeying Him, but we will not fully understand God's plan until we reach Heaven. These lives that were lost WILL be used to further the Kingdom of God in death, whether or not they did so in life.

I the girl is wearing a o'n... (Below threshold)

I the girl is wearing a o'neill bikini. That is a very popular beachware brand in Holland. I think she is european

I read today that the death... (Below threshold)

I read today that the death toll is now over 145,000. thats aweful. Whats more aweful than that is all the bickering that isgoing on here.

To the Moniter what about the freedom of speach. All I have to say to you is Go FUCK yourself brother.

okay , I work In a Photo-la... (Below threshold)

okay , I work In a Photo-lab.( i know...)
And My One Question is this...After seeing First hand what Water does to 35-mm and Digi cameras not to mention water, impact and exposure damageon the silver bearing film...how did theese pictures survive?

ok...that's what i... (Below threshold)

ok...that's what i get for not reading all the way through everything...
so the camera was found on a upper floor.
this does however breed speculation. what kind of tourist leaves a fully loaded camera in their room when they go out? maybe they forgot it? maybe in the chaos of "God's Wrath" they forgot to pack an overnight bag...

it sickens me to think that to American Media this is just a way to make The US look good after all the bad press over Iraq. ( i can say this because i am American) No, i'm not a "patriot" that thought also sickens me.

My point is, are we not loosing sight of the real issue? Do you guys see how much quibbling is going on on this page aone! Over something that is supposed to be "humanatarian". I'm saddened by the HUman Condition If THIS is the best we have to offer.
Maybe this is not a punishment...as Todd suggestes. Maybe it's supposed to be a lesson. One that verry few seem to be catching.
i'm not a "religious " person i don't buy into the "Angry God" bit nor was i one of the millions who thought "the Passion" was something more than another bid for the box office doller.

what disturbes me the most is not the lack of concern or the crass and base statements posted by some people... i've come to expect that, it's our intollerent attitude toward others opnions and feelings. we are all human no matter how or where we were born, raised or live. Basic Human Respect is something every person living or dead deserves.
thank you

hey, i am a half middle eas... (Below threshold)

hey, i am a half middle eastern asian, like everyone else i feel gutted of whats happened in asia, but you guys got to stop disagreeing over a stupid camera. saving lives are much more important than worrying about whose camera it is, but i also think that Kevin is doing a great job by helping to find out who it belonges to. if it was me in your position i would have done the something 'coz i will feel better for myself that i have given a missing person's photos to their family and i know that probably that person will be proud of what a did too. at least your helping the asian victims unlike others. i am a student and when college opens i will be doing some fundraising for the asian victims of the tsunami.
my message to everyone around the world is 'please keep helping the asian victims by donating money, it is such a big reward'. i can't begin to stress how serious this really is, just 'coz your not there that shouldn't stop you from feeling and knowing how bad it really is there. sometimes try to put yourselves into there shoes and then you will know how it feels knowing that most of your family members or friends are dead or missing and even not knowing when'll die 'coz not all places in asia receive food and shelters, there are still people alive under buildings, trees etc. The sooner people around the world help, the quicker the victims get better. thanks for your time!!!!

Judith,That is the p... (Below threshold)

That is the problem with the world today. Basic human respect, as you put it, is virtually nonexistent. I would also say that this tragedy is not the result of God being angry. BUT, God has a reason for everything he does and he does not make mistakes. God bless all of the victims and their families.

People, why don't you all k... (Below threshold)

People, why don't you all keep your stupid asshole comments for your self?
The camera couldn't be dated correctly. It's something common. And this guy only want to do what is right!
Looking to the last photo, we can see that the one in the photo is alive. So keep your opinions and stop annoying

All this religion talk........ (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

All this religion talk.....it's just another invention of the human mind....an idea...a quick fix for those who lead empty lives.

this morning i rolled out o... (Below threshold)

this morning i rolled out of my big fluffy warm bed and looked in my refridgerator n saw that i was out of milk [!]. so i jumped in my gas- guzzling van n drove to the grocery store n bought some. back at home, after eating my capn crunch, i sat down at my desk n started checking my email. eventually, i ended up back here again, and here i am, typing on my keyboard while i listen to the rain come down on my roof. now i ask you; re-read what i just wrote and then...would you all just shut-up?

GOOD FOR YOU! I trus... (Below threshold)

I trust that you will find the owner.

Your such a stupid thick pe... (Below threshold)

Your such a stupid thick person ASBELIAL, it seems like your some boring bitch who doesn't seem to understand that people feel comfartable and appreciated sharing their opinions with others. i wouldn't be surprised if you were selfish too 'coz your more likely to be one with that useless rotten mind. has nobody informed you that on this website people share opinions, just 'coz your selfish, not everyone is too.
this is how it is going to be now; you say something useful or never fucking visit this website with that worthless embarrassing cheap opinion of yours. you can't stop us from sharing opinions, thats life deal with it.
oh yeah, everyone please try your best to help the tsunami victims by donating. THANKS!!

This is all great entertain... (Below threshold)
K Dean:

This is all great entertainment

BASICALLY THE POINT OF THIS... (Below threshold)
chessie smith:


How do I get off this lunat... (Below threshold)

How do I get off this lunatic thread. Jeez go to post a word of encouragement and gad-zooks everyone and their uncles email is sent to you. :-(
good luuck finding the people, i suspect they or their relatives will welcome their camera back or at least the lst last images of their loved ones.
now let me go, wizbang - let me go!

i'm sorry if my words seeme... (Below threshold)

i'm sorry if my words seemed selfish and ?... my son is in phi phi- has been since the weekend before x-mas. he used to like to blog and i keep reading all the ones i can find cuz maybe he can't , well, maybe there will be some word about him Tom Rudd, his name is Tom Rudd and i know he will laugh when he reads this stuff but im not laughing right now so please, just with the nastiness part, would you all please shut up

Has anyone seen my camera?<... (Below threshold)

Has anyone seen my camera?

WOW I did not realize that ... (Below threshold)
WOW people are thick:

WOW I did not realize that we still had such small minded people in the world. With all of the dead and dying all of the destruction. All of the clean up and reconstruction that needs to be done. And people are worried about a freaking camera and if the photos are fake or not. Just hope that you are never caught in a life or death situation so that as you ponder your own fate you remember this silly little tirade. Happy trails!!!

People really have good tim... (Below threshold)
Dan Rather:

People really have good time and fun at others expense

For those of you who don't ... (Below threshold)

For those of you who don't realize that a) these things are common and b) people should be aware of odd things like a dramatically receding tide, read this (and stop acting as though large groups of people have never died before. We live uncertain lives on this rock):

World's worst natural disasters

09 Jan 2005 11:00:24 GMT
Source: Reuters

LONDON, Jan 9 (Reuters) - The death toll from the Asian tsunami, triggered by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off Indonesia on Dec. 26, stood at 156,060 people, government and health officials said.

The following is a list of some of the worst earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters on record:

Date - Type - Location - Deaths

1887 - Flood China, Huang He, or Yellow River 1 million

1556 - Quake China, Shaansi 830,000

1737 - Quake India, Calcutta 300,000

1970 - Cyclone East Pakistan (Bangladesh) 300,000

1976 - Quake China, Tangshan 255,000

1138 - Quake Syria, Aleppo 230,000

1920 - Quake China, Gansu 200,000

2004 - Quake/Tsunami Indonesia, Sumatra 156,060

c.893- Quake Iran, Ardabil 150,000

1923 - Quake Japan, Kanto 143,000*

1991 - Cyclone Bangladesh 138,000

1948 - Quake Turkmenistan 110,000

1908 - Quake/Floods Italy, Messina est.70,000-100,000

1815 - Eruption Indonesia, Tambora volcano 92,000

1902 - Eruption Martinique, Mt. Pelee 35-40,000

1883 - Eruption/Tsunami Indonesia, Krakatoa 36,000

2003 - Quake Iran, Bam 31,000

Hope that the camera has fo... (Below threshold)

Hope that the camera has found her owner safe and sound. Also hope that those of you making fun of this tragedy never have to go through a situation similar to this because, believe me, it does not produce laughs.

sad...the purpose of this w... (Below threshold)

sad...the purpose of this web sight isnt to argue your veiws...please find someothter web sight. get a life and stop this nonsence.

god bless the victims

Kev,, wow.... that comment ... (Below threshold)

Kev,, wow.... that comment really disappointed me. I have neither a empty mind or that good of an imagination. I could never invent a relationship as meaningful as the one I have with my Father in heaven. I don't think your life is meaningless just because you don't have a personal relationship with the Lord. I think eternity might be a real bummer for ya though.
Your friend,

Does anyone find it strange... (Below threshold)

Does anyone find it strange that people can't stop fighting even online!i realize that it is everyones god-given right to be assholes, but does that meen that we have to exercize it?
right now thousands are suffering. some of us may not be able to do anything to aleviate that suffering but the least we can do is not tear into each other. i never understood how one human can be happy by hurting another. is the human need for superiority so strong that it forces him to turn on his own kind? or is it a lack of self assurance that drives one man to subject another to cruelty? or is suck cruelty just inherrent in the human spirit?
i thought tradgedy brought people together.
in easnest i hope that those ladies are well. and i hope that people one day find that being and abhorrent ass is not only not funny but an utterly childish response to something that is not understood or that is not agreed with.

Dan3, where the hell can we... (Below threshold)

Dan3, where the hell can we verify that info ?!? Say, maybe you just made it up !

who has the time?... (Below threshold)

who has the time?

This is terrible a thousand... (Below threshold)

This is terrible a thousands of people are dead and I can't do anything just give cash but I'm really sad about this event

Pierre-Olivier,C'mon... (Below threshold)
Kevin W.:

C'mon Pierre....didn't you know that $$ talks, and bullshit runs America? Don't be so nieve.

better to remain silent and... (Below threshold)
kindness is best:

better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open mouth and remove all doubt

Puta !!! ya era hora que es... (Below threshold)

Puta !!! ya era hora que esta estupida pelea sin sentido terminara, al parecer todos se aburrieron ya !!!

I made it as far as the com... (Below threshold)

I made it as far as the comment from A Capable Woman. I know what she's capable of, making life miserable for any unfortunate guy who happens to be with her at the time.
Your ex-husband may be a moron as you say, but since he left you I'm sure he's a happy moron!
Another thing that bugs me is calling the U.S. cheap. Who comes to everyone's aid all the time? The U.S.A. And for all the aid and acts of kindness what do we get? Global hatred. This country has given more aid over 200+ years than all other countries combined. That's part of the reason were in a shambles now. Give, give, give, and get nothing in return.

Hi,Well done for hos... (Below threshold)

Well done for hosting these pictures. I hope that it helps to shed some light on the whereabouts of the owner(s).
Most of the posts above are pathetic , just see if you recognise the people or can add a bit of information.


I normally do not post. Ho... (Below threshold)

I normally do not post. However, after abusing myself by reading all of these ramblings, I should at least post my own intellectual graffity!

If the first two pix were just prior to the tsunami, wouldn't you think that the photographer would have at least been curious enough to catch one picture of the incredible freak of nature as it happened? That would be a normal human instinct.

Perhaps the camera was a piece of debri washed away when abandoned by it's fleeing owner.

I am glad to finally see some pictures of the TRUE tragic ones that were lost in this disaster-the adults who lost their lives! The adults who endured childhood's lessons; maturing during life without technolgy and conveniences; experiencing confusion as a pre-teen; stressing about responsibilities; and hope for a future of a peaceful retirement in our golden years! Living to be an adult and dying before life really begins IS a greater tragedy then a life that never started! I cannot stand to see any more pictures of sad, parentless children, who with all of the new aid will eat better than they ever have in their short, unambitious lives.

And to the world outside the US:
For all of the condemnation that you cry about us. For all of the money and technology that we give to you freely. For all of the security and justice that we offer to you....You are welcome you ungrateful, undeserving, insanely jealous to be as free, rich, fat, and happy as we are.

Have a nice day!

"You are welcome you ungrat... (Below threshold)

"You are welcome you ungrateful, undeserving, insanely jealous to be as free, rich, fat, and happy as we are"

Zeus...do you really think these comments were necessary? I am an Australian...and according to latest figures we are just as Fat, rich and free...and a reckon happier than you are.
We gave over 1 billion dollars(double what the US gave) to tsunami victims...which is still by know means an end in itself...and surely and obligation to our fellow man rather than something we should feel 'pride' in giving.
I suggest for you a visit to a third world country so that you can see for yourself...that simply writing a check...or proving guns is not the answer to curing terrible world problems.






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