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More Tsunami Videos III

[See all of the Tsunami videos in the Tsunami Video archive.]

The whole blogosphere's video mirroring problem had apparently be resolved by one anonymous benefactor who donated all the bandwidth needed. Wizbang ties to lead the way in breaking news and especially video blogging... but the new kid on the block has been all over this one. If you have not seen Jordan Golson's Cheese and Crackers, you should. He's been keeping the list of mirrors of all the videos out there. Of course this been pretty overwhelming for him as well.

[Kevin adds] - The problem is that no one blog site or hosting site can handle the enormity of the demand for material like this. Archive.org is trying, as are the kind folks at UnitedEmailSystems.

All of our previous video posts have been updated to work with the Archive.org mirror.

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Comments (19)

Just a heads up, but it see... (Below threshold)

Just a heads up, but it seems that his mirror is down at the moment. The links are timing out.

10:23 AM - EST (Michigan, Blue State)

From the horror of the cata... (Below threshold)

From the horror of the cataclysm in and around the Indian Ocean, one great truth emerges: that, when the chips are down, man still cares for man, regardless of his creed and colour.
What though of the future, after the media spotlight has moved on?
In May 1946, Einstein warned that "the unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and thus drift toward unpararalled catastrophe". Today of reports that the energy released by the Boxing Day earthquake would have been equivalent to more than 190 millions tons of TNT, that Sumatra is thought to have moved by as much as 120ft, and the Earth to have shifted on its axis.
Surely these prodigious events should cause us to examine our way of thinking every bit as deeply.
This catastrophe must not be allowed to be a nine, or even a nighty-day wonder. Not only should the plight of the millions made homeless and of local economies destroyed be kept in mind until normality is restored, but nations, particularly the richer ones, should keep in mind in fair times as well as in foul the mutual responsibilities attached to the brother-hood of man.
What greater reminder could we have been given of the fragility of the planet which is home to all of us.

>Surely these prodigious ev... (Below threshold)

>Surely these prodigious events should cause
>us to examine our way of thinking every
>bit as deeply.

Assuming we're all deep thinkers. I, on the other hand, am shallow, and I’m only here for the free coffee.

>What greater reminder could we have
>been given of the fragility of the planet which
>is home to all of us.

Umm...it seems to me that the planet is fine, but we, on the other hand, just lost 114,000 of our species. The planet will out live us (that's for sure).

Tragic as it is, I wouldn't over think what just happened. We're all shocked because 114,000 people died in mass. The human mind hates that. It's like when an airplane goes down...110 people die in an instant and we recoil....not really realizing that traffic accidents probably take just as many lives in a week (or month or whatever other timeframe I can pull from my butt).

There's always salt in everything sweet and so it is with life & death. This story will be forgotten a year from now or until the next "pink".

try about 130 people each d... (Below threshold)

try about 130 people each day in auto accidents!, in the US!!

Why not upload to rapidshar... (Below threshold)

Why not upload to rapidshare.de (EZshare) when you found a video? I did with most of them. What's 30 seconds in a lifetime?

<a href="http://www.myuah.c... (Below threshold)


check that out for more video links

Hi, I've got one and soon t... (Below threshold)

Hi, I've got one and soon to be two torrents up over at http://crackhouse.blogspot.com with all over the videos gathered from around the net including Kenya.

I'll be releasing new .torrents in partnership with Downhillbattle.org over the next few days as new video emerges.

What has happened in South ... (Below threshold)

What has happened in South East Asia is truly a magnificent event that showed awesome power. Yes, the loss of life is staggering and in many areas, an entire generation has been lost. But if, for a moment, we can look at this event without the human factor involved.

Over 4.5 Billion years ago, dust particles were brought together to make what we now call home... but really, we are just visitors here - and this recent earthquake + tsunami is a blink of the eye showing how our continents have formed over the eons.

Before we had the 7 continents we now divide our countries across and shoot each other over boarders and religion, there was one giant landmass called Pangaea…and while it’s taken a couple hundred million years to get to where we are today, I personally, find this latest earthquake just one little blip in the continuing shaping of our planet... and it truly is fascinating.

Whether you are a person of science or of religion (I, the former), I think that with today’s technology and communications, everyone should take this global event as a reminder of just how small we are and how much more we have to learn... and ultimately, grow.

Jeremy Campbell

Yes, it might be a blink of... (Below threshold)
Ignacio Marco:

Yes, it might be a blink of an eye for the universe...I do understand your point of view...i wish i could look at this event without the human factor involved.
but for these people its their own life, their mother, father, sister, sons, daughters..etc
I find this is what really matters, its distrubing and not so fascinating.
I live down here in Florida, and let me tell you, 5 hurricanes in 2 months with one of them taking my home with him..it is scary, jaw dropping but not by chance fascinating

All in all, I have to say ... (Below threshold)

All in all, I have to say right now more than ever in our entire human history, the world is astounded. My farts are so goddam hot, and jam packed with unprecedented sourness. Unaparalelled sourness permeates every individual molecule of air, leaving me with no escape from the fetid stench. It's as tho I were trapped in a dumpster with 5,000 rotting cabbages in mid july.

Use the Coral cache. ... (Below threshold)

Use the Coral cache.


I suggested this on ratherbiased when they had trouble keeping the site up. I probably suggested it here as well. It was covered on slashdot:


You can cache an entire site with it, not just the videos. Once it is cached on the Coral mirrors (some or all at university networks), you have virtually unlimited download ability at multiples of university bandwidth connections. http://wizbangblog.com would come out like this: http://wizbangblog.com.nyud.net:8090/

All you do is append .nyud.net:8090 to the end of a site url. It is a little trickier when at a specific page, so append it to the site home page url first, then when on the cache of the site, navigate to the specific page url, and you can understand where the .nyud.net:8090 gets appended by looking at the url of the specific page.

My analysis of the tsunami contribution debate, and Ms. Wright's and the left wing media's attempts at attacking Bush:


I just wanted to say that w... (Below threshold)

I just wanted to say that what really happened to the ppl in the tsunami is really sad, and if you happen to get a chance hat you should pray for these ppl and thank god that it did not happrn to you. But if you want to see video clippings then you are at the right website. or you can go to any search engine and type in tsunami vides or tsunami pictures. You will find n e thing that you are fending for about the tsunami that went on in December 28, 2004. well good bye for now!

<a href="http://www.waveofd... (Below threshold)
earthquake and tsunami, inc... (Below threshold)

earthquake and tsunami, including a power point slideshow from the National Remote Sensing Agency.


what left wing media?... (Below threshold)

what left wing media?
and i mean something beyond one local radio station doing a weelkly streamed show. bush attacks himself with every move he makes. he might actually help something in the world (for the first time), by organizing a coalition for a relief fund for the tsunami victims. of course though, it's all about him since he knows he better do something that will help him look good to more than 1/3 of america at one time. and it took world critisism to make him do it. by the way, what does this have to do with america again?

crackurheadexpanurmind, you... (Below threshold)

crackurheadexpanurmind, you're a moron! It takes a liberal mindset to use an unfortunate event for political leverage.

Have a vision not clouded by fear. The wise speak when they have something to say, the fools speak when they have to say something.

I've just had one of our de... (Below threshold)

I've just had one of our designers put together those 2 amazing Before & After photos of Indonesia in a flash film. You can view it here:



If anyone is having trouble... (Below threshold)

If anyone is having trouble downloading video footage due to the demand, you can try here as its quite quiet at the moment (famous last words):


Site contains Video Footage, Photographs of Phuket after the Tsunami, animations of the earthquake and a link to donate money.

Jeremy, excellent work! Wh... (Below threshold)

Jeremy, excellent work! Which region is it depicting?






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