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Can you spell over-reaction? Sure you can.


In my now (in)famous post below where I compare how the lefties and righties covered the Tsunami, I end the post by wondering aloud:

Still I have to wonder... We are continually told how much more liberals care about their fellow man than conservatives, yet 60,000 people are presumed dead and many of the liberals hardly mention it...

The numbers don't seem to tell the same story.

That simple statement brought a barrage of fire from the lefties.

I was cursed, insulted, maligned, and otherwise insulted. It was called the worst blog post ever and I was called every name in the book... and few I don't think are in the book.

All because I had the temerity to wonder aloud.

Can you spell over-reaction?

This set against a backdrop of the charges the left has been leveling against Bush and Republicans for years?

It is Ok to say the President of the United Sates murdered 100,000 people so his oil business friends can make money but if you question the compassion of the lefties you are the scourge of the earth?

Get real people.

Yes, comments are closed, the idiocy surrounding that simple statement has lasted long enough.


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