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Origins Of The Tsunami Videos

I'm interested in tracking the origins of the videos featured in our previous video posts (Original, More Tsunami Pictures And Videos, and More Tsunami Videos II.

If you have information on where the videos might have originated, or who may have taken them I'd love to hear from you.


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Donate your frequent flyer miles to help relief efforts in Asia.

This blog has compiled the links by airline:



Kevin, I gave you the origi... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I gave you the original and the first ever shots by an ameteur. They didn't say who that person was but a funny thing happened tonight, I could have sworn I saw that same video on CNN headline news but they still didn't say the name of the person who took that film. Sorry I can't help - all I did was send it to you because it was the first and only one on the net at the time. (the original) Sorry I don't know who actually filmed it.







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