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It's A Major Award!

Somehow I completely forgot to mention A Christmas Story this year, so I'll use that famous line about the leg lamp to describe winning a TAM Weblog Award.

Thanks to Sean Hackbarth at The American Mind for honoring Wizbang in his year end TAM Weblog Awards. We're not sure what the criteria is, but it's an honor to be mentioned in his list of 5.

Also check out the TAM Book Awards and the TAM Music Awards.

Update: Steve reminds me that if there's a leg lamp, we'll need the "soft glow of electric sex" somewhere. Try this on for size - from the remake of The Dukes Of Hazzard, Jessica Simpson as Daisy Dukes...

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More pictures at jonMEGA.com


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Comments (6)

Well...congratulations, wel... (Below threshold)

Well...congratulations, well deserved. As in, I agree with The American Mind's write-up o' ya' over there.


What's a tittle? Actually, ... (Below threshold)

What's a tittle? Actually, it's a good word. At least once a week you can find a little tittle on Wizbang.

Congrats Kevin. Now you ju... (Below threshold)

Congrats Kevin. Now you just need to replicate the "soft glow of electric sex" somewhere on the site.

Jessica Simpson as Daisy Du... (Below threshold)

Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke. Jeez.

That movie's gonna make the TV series look like freakin' Masterpiece Theatre.

mm I like your finds Kevin.... (Below threshold)

mm I like your finds Kevin. Find more!

Kevin: If I wasn't sure I l... (Below threshold)

Kevin: If I wasn't sure I liked your blog 100% before, I do now. A Christmas Story is without a doubt my favorite movie of all time.

Just don't put that major award in the window- your wife might break it accidentally on purpose.






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